Guidelines for the Authors

This is my first suggestion of a 'series bible'. It certainly still needs to be expanded and corrected.

Things that should be mentioned in the "bible":


- time of the pilot episode

- time of the last episode

- official timeline for this particular period of time, so we all remember what happened "officially" just before/during/immediately after our episodes

- our own timeline if we plan certain events (change of base etc.) ahead

- which calendar is to be used (Imperial or Earth)


- roster of RS (name, race, sex, age, look, experience, call sign, name of R2, color of flightsuit *g*)

- focus on which characters

- who else is a regular or reoccurring character (e.g. Mirax, Winter, Ackbar etc.)

- profiles of all characters for people who don't remember the XW books by heart ;-)

- superior officers/chain of command

- technicians

- R2 units and other droids


- permanent or changing

- planet or fleet

- if planet: where, what climate, populated?, ...

- if fleet: which ship, which other ships are part of the fleet, who's the commander, what's the mission

- who has an office, size, place

- who shares his quarters with whom

- cantina/down time

- additional facilities

- which other units are at that base


- general political situation (who's in charge of the Rebel Alliance/NR and the Empire, Warlords, etc.)

- general military situation (who's the highest ranking military/intelligence officer, etc.)

- is a big political/military change going to happen (see timeline)

technical details

- speed/armament of X-wings/TIEs/other ships

I don't think all of this needs to be detailed in advance, some things might never get addressed in the episodes, and if they do, the corresponding author might want to flesh out the details (of a certain character for example). But we need to make sure that those details are then put into the "bible" asap.

We also need to provide the writers with some guidelines to the format of their fanfic.

- format (word, html, ascii, ....)

- min./max. pages/words

- what information about the story the editors would like to know previously: characters involved, time, the main plot, subplots, does someone die/get wounded

- that they should notify the coordinators about own characters, additional subplots, etc.

- if there is a deadline

- it should be canon (movies, books, comics)

- max. rating: PG-13 or R?, no graphic sex

Just my suggestions, of course. I don't know about the rating, I wouldn't mind R, but PG-13 might be better. I would really like to stick to the canon as much as possible, I know several good fanfics which are ruined for me by non-canon additions, but maybe that's just me.

I think there shouldn't be too many rules for the writers, and no deadlines. We all write just for fun, after all. It would be great to know what kind of story the author has planned, so we can choose a suitable place for it in the series (beginning/middle/end), and people with related stories might want to cooperate. It might even be possible to combine two stories which are too short to one episode if the authors don't mind, and a long story can be split into a two-part ep.