Short Outlines of Episodes 101 & 102, 106, 110, 121 & 122

The plot ideas and outlines of the these episodes were suggested by Andrew.

I just copied Andrew's mail in which he presented his ideas. Some changes have been made afterwards, the first three episodes have been put together to get a two-part pilot episode, for example.

In the current timeline, these episodes are 101 & 102, 106, 110, and 121 &122:

This is synopses of a three-parter pilot, plus four other episodes continuing the arc started in the pilot. It is meant to start shortly after _Solo Command_. (This time period combines both the post-_Solo Command_ andthe Thrawn trilogy votes offered in the poll, for a total of 75% of the vote.) The end of the season would lead up to the beginning of the Thrawn crisis. At the moment, I only have access to _Dark Force Rising_, else I would have added (probably) 119-201, assuming 22 per season.

Feel free to rip these apart. I came up with this idea back when the series idea was proposed, before I started the vote.

101 "Lies"

A freighter passing through the Barati system (very near Hutt space, but on the side opposite the Core) is attacked (by Trade Federation droid starfighters, but distant, small, and patched enough to be unrecogizable). Before it's destroyed, the frieghter launches a message capsule with adistress call. Ackbar attaches Rogue Squadron to the _Valiant_ (the Alderaanian War Cruiser from _The Bacta War_), and sends them to investigate. Upon their arrival, the _Valiant_ spots forces much like those which attacked the freighter.

102 "Sithspawn Lies"

The incoming ships prove to be a ruse, fakes from the residents of the believed-failed colony on Barati. Their intent was to scare away the New Republic ship, to keep their hands and taxes from the immense profits available from material on the planet below. Diplomatic relationships ensue,until the _Valiant_ is attacked, this time for real.

103 "Statistics"

Rogue Squadron scrambles to return to orbit, but the _Valiant_ is destroyed, Aril Nunb and Emtrey barely escaping on a shuttle, before the Rogues can help. The squadron fights off the attackers (losing Rogue 8 in the process), but gain no clue as to their origin. Forced to concede overalldefeat, the group jumps back to _Home One_. Ackbar is surprising non-chalant about the incident, and reveals a surprise - the Alderaanian-registered _Tantive V_. The ship had been intended as a gift for Leia, but the Corellian Corvette is to be commissioned in the fleet, giving it an Alderaanian vessel once again. Aril is to be the _Tantive_'s captain, an assignment met with curious passiveness after her earlier hostility towards Ackbar when learning of her mission. This time, though, her ship has a live crew (with Emtrey as her first officer). Rogue Squadron is assigned aboard the _Tantive V_, the docking bay having been built large enough to accomodate them using Kell Tainer's brackets (from _Night Caller_ in _Wraith Squadron_) in their own added docking bay. Myn returns from his trip to
address the graduating class at the CorSec Academy, and becomes Rogue 7, bumping the prior officer there down to Rogue 8 (because of rank issues, Myn being a lieutenant and Seven being a flight officer). The Issori snoopscout pilot (forget his name now, is Rogue 3 in _Isard's Revenge_) who had been with the Rogues returns to duty as _Home One_'s helm officer. When businessis settled, the _Tantive V_ jumps to destinations unknown.

11? "A Long Time Ago, in a Location Very, Very Near..."

While on shore leave on Naboo (repelete with testing of historic local fighter craft), the Rogues learn of the Trade Federation, and their attempted blockade. They also learn of the Trade Federation's downfall... and the fate of its components. Noteable is the lack of discussion concerning the smaller weapons of war - the starfighters, of which no description, picture, or coordinates can be found.

11? "Past Secrets Calling"

Wedge, on a whim, takes the Rogues to nearby Zhar, and shows the squadron their base on Kile and where they attacked Gall. While taking a flying tour, Aril reports contacts similar to their earlier attacks incoming. The Rogues investigate, and are fired upon. They fight, destroying two before all but one of the other 34 jump out. Corran has managed to hit its engines while attacking its tail. The _Forbidden_ approaches the derilect fighter, and scans it. A brief flash of electronic activity is detected, then dies. The shuttle tries tractoring the fighter, which explosively self-destructs, taking the _Forbidden_ (and Rogue 3 who'd dashed aboard _Tantive_ to pilot the shuttle) with it. The black box is recovered, and we see our first good images of the droid starfighters, including detailed technical specifications.

11? "Andersonian Behaviors"*

The Rogues recieve a personally-addressed distress call from Barati - they're being swarmed by droid starfighters. The Rogues jump in, finding wings upon wings of droid starfighters, with the control signals traceable to a Hutt cruiser insystem with Besadii clan markings. Just as the Rogues are about to give up hope (the _Tantive_'s shields down, Wes, Gavin, Ooryl, and Inyri EV and no shuttle to gather them), the Wraiths (and _Narra) jump in. The _Narra_ gathers the EV pilots, while the Wraiths make a welcome addition to the fighting force. After half the droid fighters are destroyed, they start retreating. Rather than follow, the Rogues and Wraiths head for the planet to asses the condition. On Barati, the situation is grim. Over half the population is dead, and much of the rest displaced. There's no choice but to evacuate. _Home One_ and fleet are called in, pulling the colonists out just as the Hutt cruiser & fighters return.

*I'm pretty sure this title needs to be changed, but everyone ought to be able to derive its origin.

11? "Grim Outlook"

Dogfighting. More dogfighting. Combat. In the end, the enemy fighters are destroyed. We learn that when confronted, Durga+, head of the Besadii clan, blamed the situation on a rogue. But, there's more important things to worry about than Hutt duplicity; patrols near the border have indicated a hundred-fold increase in Imperial (true Imperial, not warlord) activity.

+Yeah, he's KJA's character. But I read him first in Crispin's Han Solo trilogy, so I'm using him since she does a much better job of portraying a Hutt.