Outlines of Episodes 115 & 116

Outline of episode 115 & 116, developed by Iris. (not yet complete)

Episode 115




The office of an Imperial Sector Moff or planetary governor.(planet XXX) The governor himself is in communication with a blue-skinned being wearing a white uniform. We just hear him agreeing to something and the communication ends. He walks out of the office, and in the corridor comments to a subordinate (possibly present during the communication) on the state of the Empire, and that it might be time to continue as an independent. Perhaps even make peace with the NR. Orders retreat from nonessential planets in the sector.

Opening Credits

Wedge in Ackbar's office arguing with the Admiral. The Admiral agrees with Wedge on all points, but says his hands are tied, that the Council has decided this.

Together they walk into the squadron briefing room. Wedge opens the briefing, but Ackbar delivers it, stating that Wedge, Wes Hobbie, Myn, Gavin and Ran (or Inyri if Ran's dead) will accompany Princess Leia aboard the Rebel Dream as negotiators for a peace to XXX. Tycho, Corran and the others will be going to investigate one of the newly abandoned planets. Cue protests from pilots about why the split-up, and even more when they hear that it is to avoid the sensibilities of the Moff

Arrival of Wedge & Co on XXX. They are received by the Moff, friendly enough, but conversation is strained.

Tycho and Corran arrive on the other planet, that had housed a high security prison. They tour the prison. Neither is very comfortable, but Tycho seems to shut down.

On board the Chimeara, Captain Pellaeon (sp?) reports to the back of an admiral's chair about the Governor's/Moff's betrayal. The person sitting in it dismisses the loss of the sector, but tells Pellaeon to send orders to the captains of the ships in it.

At the end of a day's work, one of the Rogues asks Tycho something. Tycho hardly responds, and when he does, it's certainly not something he'd normally say. Corran notices this, and asks Tycho about it. After a bit of persuasion, Corran gets Tycho talking.

Formal dinner on XXX is not much more relaxed than the reception. (Maybe a n aside between Wedge and Hobbie, about how you behave at formal *Imperial* military dinners?) Princess Leia and the Moff have some very tense discussion about relations with the NR

Several of the Destroyers in the sector turn against their Moff, and start a raid on XXX. Because almost all major combat vessels have declared their loyalty to the Empire, the Moff sees himself forced to appeal to the NR for help.

Corran and Tycho share their experiences on Lusankya, but then the call for help comes, and the Rogues have to scramble to XXX