Outline of Episode 105

The plot ideas and outline of the this episode was suggested by Majick.

Teaser: 3 min

The New Republic corvette Sanctuary soars over the top of the screen. It is immediately evident, from the way the shields are flickering, that it is in trouble. The ship is followed by an ISD, pumping a continuous barrage of turbolaser fire into the corvette's shields. The scene cuts to the interior of the corvette. The captain is trying to hold the ship together to send a message regarding the planet Hadel Deuce, but the ISD is jamming. The shields fail, and the crew begins to panic. The scene jumps to the bridge of the ISD. We see the Sanctuary explode, and the Imp Captain gives the order to relay the news of Hadel Deuce to Bastion, the Imp homeworld

Opening credits: 2 min

This is what I came up with for the credits:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Rogue Squadron: Alone In The Night

Episode Five: None So Blind

Fast, sleek, and lethal, the X-Wings have long been a symbol of the rebellion against the Empire. No X-Wing squadron epitomises the sprit of the fledgling New Republic as much as Rogue Squadron. They are whole-heartedly devoted to their task of fighting the Empire, and defending the galaxy. Recent events have battered Rogue Squadron to the point of exhaustion, and their leader, Commander Wedge Antilles, has successfully called for a temporary respite from duty. For a few days, the Rogues have the chance to rest and recuperate, as well as recover from their recent losses.

Part 1: 8 min

The squadron is gathered in Rogue HQ, enjoying their leave. Wes and Hobbie bicker, Inyri and Myn play darts, Iella and Winter tease Tycho and Wedge. Tycho is still obviously injured from earlier events. Wedge is called to Ackbar's office, where he receives the news that the Rogues are back on duty. They will be going to investigate the disappearance of the Sanctuary, accompanied by the Tantive V, and Aril Nunb's Valiant.

Commercial Break

Part 2: 8 min

Wedge briefs the Rogues, and Tycho arranges to go with them, as part of the Valiant's crew. The squadron launch, giving us a chance to see all the pilots, and join up with the Tantive V and the Valiant in orbit. They jump to hyperspace, and the scene switches to the ready room of the ISD. The captain is receiving orders from the head of the Empire (Teradoc?) who says Hadel Deuce must become Imperial, at any cost. The Rogues arrive at the Sanctuary's last known position, and the Tantive V recovers some debris from a corvette, which is identified as the Sanctuary. The ships jump to Hadel Deuce, arriving in time to see the ISD launching it's TIEs for an assault on the ground.

Part 3: 8 min

The Rogues dive in after the TIEs, all guns blazing. Outgunned, they put up a terrific fight, but are forced into retreat. They have lost Hobbie, Inyri, and Nu, who were shot down and disappeared into the planet's atmosphere. They return to the Tantive V, which reports that Hadel Deuce's atmosphere is blocking all sensors and communications. There is no way of knowing if any of the pilots survived, nor where they might have landed. With the ISD in orbit, they can't risk getting too close, although the ISD seems content to sit in orbit, not making any attempt to come after the Rogues. Tycho realises what's likely to have happened. The ISD didn't send it's full complement of TIE's after the Rogues. Some got through the atmosphere, and are likely attacking the planet's surface.

Commercial Break

Part 4: 8 min

On the planet's surface, Hobbie and Inyri have landed fairly close together, though both their ships are damaged. They attempt to make repairs, but are unable to get their ships spaceworthy. Spotting smoke, they head for what they hope will be a settlement. They find the remains of a colony, damaged by a TIE bomber raid, but able to fight back to the extent of downing two of the four attackers. The others had run, presumably to fetch reinforcements. The colony is an Old Republic team, long forgotten. They reveal that the strange atmospheric affects are caused by a potent gas, many times stronger than Tibanna gas. It is harmless to breathe, but makes for extremely powerful weapons, such as the ones that shot down the TIEs. In orbit, the Rogues have decided to chance making a run on the planet, and hoping to pick up the distress beacons from the downed pilots. Unavoidably, they are spotted by the ISD, which launches its own ships. The Rogues are forced to split, with Wedge leading the rescue mission, and Corran leading the TIE attack.

Part 5: 8 min

Wedge, Wes and Gavin fly the search mission. They find the downed X-Wings, and soon after the settlement. Their happiness is tempered by the ten incoming TIE Bombers, and Gavin is quickly shot down. Inyri is able to get her X-Wing airborne, and the three Rogues fight furiously, but somewhat futilely. Inyri is quickly forced to eject, while Wes' ship is damaged. The other Rogues are fairing somewhat better. In a target rich environment, the half dozen X-Wings are proving lethal. The TIEs, in atmosphere, lose a lot of maneuverability, and Asyr in particular is scoring highly. The Rogues are able to down he majority of the TIEs, but also suffer the loss of Ooryl and Myn. Even this close to ground, communications are disrupted, and there's no way of telling if the downed Rogues have survived. The surviving Rogues run, dragging the TIEs off in the direction of the colony. The two battles converge, and the Rogues win out, but several of the downed ships have caused further damage to the colony. One TIE escapes, breaking orbit, the rest are defeated. With the Imperials defeated, the colony request that they be left alone. They have the weaponry to defeat almost any attack launched on them, and nothing short of a planetary invasion, which neither side has the resources for, will bring Hadel Deuce over to the NR or Imps.

As the Rogues leave, Tycho records a transmission from the ISD. It simply says: "This isn't over..."

Closing Credits: 1 min