Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie, Wes

Name: Wedge Antilles

Nickname: Veggies (usually not used)

Rank: Commander

Call sign: Rogue One

Homeplanet: Corellia

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: 28 (born 20 BBY)

Height: 1.70 m (or 5'7")

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

General look: lean, short, fluffy hair (oh dear, looks like this is all I can come up with; I hope someone has a few additions)

Jumpsuit color: orange

Droid: Gate

Favorite civilian dress: in the comics, he usually wears black trousers, a rusty-brown sweater, a greenish jacket, and black, knee-high boots; generally I assume that he prefers plain clothes, nothing fancy

Talisman etc.: He has a holo of his parents, but I don't know if he carries with him or looks at it as a talisman.

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears:
- Wedge's so far quite ordinary life ended when his parents died in a fire caused by pirates. Helplessly he had to watch them die.
- He was one of only three pilots who survived the Battle of Yavin. Of his squadron only Luke, whom Wedge barely knew, survived; so he probably lost all of his friends that day.
- Though he intellectually knows that he was right to follow Luke's orders and leave the Death Star trench when he was hit, the doubt and shame is still there. It hurts to know that he only survived because he retreated from battle.
- Wedge had to take command of Rogue Squadron at a young age, first as a stand-in for Luke, after Hoth permanently. Especially during those hard years between Yavin and Endor many pilots died very soon, and that was particularly true for the special unit RS. Although Wedge couldn't have prevented his pilots' deaths, he was responsible for the pilots, and therefore feels responsible for their deaths. It are the faces of the many friends and pilots he lost that haunt him at night.
- He's often worried that he's getting too old for his job (when he's only 28).

Type of character: responsible, intelligent, exceptional leader, intuitive reader of people

Character attributes: Wedge is a person who commands respect. He is a very good and experienced leader who usually deals with his pilots in a friendly way, but who's also able to give them a dressing-down when necessary. He allows his subordinates the freedom to take their own initiative. Apparent especially during his time with Wraith Squadron, he understands his pilots well and knows how to deal best with each one. Wedge also cares for his subordinates; he's not only interested in the pilot, but also in the person behind and tries to help them. He trusts his friends and is ready to stand-up for them. What he thinks is right is more important to him than his career. Wedge considers all available data and, unlike other Corellians, cares for the odds, but he also listens to his gut instinct. Usually he is patient, but when he explodes, one better takes cover. He is very diligent and works a lot, even though he hates paperwork. Although he loves his job, he sometimes longs for an ordinary life, a home, and a family.

- his parents, Jagged and Zena Antilles, owned a fueling station at Gus Treta near Corellia, both died 4 BBY (when Wedge was 16) as pirates under the command of Loka Hask set the station on fire
- his sister, Syal, left home when Wedge was 7; he has never seen her again; she became the famous actress Wynnsa Starflare and married Soontir Fel; both disappeared around 5.5 ABY

Significant other: none at our time period; he's probably still interested in Iella Wessiri and might visit her from time to time

Often used expressions/Often used gestures: I'm sure there are some, but I can't think of any *sigh*

(profile written by Petra with additions by Majick)

Name: Tycho Celchu

Nickname: Tych (I'm not sure if it's in the books or just used in fanfiction)

Rank: captain

Call sign: Rogue Two

Homeplanet: Alderaan

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: born 21 BBY, so he's 28 or 29 during the chosen time period

Height: a bit taller than Wedge, about 5'9 (1.73 m according to the NEGtC)

Hair color: light brown (in the books and comics it varies between brown and blond; I suppose it gets lighter when exposed to the sun)

Eye color: blue

General look: lean, handsome, aristocratic

Jumpsuit color: black

Droid: ???

Favorite civilian dress: (judging from the comics) brown pants, beige tunic, a dark blue vest, and the gray pilot boots

Talisman etc.: I can imagine that he already owns the model of Alderaan he has in his
office in "I, Jedi" since it seems to be the same that he bought as a gift for Nyiestra in "Bacta War"; not something he is likely carrying around, though.

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears:
- at the academy people picked on him because he was from Alderaan; apparently that got to his nerve (not a trauma, especially not compared to what he went through later in his life, but I thought I mention it)
- the destruction of Alderaan by which he lost his family, his fiancée, his home, and the future that had seemed clear to him (and which he even witnessed)
- the knowledge that he proudly wore the uniform of his family's murderers
- his imprisonment and torture at the hands of Ysanne Isard on Lusankya and later on Akrit'tar
- the distrust of the New Republic after his escape from Imperial captivity (by which they destroyed his future a second time)
- his trial on Coruscant in which he came close to being executed for crimes he didn't commit

Type of character: thoughtful, effective, loyal

Character attributes: Pre-Lusankya he was rather impatient, uncompromising, and always ready to start a fight. But his captivity and later living with the suspicions matured him. He became more quiet, thoughtful, and patient, but also less merry. Now he is usually working effectively in the background. He can lead, but he's also content with working as Wedge's second-in-command. When Wedge was attacked by Tal'dira, Tycho was ready to die for his friend. Despite the way he was treated by the NR, he is still loyal to them and solely blames the Empire for what has happened. According to Corran's experience when flying against Tycho, he has a very analytical mind and thinks very structured and fast. He remains calm even when in danger.

Special talents: ambidextrous (I think), good TIE pilot

Family: mother (okay, this isn't unusual *g*), father (who was the CEO of NovaCom, the largest HoloNet provider on Alderaan), one brother (Skoloc), at least two sisters (one of them named Mia); all of them died on (or rather with) Alderaan; apparently his relationship to his family was very good and close

Significant other: he was engaged to Nyiestra until her death; he is with Winter since ca. 4.3 ABY (i.e. more than three years), but they didn't get to spend much time together

Often used expressions: none that I can think of

Often used gestures: habit to smooth his hair back before answering to difficult questions

(profile written by Petra with additions made by Ysanne)

Name: Derek Klivian

Nickname: Hobbie

Rank: lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Four

Homeplanet: Ralltiir

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: probably about the same as Tycho's, possibly a bit younger (Tycho calls him 'junior' once); so he was born 21/20 BBY

Height: taller than Wedge and Wes, but about the same height as Tycho, so I guess 5'10 or 5'9

Hair color: ash blond

Eye color: blue (or maybe gray, I'm not sure)

General look: lean, mournful-looking

Jumpsuit color: orange


Favorite civilian dress: in the comics he usually wears greenish pants, a beige shirt, a gray jacket, and the gray pilot boots

Talisman etc.: I guess he is too pessimistic to carry one ;-)

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears: He was almost killed on Hoth, and generally tends to spend a lot of time in bacta. Everyone (including himself) jokes about it, but I suppose being so close to death must have left some marks.

Type of character: quiet, pessimistic

Character attributes: Even though he is with Rogue Squadron for a long time, there isn't much known about Hobbie. He is usually described as mournful-looking, taciturn, and pessimistic. In "Iron Fist" he is asked to present a plan at a briefing, and he feels uneasy about it (in the middle of chapter 8, p. 114). He commanded the ersatz Rogue Squadron, and he graduated from the Imperial Academy, so he certainly has leadership qualities. In the comics, he and Wes are constantly trying to attract the attention of females (usually unsuccessfully). I'm not sure if Hobbie acts like this because it is a part of his character, or because he is inspired by Wes, or to hide insecurity. He defected right after graduation from the Imperial Military Academy, but we never learn if there was a specific event that triggered his decision (like the destruction of Alderaan did for Tycho) or if he was just convinced that the Empire is wrong and needs to be opposed. He defended Fel against the distrust of his fellow pilots.

Special talents: supposedly a good TIE pilot

Family: no information

Significant other: none that we know of

Often used expressions: "It is worse than that."

Often used gestures: can't think of any (unless mournful expression counts as a gesture)

(profile written by Petra)

Name: Wes Janson

Nickname: none

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Five

Homeplanet: Tanaab

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: according to Allston Wes is the youngest of the Fab Four, about a year younger than Wedge, and was therefore born around 19 BBY

Height: like Wedge a few centimeters below average; around 5'7" (1.70 m)

Hair color: black

Eye color: blue

General look: round face, youthful appearance (he looks younger than he is), handsome, broad shoulders, muscular

Jumpsuit color: orange

Droid: ???

Favorite civilian dress: something fancy and garish

Talisman etc.: to me he doesn't seem to be the kind of person who carries a talisman

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears: His first kill was Kissek Doran, a pilot from his own squadron, who panicked during a mission. Though Wes knows that killing him was the only possible way to save the squadron, it still has to eat at him. Getting to know Doran's son, Kell Tainer, probably brought back to him many of the memories. Wes and Kell got along okay eventually, but meeting Kell in person and being confronted with his pain must have intensified Wes' own emotions. Wes usually is merry and enjoying life, and it is hard to tell how much his memories haunt him. He was with the Rebellion from very early on, probably about as long as Wedge, and he has seen many of his friends die beside him. Like Wedge he was at Yavin, and while he didn't fly in battle himself because of a fever, he too lost many friends and fellow pilots there.

Type of character: merry, entertaining, prankster, flirtatious, acts like he's three years old

Character attributes: Wes is a good-natured and funny guy who loves to play pranks on his fellow pilots. He doesn't mind to be on the receiving end of a prank, either, and takes it well. He likes to show off, but more out of a desire to entertain than of being egotistical. During the comics he's constantly looking for female companionship, but unsuccessfully. Though he certainly has leadership qualities and can handle the job of a CO or XO well, he prefers to be one of the gang in Rogue Squadron instead of leading his own squadron. He is usually merry and likes to fool around, but he can become deadly serious when necessary. Wedge mentions twice that Wes would have trouble to return to a civilian life.

Special talents: he is a very good marksman and also good in hand-to-hand combat

Family: no information

Significant other: none that we know of

Often used expressions: again, can't think of any

Often used gestures: dito

(profile written by Petra with additions by Kristy)