Gavin, Asyr, Corran, Ooryl, Inyri

Name: Gavin Darklighter

Nickname: Kid, Love (Asyr only)

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Six, prior to Tal'dira's death

Home Planet: Tatooine

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: Eighteen standard years (born ca. 9 BBY)

Height: Tall, approximately 6'2

Hair color: Black

Eye colour: Brown

General look: Gavin is one of the youngest pilots in the history of Rogue Squadron. Even during the timeframe of the series, he is the youngest active pilot, but has grown a goatee to mask his youth somewhat. He is tall, slim, and handsome.

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: Jawaswag

Favourite civilian dress: Due to his excellent physical condition, Gavin can carry off the NR dress uniform well. However, he has also shown a penchant for Solo-esque vest and trousers, and probably prefers a casual shirt and trousers for off duty time.

Talisman etc.: Family is important to Gavin, and he probably has multiple holos of them, including one in his cockpit, probably beside the one of Asyr he would likely carry.

Special character trait: Gavin is an excellent pilot with a high degree of native skill. He is constantly learning, and while not at the same level as Corran (I, Jedi) he was able to shoot down Bror Jace while flying a TIE Bomber (Rogue Squadron). He is not overly arrogant about his ability, preferring to let actions speak louder than words.

Lingering trauma/fears: Gavin was extremely close to the Shistavanen wolfman Riv Shiel, acting as his wingman for more than a year. When Shiel was killed in the Thyferra campaign, Gavin was hurt badly, a feeling compounded by his presence on he world of Halanit shortly afterwards during the Imperial massacre. Gavin is also haunted somewhat by his first experience of death and injury in the ground battle on the deserted world of Talasea

Type of character: Gavin walks a fine line between maturity and immaturity. While his years with the Rogues have made him grow up quickly, there is still a youthful exuberance to him that can lead him into trouble. Over the years, he has had maturity forcibly implanted into his personality, and while he has mostly taken to it well, there are still times (Krytos Trap) when he questions his choice of life, and whether he might have been better off doing something else.

Character attributes: Gavin is intelligent, loyal, and compassionate. He has a quick sense of humour that has made him many friends, and carries an air of nobility about him that impresses those he meets. He is willing to accept responsibility in any form, though is not above using assigned missions to work off his own personal frustrations (Bacta War)

Family: Gavin's family is based mostly on Tatooine. He was a wide spread clan, including his mother, Silya, and his father, Jula. His uncle, Huff, was the father of Biggs Darklighter, one of the earliest members of what would become Rogue Squadron. Biggs was an excellent pilot who died during the assault on the first Death Star, and because of his link to Biggs, Gavin approached Wedge Antilles for a place in the Rogues.

Significant other: Gavin is currently dating fellow Rogue Asyr Sei'lar. The two have been a couple since the fall of Coruscant, some eighteen months previously.

(profile written by Majick)

Name: Asyr Sei'lar

Nickname: none

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Eleven

Homeplanet: Bothawui

Race: Bothan

Sex: female

Age: In 'Krytos Trap' Wedge says: "I would imagine, given your age, that [after graduating from the academy] you were recruited into the martial Intelligence Division of the Bothan military in an effort to replenish the supply of spies who died securing the plans to the second Death Star". Assuming that Bothans mature at a similar rate as humans, Asyr probably was 20 to 22 when she graduated from the Bothan Martial Academy shortly after Endor. Therefore she is approx. 25 at our time period.

Height: short (maybe 1.50 m or 5'0")

Fur color: black, with a diamond of white fur from throat to navel, white hands (up to mid-forearm), and a blaze of white fur from the middle of her brow, across her left eye and cheek to the corner of her jaw

Eye color: light violet

General look: petite

Jumpsuit color: orange, I suppose

Favorite civilian dress: something elegant and probably form-hugging (if only to make Gavin drool/blush)

Talisman etc.:

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears: Asyr has gone against Borks Fey'lya (KT) and has to know that he Councillor will be looking for a way hat she may be able to repay that

Type of character: proud, uncompromising, intelligent. Asyr has 'steel in her spine': a relic of a life among Bothans. She is prepared to go against her entire people for a cause she believes is right (Krytos Trap). She stands up / fights for what she believes in and is very unforgiving of xenophobes (ie, Gavin's almost-execution).

Character attributes: Brave, loyal, and ruthless, Asyr possesses a softer side seen in her relationship with Gavin. She has been trained at the Bothan Military Academy (NB. Bothans are more commonly thought of as bureaucrats and the like, and even in Vision of the Future Leia is surprised by the force that scrambles from the surface of Bothawui. The BMA, therefore, could be something of a misnomer, turning out Bothan James Bonds... Could be an intriguing plot line, there....) and is comfortable in a wide array of military activities. In many ways, Asyr could be viewed as the inspiration for Wraith Squadron

Family: All we know is that the family has a lot of influence (Krytos Trap) and are of fairly high stature, something they'd like to retain (Isard's Revenge)

Significant other: Gavin Darklighter (since the conquest of Coruscant)

Often used expressions: can't think of any

Often used gestures: rippling her fur

(profile written by Petra, with major additions made by Majick and Kristy)

Name: Corran Horn

Nickname: CorSec (okay, I guess that doesn't count as a nickname *g*)

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Nine

Homeplanet: Corellia

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: 26, born ca. 18 BBY (about two years younger than Wedge)

Height: 5'6" (1.67 cm)

Hair color: brown

Eye color: green

General look: short

Jumpsuit color: green

Droid: Whistler

Favorite civilian dress: something green maybe???

Talisman etc.: He used to carry a Jedi coin he got from his father, but he gave it to Mirax when he asked her to marry him. He has a second one he discovered during his flight from Lusankya, but I don't know if he has it with him. He also owns his grandfather's lightsaber and carries it although he isn't trained as a Jedi.

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears:
- his father's death
- his imprisonment on the Lusankya
- his mother's and Gil Bastra's death
- he has the tendency to be somewhat insular, as a result of the life he's been forced lead

Type of character: arrogant/egotistical, extremely confident, observant, serious

Character attributes: Corran is quick to accept responsibility, and is extremely loyal. He has a well developed sense of humour -an attribute common to many law enforcement professionals- but is often somewhat insular (Rogue Squadron, Bacta War). He has a tendency to develop friendships with those he feels will push him to excel, i.e. Tycho, Pash, Iella. He is extremely brave, willing to do almost anything that will result in his missions completion (Wedge's Gamble) or that will aid his friends (Rogue Squadron, Bacta War). Corran is a pilot of exceptional ability, and yet not one who rubs his superiority in the face of his fellow pilots.

Special talent: force-sensitive, but not trained as a Jedi; because of his CorSec training he is a good investigator

- mother died in a speeder accident
- father was a officer with CorSec, he was killed ca. 3 ABY while Corran was watching
- no siblings

Significant other: Mirax Terrik, married since ca. 7.3 ABY
There's also Whistler. Their partnership lasted for many years, and he's as much a part of Corran's life as Mirax, in many ways.

Often used expressions:

Often used gestures: in difficult situations he often presses his Jedi coin against his body (but he gives the coin to Mirax in Bacta War, so he probably won't carry one anymore)

(profile written by Petra with major additions made by Majick)

Name: Ooryl Qrygg

Nickname: N/A

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Ten

Home planet: Gand

Race: Gand

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, though not likely to be older -comparatively- than about 25 standard years

Height: Approx. 5'4

Hair/fur color: N/A

Eye color: Black

General look: Insectoid, green/grey skin/carapace

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: ???

Favourite civilian dress: Not known. Zuckus, the other well known Gand, favoured flowing robes. This does fit quite well with the slightly Oriental air of the Gand in general.

Talisman etc.: None

Special character trait: As with the majority of Gands, Ooryl adheres to the ruetsavii tradition. The ruetsavii tradition demands a person only refer to themselves as 'I' when it can be assumed that everyone will know to whom they refer. This point in a Gand's life is marked by a special jinwuine ceremony. Before that they must refer to themselves by their first name, surname, or simply as 'Gand'.
At first, he was simply known as Gand. After achieving success in his chosen field -astronautics- he was given the surname Qrygg. Later -after passing through pilot training?- he was given the forename Ooryl. Ooryl developed the habit of referring to himself by his first name when happy, Qrygg when embarrassed, and Gand when especially mortified. It is not known whether this particular trait is Ooryl's own, or a feature of the ruetsavii tradition.

Lingering trauma/fears: Ooryl suffered the amputation of his right arm during the first -disastrous- battle of Borleias. However, his Gand physiology allowed him to regrow the limb, and he appears to have suffered no lasting trauma.

Type of character: Ooryl is confident without being arrogant. His positions as Gand findsman and Rogue Squadron pilot have allowed him to see a lot of life, and he has become extremely well versed in the ways of the galaxy.

Character attributes: Ooryl is wise beyond his years, and extremely pleasant. His ingrained habit of referring to himself in the third person survived his elevation to jinwuine, making conversation with Ooryl slightly strange, but extremely pleasant. He retains an innocence and helpfulness that make him a very good friend, although he also possesses a somewhat mischievous sense of humour.

Family: Not known, although Ooryl's family tradition means that mates are chosen by a third party, rather than personally.

Significant other: None at the current time. Ooryl has mentioned that when the time comes, he will return to Gand to be paired with a female for purposes of procreation.

(profile written by Majick)

Name: Inyri Forge

Nickname: Not known

Rank: Flight Officer

Call sign: Rogue Twelve

Home Planet: Kessel

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: Approx. 23 Standard years (born ca. 14 BBY)

Height: Approx. 5'10

Hair color: Dark brown -- At the time of the first conquest of Coruscant (Wedge's Gamble), Inyri had a forelock of her hair died blue to match Zekka Thyne's skin. While she probably removed this colouring, it is possible she retained it as a reminder of events in her life.

Eye colour: Brown

General look: Inyri, like her sister Lujayne, is tall, slim, and attractive

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: ???

Favourite civilian dress: After a life on Kessel, Inyri would probably enjoy experimenting with different looks. There is no need to fix on a particular style for her.

Talisman etc.: I suspect Inyri would have a holo of her family in her cockpit, although it's never mentioned.

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears: Inyri's sister Lujayne died in service to the Rogues. The trauma could well have been the catalyst for Inyri taking up with Zekka Thyne. While she appears to have come to terms with Lujayne's death, it was certainly an extremely traumatic experience. Second to that was the death of her lover, Zekka Thyne, at her own hands. While she had reveled in the lawlessness of Thyne's life, she had always known it was wrong. Killing him would have gone some way to saving her from a life of lawlessness, but she would be aware of how close she came to a permanent life of crime.

Type of character: As evidenced in her role in the Millenium Falsehood scam, Inyri is an excellent tactician. Able to correlate several separate data streams into one thought process, she is extremely intelligent. Her initially caustic approach to the members of Rogue Squadron has softened considerably.

Character attributes: Inyri is strong willed and determined. Highly intelligent, she is confident in her own abilities, as well as those of her squadron mates. Her upbringing on Kessel has given Inyri an occasionally hard edge, though her time with Rogue Squadron has somewhat softened this. She is an excellent pilot, although not one who feels comfortable with being in command, as evidenced by her position as Flight Officer, even after several years with the Rogues.

Family: Kassar Forge, Inyri's father, is a rehabilitation officer on Kessel, and for more than thirty years has been aiding the inmates of the spice mines prepare for life off world. Her mother, Myda, was an inmate of Kessel, and fell in love with Kassar. The two married, and they and their children continue to help reform the criminals. Inyri's older sister, Lujayne, was one of the first members of Rogue Squadron when it was reformed some two and a half years after Endor. Lujayne proved to be a caring and open member of the squadron, as well as a pilot of excellent ability. She was murdered in her sleep during he Rogues time on Talasea in the Morobe sector.

Significant other: None known, though I did create one in one of my fics...

(profile written by Majick)