Myn, Nawara, Ran, Koobis, Pedna

Name: Myn Donos

Nickname: none

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Three (depending on Pedna Scotian leaving or not)

Homeplanet: Corellia

Race: human

Sex: male

Age: ca. 25 standard-years (just my guess; he was with the Corellian Armed Forces before he became a pilot for the New Republic, so I assume he isn't much (if at all) younger than for example Corran or the veteran Rogues) (born ca. 16 BBY)

Height: just over average (which is what, 5'11/6'0?)

Hair color: black

Eye color: dark

General look: lean, round face, thick mop of black hair

Jumpsuit color: orange

Droid: ???

Favorite civilian dress: the only time I can remember that his civilian clothes are described (in "Iron Fist") he wears mainly black, and his jacket has the "Talon Squadron" patch on it

Talisman etc.: He is entitled to wear the Corellian Bloodstripes; he did so before the "Talon Squadron" disaster; after that he didn't wear them for some time. The first time he does again is when he tells Wedge about Lara's brother in "Iron Fist"; it is not known if he only wore them because of the special occasion or if he generally resumed the habit. Neither is known if later his emotional trouble concerning Lara did effect it again. I guess that at the time of the series he wears them occasionally, but not always. Not wearing them was an outer sign of his inner trouble, which he has mostly overcome. But I think the past events have made him less proud and more introverted.

Special character trait: N/A

Lingering trauma/fears:
- Shortly after he got his first command, "Talon Squadron", the whole squadron was killed in an Imperial ambush; he alone survived. It took him a long time and the help of all the Wraiths to learn to live with it, and to forgive himself.
- He fell in love with the woman he had sworn to kill. He seems to have come to terms with his feelings, and love Lara for what she is and not hate her for what she used to be.

Type of character: introverted, determined

Character attributes: Before the "Talon Squadron" disaster he is described as being a typical Corellian (smart, egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, insufferable) by Wes, who mainly wanted to annoy Wedge by saying so, but I suppose there was some truth in it. Now Myn is introverted and keeping to himself. He has learned to show his emotions again, though. Especially judging from the way he approaches Lara (and his own thoughts afterwards), he can't deal/talk with people very well. He is very determined.

Special talents: he is an experienced sniper

Family: no information

Significant other: probably Kirney Slane (formerly known as Lara Notsil and Gara Petothel)

Often used expressions: can't think of any

Often used gestures: can't think of any

(profile written by Petra)

Name: Nawara Ven

Nickname: Counsellor, Nawar'aven

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: N/A

Home Planet: Ryloth

Race: Twi'lek

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately thirty standard years (born ca. 21 ABY)

Height: About 5'9

Hair color: N/A

Eye color: Red

General look: Nawara, as with all Twi'leks, sports a pair of lekku falling from the back of his head downwards. Coupled with the grey skin and red eyes, Nawara is an obvious nonhuman

Jumpsuit color: orange

Droid: N/A

Favourite civilian dress: Not known specifically, though Twi'lek warrior dress consisted of a shapeless cloak over a loose vest and short trousers. Most likely, Nawara would dress in fashionable clothes, well tailored and of good quality.

Talisman etc.: N/A

Special character trait: Nawara's lekku are as much a part of him as his hands. He uses them to gesture, and when exuberant, can move them in an exaggerated manner (Rogue Squadron).

Lingering trauma/fears: Nawara lost the lower part of his right leg in the battle for Thyferra. However, he has adapted well, and took on the role of Rogue XO, a post previously held by Tycho Celchu.

Type of character: Nawara was a lawyer before becoming a pilot. He is analytical, and intelligent. A capable tactician, he is also well versed in the legal tradition of many worlds. He is thoughtful and wise.

Character attributes: Nawara possess a very dry sense of humour (Solo Command) and is very ready to use it. He is extremely intelligent (Krytos Trap) and is a trained legal expert. He remains fond of Ryloth and his people (Solo Command), and at least occasionally eats at Twi'lek restaurants (I, Jedi). He is proud of his position with the Rogues, and was eager to remain with the squadron, despite his inability to pilot a starfighter (Bacta War).

Family: Though no details are specifically mentioned, the Ven clan on Ryloth is likely of considerable stature. Nawara obviously received high quality schooling, and was able to leave Ryloth for life among the Empire.

Significant other: Nawara is engaged in a serious relationship with former Rogue Rhysati Ynr. The two have established a home on Coruscant (Isard's Revenge)

(profile written by Majick)

Name: Ran Kether


Rank: Flight Officer

Call sign: Rogue Seven

Home Planet: Chandrilla

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately 23 standard years (born ca. 14 BBY)

Height: Approximately 5'8

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

General look: Kether is of average height, and is comfortable with himself. He does not spend undue amounts of tie on his appearance, theorising that what he does is what is important, not what he looks like doing it.

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: ???

Favourite civilian dress: Kether favours loose clothing, baggy shirts and trousers

Talisman etc.: None

Special character trait: Having been raised on Chandrilla, Kether has a near mystical respect for the sea. His piloting style is appropriately fluid.

Lingering trauma/fears: None

Type of character: Kether is enthusiastic about being with the Rogues. He is a quick learner, and a capable pilot. His early piloting experience came in a Y-Wing under General Sam's command, and he is grateful for the chance to fly the more maneuverable X-Wing

Character attributes: Kether is a reflective type, not prone to extremes of emotion. In many ways, he resembles Tycho, a character trait picked up on by the other Rogues. The Rogues learned quickly not to play Sabacc with Kether. Unlike Tycho, he is an excellent player.

Family: Not known.

Significant other: None

(profile written by Majick)

Name: Koobis Nu

Nickname: Target

Rank: Flight officer

Call sign: Rogue Eight

Home Planet: Rodia

Race: Rodian

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately 20 standard years (born ca. 11 BBY)

Height: Approximately 5'4

Hair color: N/A

Eye color: Black

General look: Rodians are among the most vehemently non-human races in the galaxy. Nu is a typical Rodian, with four ears, large black eyes, and suckers on the end of his fingers

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: ???

Favourite civilian dress: Shirt, jacket and pants, comparable to those worn by the bounty hunter Greedo

Talisman etc.: Nu possesses a lucky medallion. It has no notable effect.

Special character trait: Like many Rodians, Nu struggles with Basic, and his syntax is somewhat simplistic.

Lingering trauma/fears: Nu has been the victim of damage to many craft he has flown. His tendecy to return a craft to base requiring some work to be performed on it earned him the nickname 'Target' among other Rogues.

Type of character: Despite his luck in combat, Nu remains a cheerful character, friendly and caring.

Character attributes: Nu's cheerfulness is a valuable attribute to the Rogues, and he is one of the most popular of the pilots. He is never down, even after a particularly hard battle, and for having been in the squadron a short period time, he is an important member of the team.

Family: Not known.

Significant other: None

(profile written by Majick)

Name: Pedna Scotian

Nickname: Ped

Rank: Lieutenant

Call sign: Rogue Three

Home Planet: Vinsoth

Race: Chev

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown, probably around thirty standard years, or Vinsothean equivalent

Height: Approximately 5'8

Hair color: white

Eye color: pink

General look: Chev are albinos

Jumpsuit color: Orange

Droid: ???

Favourite civilian dress: Scotian like to look glamorous when out of uniform. She favours tight clothing, cut to display an alluring, yet decent, amount of skin.

Talisman etc.: None

Special character trait: Scotian is an extremely personable character. Coupled with her dress preferences, she has played the seductress on more then one occasion, when the mission has called for it.

Lingering trauma/fears: Pedna lost her fiancé to the Empire in one of the early defeats of a Rebel cell. Taking up his banner, she has been a loyal and capable member of the Rebellion ever since, but his death continues to eat at her. She also resented being part of the Rogues when they were withdrawn from active service. She relished the chance to rejoin, and help enforce the Rogues reputation.

Type of character: When a space became available for Scotian to join the Rogues, she does so. This reunites her with past Rogue squad-mates, as it is her second time with the Rogues. It is likely Tycho and Hobbie would have bought her in to the Rogues for a second time to balance the loss of Wedge and Wes to the Wraiths, and Nawara and Aril Nunb to non piloting duties. She is clearly an accomplished pilot, as well as probably one who is capable of passing on her experience and gifts to newer pilots

Character attributes: Intelligent, personable and witty, Scotian is extremely pleasant company. She is instantly at home wherever she is, and is a popular member of the squadron. Her experience in fighting the Empire are valuable beyond description in preparing the newer recruits for missions of high danger.

Family: Not known

Significant other: While Scotian indulges herself in the odd alliance, there is no-one special in her life.

(profile written by Majick)