Tantive V

When we first planned the series, Andrew suggested to introduce a new capital ship as a permanent base for Rogue Squadron throughout the series. The Tantive V is supposed to be an Alderanian ship (named to remeber Leia's Tantive IV). We didn't decide on many details yet, so just a short collection of things that have been mentioned in connection with the Tantive V.

Tantive V specs

Deck 1 Bridge
2 Secondary (Fighter) Docking Bay Level 1
3 Secondary (Fighter) Docking Bay Level 2
4 Secondary (Fighter) Docking Bay Level 3
5 Primary Docking Bay

Please note that there are four docking bay levels, compared to the standard one. The "head" of the ship was extended three decks up, such that the primary docking bay aligns with the docking bay in the class "standard".


Since the Tantive V is an Alderaanian ship, communication is considered very important and therefore the pilots (most of them are lieutenants and up anyway) have their own rooms, but four rooms share a common living area. [room order: Wedge, Tycho (when he returns), Nawara (with the other room used as an office for example); Wes, Hobbie, Myn, Gavin; Corran, Ooryl, Ran (in case he is still alive), Target; Pedna, Asyr, Inyri] .


There is also the crew of the Tantive V mentioned. Did we already agree on it? Aril is the captain, and Ran will become communications officer, but what about the others? I think Andrew had planned to have Emtrey as first officer. I 'm not sure if that is possible, and if Emtrey is suited, and if the crew would accept him. But we can have him as first officer, of course (and fight for droid's rights *g*). We just need to decide on it asap, as it will affect most episodes.