Alternative Suggestions

On this page I'll try to collect suggestion that have been made concerning the series, but which haven't been implemented yet. Things like a diferent timeline, different settings, whatever. I think all of them make a lot of sense and shouldn't be forgotten. Maybe we'll use them at some time.

Time Period

Iris suggested to use a different period of time (instead of the time between "Solo Command" and "Heir to the Empire"). I think that is an very interesting period of time.

Why couldn't we just start at the time when the squadron actually becomes RS and end where the books pick up? This would be a period of about 10 years, which is not really that bad. Starting at the beginning of RS would allow us to introduce most of the pilots when they just join the group. It also leaves room to add a few our own characters throughout the storylines. I don't think that too many new books will deal with that time period which is a plus too. On the other hand the time around the Thrawn crisis is been written about by many authors already (and maybe more to come). We might end up getting our own storylines mixed up with there's.