Battleground: Tatooine

Tycho: "I tell you, Wedge, the agent has to be Winter."
Wedge: "Wishful thinking, Tycho. The Alliance has a lot of female agents."
Tycho: "Yeah, but how many would have the guts to go undercover on Tatooine in the middle of a gang war?"
Elscol: "Surely, Lt. Celchu, you aren't suggesting that female Rebels lack courage!"
Wedge: "Okay, Tycho - Let's hear you fasttalk your way out of this one!"
Tycho: "No contest, Captain! I plead temporary insanity and beg the lady's forgiveness!"
Elscol: "Apology accepted, Lieutenant - but what makes you think your insanity is temporary?"

"I won't beat on any of the resident scum unless they hit me first - or they pick on my friends - or I feel like it!"
"Fair enough."
Plourr & Hobbie (B:T)

"But tonight, we're going to a party. Because that's our job."
Wedge (B:T)

"This soldier boy's mine."
Winter (about Tycho) (B:T)

"I hope you meant what you said about showing your gratitude."
"Just attend to business, flyboy, and I may let you kiss me goodnight."
Tycho & Winter (B:T)

"You look like you could use a drink."
"He doesn't understand! My stabilizer was hit - I was a menace it that trench! Luke was right to order me out... And I was right to obey that order. A squadron has to function as a team. If you ignore orders...go off put the whole operation in jeopardy!"
"Still hurts like hell, doesn't it, Captain?"
Wedge & Elscol (B:T)

Wes: "Dllr, I think... Yes, I'm certain I'm going to kill you for bringing us here."
Dllr: "No need, Wes. The music is doing it for you! These guys sound like an eyeball crash."
Hobbie: "Yeah, but without the catchy melody."
Plourr: "Why doesn't the drummer save himself some trouble and just bang on our heads. No wonder everybody here's half-drunk - it dulls the pain!"

"Get closer! We have to get that data disk!"
"Ease up! Elscol and Wedge practically have 'em giftwrapped! After all, I promised Darklighter I'd bring this baby back without a scratch!"
[Winter shoots at their own speeder]
"Now it's scratched. Get closer!"
Winter & Tycho (B:T)

"I don't mean to seem rude, Winter, but it's about six hours past our bedtime. If you come up with anything, let us know. Otherwise..."
"Don't worry. I know you flyboys need your sleep."
Wedge & Winter (B:T)

"I think you've got her interested, Tycho. She just doesn't know it yet."
Wedge (B:T)

"Come on, Winter, at least allow a humble flyboy his fantasies."
Tycho (B:T)

"They're bigger than us, stronger than us, and meaner than us. If this is anything but a poetry contest, we're in for a very humiliating experience."
Tycho (B:T)

"Agent Winter ... do I detect a note of concern in your voice?"
Tycho (B:T)

"This isn't heroism, Elscol, it's desertion!"
Wedge (B:T)

"Your career is ended, Captain."
Sixtus Quinn (to the sparse remains of his former commander, Captain Semtin) (B:T)

"Either way, I'm still paying money to scoundrels."
"At least you'll be paying it to scoundrels you voted for."
Huff Darklighter & Hobbie (B:T)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole and Jan Strnad, the authors of "Battleground: Tatooine"]

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