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I love reading Rogue Squadron related fanfiction, and I think there are many great stories about the pilots out there, some that fill gaps in the books and comics, and some that come up with completely new storylines. I really encourage everyone who has never read fanfiction before to try it out.

I've compiled a list of my favorite fanfic sources and of my favorite stories. The latter is of course uncomplete and very subjective, but I hope to provide a starting point for the fanfic newbies, and maybe I also have a tip or two for experienced fanfiction readers ;-).

I've also some of my own fanfiction stories online. Unfortunately I'm not a talented writer, but maybe you'll nevertheless enjoy them a little.

List of my favorite stories (under construction)

My own fanfiction

Star Wars fanfiction -- general sites

A very large site with many SW stories from all timeperiods, and with almost every character in at least one of them; most of them have reviews, too. It is possible to search for stories by timeperiod or character, which is really helpful.

This site has fanfiction for many different movies, shows, etc., not just Star Wars. It is possible to search in the summaries or in the complete stories for a specific word, e.g. Wedge, which helps immensely to find the stories one is looking for.

A rather new site which main focus currently still is on the pilots (the webmaster is a member of, as are many of the authors), but the plan is to expand it to a general site.

Stay on Target

A site that collects links (a lot of them!) to all kind of Star Wars fanfiction on the net.

TheForce.Net's Fanfiction Archive

A fanfiction archive hosted by TheForce.Net. Nice introductions to many fanfics, and good search possibilities.

Star Wars fanfiction -- general pilot related sites


This site contains many stories about own characters, not so many about the Rogues and Wraiths. It also has a lot of additional information about the pilots.

Jedichild's Spaceport & Rent-A-Rogue

Alison's homepage, which has her own fanfiction (in the Yavin 4 library) and fanfiction of various other authors in the Rent-A-Rogue section of the page.


The "Wedge Estrogen Brigade": as you can probably guess by the name, most of the stories there have adult content, but not all of them; so even if you aren't interested in NC-17 stories, the WEB is well worth checking out (all stories are appropriately rated, of course). (update 07/14/03: for several weeks now the WEB website can't be reached; I don't know if it is gone for good (I hope not!))


The "Wedge Antilles Admiration Society": basically the same as the WEB, with more stories, but several of them are very much non-canon (the author meets her favorite pilots and the like).

Wookiee Hut

Beside other things this site has many good fanfiction stories, mainly about the pilots, rated from G to X.


A general site for adult fanfiction which contains about a hundred Star Wars stories.

Star Wars fanfiction -- special pilot related sites

Kelly's Corran Horn Page

As apparent by the name, a site exclusively dedicated to Corran Horn and his family; most of the fanfiction stories about Corran which are available on the web are collected on this page. There are also some fanfics which aren't mainly about Corran or his family, but about the Rogues in general.

Zeynep's Ramblings

Zeynep is one of my favorite fanfiction authors, and all of her stories can be found on her own webpage.

Shatterstar Cantina

A new Rogue Squadron fanfic site with the collected writings of Cris and Sue.

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