Most of the following pictures are not my own, I only scanned them and in some cases I removed interfering objects. Full credit goes to the artists who drew them. If the picture was done by a single artist, I give his or her name directly with the picture. If several artists are involved (usually the case with pictures taken from the comics), I only mention the name of the comic, please look up the corresponding artists at the comics page.

If you would like to get a larger version of a particular picture, just drop me an email.


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- part 2
- part 3

X-wings from "The Bacta War"

Fighters (other than X-wings)

Capital Ships


Wedge Antilles

Tycho Celchu

Hobbie Klivian

Wes Janson

Soontir Fel

Corran Horn

Gavin Darklighter

other Rogues (and group pictures)


Mirax Terrik

Iella Wessiri

Family and Friends

Various SW Characters:

Pilot photos from the SW movies (NEW!)

Casting Couches
Did you ever wonder which actor/actress resembles your favorite pilot, or who you would cast if there were a Rogue Squadron movie to be filmed? If you need some inspiration or would like to see pictures of real life people to get an better idea of how the Rogues might look like, visit these two websites and their casting couches:

Various Things





Fanart (my own)

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