Some basic information about the X-wing and New Jedi Order (NJO) books. If a German translation is available, the corresponding data is given in brackets.

Over the time I might add other Star Wars books as well, but I'll mainly concentrate on the X-wing series (since it is my favorite). If you are interested in more detailed information about all SW books, please visit Florian's site (it's in English and German). He has a lot more about them than I do.

I use a rating system with maximum twelve points (or X-wings *g*). So 12/12 is best, 1/12 is worst. If you click on the X-wings, you'll get my review of the book. Please be careful, the reviews contain spoilers. Books that are only available in electronic format are marked in light orange.

Besides the books, there are also a Rogue Squadron comic series and some pilot-related short stories.

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Rogue Squadron (Angriff auf Coruscant)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Regina Winter)

ISBN 0-553-56801-9 (3-442-24929-5)

388 pages (351 Seiten)

published 02/1996 (1996)

Wedge Antilles is appointed the task to recreate the famous Rogue Squadron. The new pilots aren't allowed much time to get used to each other, as the squadron is soon involved in a campaign that will eventually lead them to Coruscant, the Imperial Capital. And unknown to them, a traitor is in their midst.

Time: 6.5 ABY

Wedge's Gamble (Die Mission der Rebellen)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Regina Winter)

ISBN 0-553-56802-7 (3-442-24766-7)

357 pages (375 Seiten)

published 06/1996 (1997)

The New Republic has decided to conquest Coruscant, and Wedge and Rogue Squadron are sent on planet in a covert opertation to prepare the attack. But Imperial Intelligence director Ysanne Isard is prepared and has a horrible surprise for the Rebels.

Time: 6.9 ABY

The Krytos Trap (Die teuflische Falle)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Regina Winter)

ISBN 0-553-56803-5 (3-442-24801-9)

355 pages (376 Seiten)

published 10/1996 (1997)

While Corran Horn fights for survial in Isard's infamous prison Lusankya, Wedge Antilles fights for the life of his friend Tycho Celchu, who is put on trial on charges of treason and murder.

Time: 7.0 ABY

The Bacta War (Bacta-Piraten)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Regina Winter)

ISBN 0-553-56804-3 (3-442-24819-1)

349 pages (413 Seiten)

published 01/1997 (1998)

Ysanne Isard has escaped to Thyferra with her SSD Lusankya and assumed control of the planet. As the New Republic's hands are tied, Rogue Squadron decides to fight its own private war against Isard. But twelve fighters against three star destroyers are odds even the Rogues can't ignore.

Time: 7.2 ABY

Wraith Squadron (Die Gespensterstaffel)

by Aaron Allston (übersetzt von Heinz Nagel)

ISBN 0-553-57894-4 (3-442-35128-6)

403 pages (503 Seiten)

published 03/1998 (1999)

With his experiencies from the conquest of Coruscant, Wedge decides to found a new squadron with special commando abilities, consiting of rejects from other units. Very soon the new squadron is sent into action. When they must impersonate the crew of an Imperial ship, the Wraiths have to prove themselves.

Time: 7.5 ABY

Iron Fist (Operation Eiserne Faust)

by Aaron Allston (übersetzt von Heinz Nagel)

ISBN 0-553-57897-9 (3-442-35142-1)

310 pages (406 Seiten)

published 07/1998 (1999)

Acting as pirates, the Wraiths try to get employed by Warlord Zsinj to aid general Solo in his compaign against Zsinj.

Time: 7.7 ABY

Solo Command (Kommando Han Solo)

by Aaron Allston (übersetzt von Heinz Nagel)

ISBN 0-553-57900-2 (3-442-35197-9)

341 pages (445 Seiten)

published 01/1999 (2000)

Together with the other squadrons in Solo's fleet, the Wraiths continue their fight against Zsinj, dealing with Piggy's past, a brainwashing project, and a false Millenium Falcon.

Time: 7.8 ABY

Isard's Revenge (Isards Rache)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Heinz Nagel)

ISBN 0-553-57903-7 (3-442-35198-7)

336 pages (377 Seiten)

published 05/1999 (2000)

As a horrible reminder of his Lusankya imprionment is sent to Corran Horn, he and the other Rogues are sure that Ysanne Isard is still alive. She is, and trying to rescue the other former Lusankya prisoner the Rogues are forced to co-operate with her.

Time: 9.5 ABY

Starfighters of Adumar

by Aaron Allston

ISBN 0-553-57418-3

291 pages

published 09/1999

Wedge is sent to the planet Adumar on a diplomatic mission to win the Adumaris for the New Republic. What looks like an easy and boring trip turns out to be a lot more dangerous than expected: the situation on Adumar isn't quite as it seems on first sight, the Empire is also interested in Adumar, and the New Republic representative has his own plans, as well.

Time: 12/13 ABY

I, Jedi (Der Kampf des Jedi)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Ralf Schmitz)

ISBN 0-553-57873-1 (PB) (3-453-17777-0)

577 pages

published 06/1999 (2001)

When Mirax disappears without a trace, Corran Horn decides to train at Luke's new Jedi Academy to be better prepared to find his wife.

Time: 11 ABY (during the time of the Jedi Academy Trilogy by KJA)

New Jedi Order

Vector Prime (Die Abtrünnigen)

by R. A. Salvatore (übersetzt von Regina Winter)

ISBN 0-345-42845-5 (PB) (3-44235-414-5)

398 pages (PB) (448 Seiten)

published 10/1999 (HC) and 07/2000 (PB) (2000)


Time: 25 ABY

Dark Tide: Onslaught (Die schwarze Flut)

by Michael A. Stackpole (übersetzt von Ralf Schmitz)

ISBN 0-345-42854-4 (3-442-35673-3)

292 pages (368 Seiten)

published 02/2000 (2001)



Dark Tide: Ruin

by Michael A. Stackpole

ISBN 0-345-42856-0

292 pages

published 06/2000



Agents of Chaos: Hero's Trial

by James Luceno

ISBN 0-345-42860-9

352 pages

published 08/2000


Time: 25.7

Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse

by James Luceno

ISBN 0-345-42859-5

348 pages

published 10/2000


Time: 25.8

Balance Point

by Kathy Tyers

ISBN 0-345-42858-7 (PB)

384 pages (PB)

published 10/2000 (HC) and 07/2001 (PB)


Time: 26 ABY

(published as e-book and as prologue in the PB edition of "Star by Star")

by Troy Denning

ISBN B00005U7X3

82 pages (prologue of SbS)

published 10/2002 (e-book) and 10/2002 (with the PB edition of SbS)

Leia's legs and her relationship with Han are slowly recovering.

Time: immediately after "Balance Point"

Edge of Victory: Conquest

by Greg Keyes

ISBN 0-345-42864-1

291 pages

published 04/2001

Anakin Solo rushes to the Jedi Academy to rescue the young Jedi students and especially his friend Tahiri from the Yuuzhan Vong and the Peace Brigade. As Tahiri is taken captive, he tries to rescue her on his own, and finds unespected help.

Time: 26.3 ABY

Edge of Victory: Rebirth

by Greg Keyes

ISBN 0-345-44610-0

292 pages

published 07/2001


Time: 26.8 ABY

Star by Star

by Troy Denning

ISBN 0-345-42848-X (HC)

606 pages

published 10/2001

Hunted by the Yuuzhan Vong and their confederates, the Jedi send a strike team into the very heart of enemy territory in a desperate attempt to stop the slaughter. In the meantime, the New Republic struggles to stall the further advance of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Time: 27 ABY

Dark Journey

by Elaine Cunningham

ISBN 0-345-42869-2

301 pages

published 01/2002

With a stolen YV ship the remnant of the Jedi strike team flees to Hapes, where they land head over heels in the center of political intrigue. Grief-stricken and obsessed with revenge, Jaina develops a plan to trick the Yuuzhan Vong -- and she is ready to overstep several boundaries to reach her goal.

Time: 27 ABY (immediately after SbS)

Enemy Lines 1: Rebel Dream

by Aaron Allston

ISBN 0-345-42866-8

304 pages

published 03/2002

Fleeing Coruscant, the New Republic fleet group under the command of Wedge Antilles sets up a temporary base on Borleias. Forced to stay there longer than they intended by a political scheme of the remnants of the NR Advisory Council, they have to defend the planet by all means against Yuuzhan Vong determined to take it back.

Time: 27 ABY (during and immediately after DJ)

Enemy Lines 2: Rebel Stand

by Aaron Allston

ISBN 0-345-42868-4

367 pages

published 06/2002

While Wedge continues to defend Borleias against the Yuuzhan Vong, Han and Leia try to set-up Rebel cells on not yet conquered planets. In the meantime, Luke and his party encounter a new threat on Coruscant.

Time: around 27.5 ABY (immediately after RD)


by Matthew Stover

ISBN 0-345-42865-X

292 pages

published 08/2002

Jacen, captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, believed dead by all his friends, finds himself in the care of Vergere, a mysterious creature with unclear intentions. Sometimes caring, sometimes cruel, she has a lot to teach the young Jedi.

Time: 27 ABY (starts immediately after SbS)

Destiny's Way

by Walter Jon Williams

ISBN 0-345-42850-1 (HC)

448 pages (HC)

published 10/2002 (HC)

With the election of a new Chief of State, Jacen's return home, and a masterful tactical plan of Admiral Ackbar the war finally seems to turn in favor of the New Republic.

Time: ca. 27.7 to 28 ABY

Ylesia (e-book)

by Walter Jon Williams


110 pages (HC)

published 09/2002

New Republic forces assault the headquarter of the Peace Brigade on Ylesia.

Time: set between chapters 21 and 22 of "Destiny's Way"

Force Heretic I: Remnant

by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

ISBN 0-345-42870-6

413 pages

published 02/2003

While Han and Leia try to reestablish communications between the worlds of the newly founded Galactic Alliance, Luke, Mara, Jacen, and other Jedi head to the Unknown Regions to search for the lost planet Zonama Sekot.

Time: ca. 28.3 ABY

Force Heretic II: Refugee

by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

ISBN 0-09-941037-0 (UK version)

397 pages

published 05/2003

On Bakura a peace treaty with the Ssi-ruuk is about to be signed. But do all parties involved really have the best of intentions? In the meantime Luke and his party looking for Zonama Sekot reach the Chiss territory.

Time: ca. 28.4 ABY (right after Remnant)

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