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Unfortunately the English version of the comic pages is still under construction. The reviews are finally available in English, but most of the summaries are still not translated (only RO and TPA are). Sorry for that. I hope I'll finish the translations soon.

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Friends asked me some time ago to give them a summary of the Star Wars comics I know, and especially of the information concerning Baron Soontir Fel which is provided in the X-wing comics. So I started to write detailed summaries of all comics that I know (which are mainly the XW comics). As there are probably many people who like the XW books, but haven't read the comics yet, I decided to make the summaries available online, first on a friend's site, and now also on my own. Several events in the XW comics have an influence and are hinted at in the books, and I hope with the help of my summaries you'll at least get a basic idea of what happens in the comics.

I also try to collect as many summaries of other SW comics as possible. A few I can write myself, but many SW comics I've never read. Friends were so kind to let me use some of their summaries, and I hope I'll be able to further expand the list of comic summaries in the future.

In addition to the summaries, I list the basic information about the comics and rate them, art and story separatly. The ratings are just my subjective opinion, of course. If you would like to get a further impression on what the comics are like, please look at the quotes and the pictures pages, too. For each comic I also added a scan of one page to give you an impression of the art. And maybe a few fans who have avoided the comics so far (as I myself did for a long time) decide to try them out after all.

One more thing: TPB means trade paperback, which is a collection of all single volumes of a comic arc that has its own ISBN and is therefore available via any ordinary bookshop. The single volumes of a comic on the other hand are usually only sold in specialized comic shops (at least here in Germany) and often are sold out soon.

Tip (especially for German readers):
If you have trouble finding SW comics or other merchandise over here in Europe, try Fred's and Marion's Comic Company. They can order anything that is available in the US, including magazines like the SW Insider or SW Gamer. Just email them at


I rate story and art separately. In both categories 12 points (or X-wings) is best, 1 point is worst. The red X-wings are the rating for the plot, the yellow ones for the art. As always, all ratings are only my personal opinion.
My comic ratings aren't meant to be compared to my book ratings as comics and books are hard to compare. I tried to rate the comics independently.

X-wing comics

other comics

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