When writing fanfiction I often need some information about the pilots and other Star Wars characters that I can't recall. To avoid having to look it up time and again, I started to collect the infos. I tried to write a curriculum vitae for each character, with some basic information such as birthyear, homeplanet, hair color, etc., and a rather detailed timeline which lists the most important events of his/her life.

Sources for the collected information are the SW movies, books, and comics. I only mention the specific source when I think something is unclear. As the "New Essential Guide to Characters" by Daniel Wallace (published 2002) is mentioned quiete often, most of the time I use the abbreviation NEGtC when referring to it. Whenever I wasn't sure about something, or calculated or assumed a date which wasn't given in the books and comics, I added a note to explain my train of thoughts.

There are several webpages which are really helpful when you're looking for information. Some of them are listed in my links section. Especially helpful while creating these CVs was the pilot specific timeline on DownTime.

All profiles are still under construction, and I'll add new ones whenever I'll find the time. I'm sure that I've missed some important events and miscalculated dates. If you notice a mistake or have further information, please let me know at cailyn@xwpilots.de.

SPOILER WARNING! I've read all X-wing books and comics, most other SW books, and usually I read the newest NJO book shortly after it is published. So the timelines and profiles might contain spoilers for you, especially if you are behind in the NJO series.

Special thanks to Alison who was so kind to provide me with information about Wes, Face, and Ton.

General Timeline

Just a very basic timeline which mainly states the time frame of the XW books and comics, plus a few other books and important events; the dates given in the pilots' individual timelines are based on this, so if I made an assumption or an error in this timeline, it will reappear in all others (if you notice a mistake, please let me know).

The Rogues (past and present):

The Wraiths (past and present):

Other characters:


Some explanations:

I decided to use the Imperial calendar that I found on the Moonswing Chronicles website (it's an adaption of the WEG calendar). It devides the year into ten months a seven weeks a five days, plus three festival weeks. I like the idea to use another calendar than ours, since a Coruscant year will hardly be identical to an Earth year. So the years consist of ten months, and I state them for example in the form 4.7, which means the seventh month of the forth year.
As usual, the timeline is devided into BBY (before the Battle of Yavin) and ABY (after the Battle of Yavin). A year 0 exists.

Pictures are taken from the comics. Please look up the names of the corresponding artists at the comics page. The pictures from the NEGtC are drawn by Michael Sutkin.

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