A collection of my favorite Star Wars links. "Always in motion is the future," as Yoda would say, or in this case rather the world wide web. Please let me know if a link doesn't work anymore.

SW pilot-related sites

The place to go to when you're looking for information about the pilots of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.

Another site,, was closed at October 18th 2001.

Rogue Squadron

Becki's Roguery
many pictures, desktops enhencements, Rogue Squadron logos, a calendar of birthdays and other important events, and some fanfiction

Kelly's Corran Horn Page
As apparent by the name, a site exclusively dedicated to Corran Horn and his family with biographies, pictures, fanfiction, reviews, editorials.

AFW Central
The official homepage of

Syal's Star Wars Site
An Austrian site dedicated to Wedge Antilles, his family, friends, and squadrons. The site is in German.

General SW sites

Official Star Wars site
The name says it all *g*; information about the movies, but also about the Expanded Universe; with a useful database
Probably the most well-known unofficial SW site; tons of information

Quite similar to; I usually like JediNet's literature site better

SW Encyclopedias, timelines, and other useful information

Unofficial Encyclopedia
a huge SW database; not all of the information is accurate, but still it is the best place to go when searching for anything SW

books timeline
a timeline of all published SW novels

comics timeline
a timeline of all published SW comics

general timeline
I know of two general timelines, both hosted by
- TimeTales a very detailed timeline, almost too detailed for my liking, as it is difficult to find the information you're looking for
(but maybe that's just me ;-))
- Ultimate Timeline lists all SW publications

A friend pointed me to another timeline which isn't as detailed as TimeTales, but still lists most important events:
- JMM's Star Wars Chronology

pilot-related timeline
a timeline with the events that have a special impact on the SW pilots

Imperial calendar
an Imperial calendar that was first published by West End Games for their SW RPG (afaik); since the calendar is based on the length of Coruscant's year (which doesn't change when the political situation changes), I suppose similar calendars are used in the Old and New Republic, only with different holidays

The Complete Guide to Star Destroyers
includes a list of all known star destroyers that I find very useful when writing fanfiction

Foreign Book Covers (at TheForce.Net)
scans of various foreign (not-US) book covers, including the very nice Japanese covers


see here

Books and Comics

Del Rey
Del Rey's Star Wars site with information about their recent and upcoming SW books

Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars site

Michael Stackpole's homepage
among other things:
biography, FAQ, fiction(!) (no SW though), and several essays, a few of them SW-related

Aaron Allston's homepage
among other things: biography, FAQ, great fan art

Florian's site
information, ratings, and reviews for all SW books plus some additional information (partly in German, partly in English)

The Comic Company
A German company where you can buy all kinds of SW merchandise, not just comics. It's a great source for all the US Star Wars stuff that is hard to get over here in Germany, for example the SW Insider and the SW Gamer.
As their homepage is still very much under construction, please contact Fred and Marion directly by email:

The Unoffical New Jedi Order Homepage
Lots of information about the ongoing NJO book series.

Please note that I'm NOT responsible for the contents of the sites I link to.

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