For quite some time now I collect my favorite quotes from the X-wing books and comics, and from some other books as well, and my collection is still growing. There are so many great quotes, some funny, some sad, some thought-provoking. Have fun!

If you know a quote I've missed so far, or if you notice a mistake, please let me know.


"Rogue Squadron"

"Wedge's Gamble"

"The Krytos Trap"

"The Bacta War"

"Wraith Squadron"

"Iron Fist"

"Solo Command"

"Starfighters of Adumar"

"I, Jedi"

New Jedi Order (books 1 to 10)

New Jedi Order (books 11 to 19)

Legacy of the Force

Fate of the Jedi

"Mercy Kill"

other books


"The Rebel Opposition"

"The Phantom Affair"

"Battleground: Tatooine"

"The Warrior Princess"

"Requiem for a Rogue"

"In the Empire's Service"

"Blood and Honor"


"Mandatory Retirement"

other comics

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