The Bacta War

"So far, toward that end, we have a squadron's worth of pilots, my X-wing, and if you're really in this with us, your freighter."
"Versus three Imperial Star Destroyers and a Super Star Destroyer, not to mention any sort of Thyferran military forces that might oppose us."
"Okay, so get to the trouble part."
"Mirax, be serious."
"I am. You forget, dear heart, that it was an X-wing and a freighter that lit up the first Death Star."
Corran & Mirax (BW)

"He never hurt anyone, Corran, never."
"I don't imagine Kirtan Loor would agree, but I'll concede the point."
Iella & Corran (about Diric) (BW)

"Odds are for those who want to minimize their own risks. I want to maximize Isard's risks. Count me in."
Iella (BW)

"Unseating Isard may, in fact, turn out to be impossible."
"Gavin, this is where you're supposed to tell us that unseating her isn't tough and relate that whole thing to varminting on Tatooine."
Wedge & Corran (BW)

"Serves him right for always seating me at the children's table at family gatherings."
Gavin (about Huff Darklighter) (BW)

"Besides, Gavin recommended it as our rendezvous."
"Right, that's because he's never been in here before and didn't want to come in alone. If I'd been asked to raid a place like this, my plan would have begun with the phrase 'After the strafing runs are completed...'."
Mirax & Corran (about Chalmuns Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine) (BW)

"I'd have loved to see those immigration forms. 'Purpose of the visit to our world? Murder, mayhem glitterstim smuggling, and purchase of a gift suitable for a small Corellian girl.'"
Corran (BW)

"Do you have any idea who I am?"
"Do you have any idea how little we care? Tell it to the Jawas so they get your name right when they bag your body."
Devaronian & Mirax (BW)

"I tried to borrow one of Uncle Huff, but he said the last time he loaned a landspeeder to someone from Rogue Squadron it wasn't returned in the best of conditions."
Gavin (BW)

"That's Mirax Terrik, Booster Terrik's daughter. If you know what's good for you, you'll go."
"How come that scared people at the bar, and this guy laughs?"
"It worked on the people at the bar because they're afraid of my father."
"And what's wrong with this clown?"
"Well, Corran, he is my father."
"Oh, I guess you take after your mother."
Corran & Mirax (BW)

"You better watch your step."
"Or what? You think you can cause me more trouble than a treason trial and a stay in an Imperial prison? You're welcome to try anytime you want, Antilles."
"One hopeless battle at a time."
Wedge & Tycho (BW)

"[...] all the equipment in Rogue Squadron was inspected, listed as missing parts, and surplussed out. [...]"
"Surplussed out? Our stuff was sold as surplus?"
"Broken surplus. It was missing parts."
"Such as?"
"PL-1s? I've never heard of them."
"That's the designation for pilot."
Tycho & Wedge (BW)

"If we do get rid of them, we're going to have to use our people to perform a lot of nonmission-specific duties. I seem to recall the meal you tried to make out of tauntaun meat on Hoth and--"
"I get the hologram, Tycho."
"You know, with the right ambience, that tauntaun would have tasted fine."
"Sure, Wedge, believe that if you want."
Tycho & Wedge (BW)

"But it's so ... plain."
"Apparently not, if you can see in the ultraviolet range. Zraii says it's a masterpiece."
"That explains why I'm a warrior, not a an artist."
Wedge & Tycho (BW)

"Corran isn't his father. He's one of the best man I know."
"You need to get out more, Wedge."
Wedge & Booster (BW)

"Bomb? Nope, too quick. I want her to linger."
"Remind me never to make you angry."
"You'll never do that, love ... at least not more than once."
Mirax & Corran (BW)

"Winter has a holographic memory. She remembers everything she sees, hears or experiences, including that dumb look you're giving her."
"Then remember this: Never have children."
Mirax & Booster (BW)

"You know, the Imps on Coruscant used to call two Corellians together a conspiracy. Three they'd call a fight."
"More fools they, then. Any Corellian knows three of us together is a victory."
Wedge & Corran (BW)

"Ooryl never assumes vulgarity when ignorance suffices as an explanation."
"Thanks, I think."
"That should be 'Corran thinks'."
"But not often."
"Corran thinks Ooryl should practice using personal pronouns more regularly before he tries comedy."
Ooryl, Corran & Tycho (BW)

"I need you to talk some sense to Booster Terrik."
"Got a Death Star you want killed instead?"
Cracken & Corran (BW)

"I hate shorts."
"On you, who'd notice?"
Corran & Bror (BW)

"People assume that if they do nothing and say nothing, they’re not involved in the fight, but the fact is that their apathy is a tacit vote of support for the status quo. They have to be made to see that by making no choice, they have indeed made a choice."
Elscol (BW)

"You know I think of you like the son I never had."
"Like the son you never had killed."
Booster Terrik & Talon Karrde (BW)

"To Rogue Squadron-- past, present and future. Those who oppose liberty and freedom oppose us. Let that fact give them pause to think and encouragement to travel the path of peace."
Wedge (BW)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "The Bacta War"]

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