Blood And Honor

"I said no!"
"So says your mouth, but your body wants the harvest gift I have for you."
"Leave her alone."
"Or what?"
"Or I find a vibroblade and harvest your present for her."
Pamr, Ilir Post & Soontir Fel (BaH)

"Some people see sports as a metaphor for combat. The rest of us know sports are combat."
Soontir Fel (BaH)

"Just do better. Dead men fail trying, not doing."
Soontir Fel (BaH)

"Why does he weigh so much?"
"Ego. It's a tough burden to bear if it's not yours."
Rens & Darklighter (BaH)

"Just remember this, Celchu -- you no longer belong to Alderaan, you're the Emperor's man now."
Soontir Fel to Tycho (BaH)

"We're all here waiting for the Empire to find a mission that will be as humiliating as it will be lethal."
Colonel Derricote to Soontir Fel (about the 181st)

"A wing lost it and a squadron is being sent to take it back?"
"Next time, pick less ambitious enemies."
Fel & Derricote (BaH)

"Y-wing pilots bragged of their great victory at the first battle of Ord Biniir. Of the second battle of Ord Biniir, they say little. Perhaps it is because few of them survived to brag. Then again, perhaps they know that battle was insignificant. That day, the Death Star died. It was your greatest victory. For the Empire, my victory was our only victory that day."
Soontir Fel (BaH)

"It's called 'The Lovers'. I don't know, are you sure this is art?"
"It must be, Tir. The figures are naked, after all."
Soontir Fel & Wynssa Starflare (BaH)

"My wife will have fled by now. Help me find her, save her, and the finest weapon the Empire ever created will be yours to command."
Soontir Fel (BaH)

"... too many to remember, but too many to allow them to be forgotten."
Wedge Antilles (about the dead Rogues) (BaH)

"Rogues, now and forever, part of a grand tradition all of them would gladly trade for another second of life."
Wedge Antilles (BaH)

"People died because power brokers did not care what happened on Brentaal. You lost friends, I lost my entire life."
Soontir Fel to Nrin (BaH)

"That went well..."
"Tarkin's famous last words..."
Wedge & Tycho (after introducing Fel to the Rogues) (BaH)

"We get leave?"
"Can you take a vacation from a Rebellion?"
Hobbie & Wes (BaH)

"I think you would find Corellia very pretty this time of year."
"Sure, and vacationing in a Diktat jail would be wonderful."
Wedge & Wes (BaH)

"Something special on Corellia?"
"Colonel Fel has a wife..."
"This better be a joke and start getting funnier real fast."
Plourr & Wedge (BaH)

"Why didn't you let us know you had a babe for a sister?"
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (BaH)

"Do they have poisonous bugs here?"
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (BaH)

"People don't die of bug bites, do they?"
"Not without lots of suffering first."
"I feel woozy. Am I pale?"
"The bite won't kill you, but I might if you don't shut up."
Hobbie & Plourr (BaH)

"Hang in there. I'm good at rescuing gorgeous damsels in distress."
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (BaH)

"Time for Blaster Safety Lesson #1...pointing a blaster at me isn't safe."
Plourr Ilo (BaH)

"She'd do more damage if she'd actually shoot the rifle."
"Tell her that, spoil her fun."
"Not for all the spice on Kessel. Are there more like her at home?"
"A planet full."
"Keep them there."
Corran & Wes (about Plourr) (BaH)

"I should have vacationed on Corellia sooner."
Plourr Ilo (BaH)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Blood and Honor"]

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