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"And now, I believe, protocol insists that we open a bottle or a dozen of wine and make some preliminary discussion of security, introduction protocols, and so on."
"Fortunately about the wine, and regrettably about everything else, you are correct."
Jag & Drey'lye (Outcast)

"And protection?"
"Less of an issue. I'm doing all right. Two years in this position and not dead yet."
"Emperor Palpatine went nearly twenty-five years."
"I guess that makes him my hero."
"Don't even say that in jest."

Jaina & Jag (Outcast)

"Only forty-five minutes late. Not bad for a Galactic Alliance event, yes?"
Tiurrg Drey'lye (Outcast)

"The fate of the galaxy is, all of a sudden, in the hands of Imperials."
"I bet Palpatine's ghost is laughing at us right now."
Luke & Leia (about Admiral Daala, Jag Fel and Turr Phennir) (Outcast)

"To think I originally chose a military career."
"You had a military career. You made the rank of general, then retired."
"Don't rub it in."
"Can you do two hundred push-ups?"
"Shut up."
Han & Luke (after witnessing a dressing-down) (Outcast)

"This is going to be a real mess."
"Going to be? Are you trying for some galactic record in the understatement event?"
Luke & Kyp (Outcast)

"Surely you didn't forget your promotion [to Jedi Knight]. You only talked about it for two years."
Luke to Ben (Outcast)

"I don't think I've ever seen so many brown robes together in one place. It's like a showroom for the world's dullest textile factory."
Ben Skywalker (about the assembly of Jedi saying good-bye to their exiled Grand Master) (Outcast)

"Caverns are usually caused by water moving through soft rock, croding pockets out of it, correct?"
"I guess."
"Science hurts, doesn't it, pal?"
"Economics is my science."
Leia, Lando & Han (Outcast)

"On a mission, sometimes people serve best by remaining where others know they're safe. That's a contribution, too."
Leia (to Allana) (Outcast)

"Dad. Jacen. Coruscant. Answers."
"I don't like it that you can win an argument without using verbs."
Ben & Luke (Outcast)

"Jag, you have unlimited financial resources, at least by our standards."
"I can't really be a despot if I'm not wasting the Empire's money."
Jaina & Jag (Outcast)

"Bureaucratic inertia has kept it from being renamed. Or repainted. Or torn down."
"Well, the New Republic only conquered Coruscant, what, thirty-six years ago? The century's still young."
Jaina & Jag (about the Armand Isard Correctional Facility) (Outcast)

"A hundred to one says you weren't able to secure insurance for this little operation."
"True. I knew better. I didn't even try."
"So if a starfighter goes down and gets blown up, you're paying for it out of pocket, correct?"
"Dodging the bogeys is better for all of us. I can't stress that enough."
Wedge & Lando (Outcast)

"Launch time is still holding at oh six hundred local time tomorrow."
"Suffer. I have a toddler. I'll be up then anyway."
Lando (Outcast)

"You want to trade [starfighters] for the rest of the operation?"
"What, in the middle of a mission?"
"Sure. This isn't the armed forces, Wedge. It's more like a heavily armed bachelor party."
Rhysati & Wedge (Outcast)

"Your boyfriend's strange."
"I know."
Tahiri & Jaina (about Jag)


"But I have something to suggest that will, I certainly hope, let this hitherto horrible day end on a very positive note."
"This better not be about the Moffs, the GA, or the Empire."
"Well, then I must disappoint. Because this is most assuredly about the Empire. Specifically about the head of said Empire and a joint venture he is suggesting. I think that a formal alliance between two key factions would be a wise idea at this juncture. Both parties would benefit."
"Have you been in negotiations with some world I've not heard about? Or are you trying to push that whole rival Jedi school thing on me again?"
"Jaina Solo, I'm asking you to marry me."
Jag & Jaina (Omen)


"Kid, for a Head of State, you're a lousy liar."
Han (to Jag) (Abyss)

"Han, relax. You'll be the first to know if I start feeling crazy."
"That's not much comfort, Princess. After hanging around with me all these years, you wouldn't feel the change."
Leia & Han (Abyss)

"This will have to be fast. We're on our way to-"
"Cancel it. We need to talk."
"Jaina, I can't. Chief Daala is expecting me."
"I don't care if the Emperor himself has been resurrected to meet you. You need to hear this, and you need to hear it now.
Jag & Jaina (Abyss)

"Please, Head of State, if you were really that naive, the Moffs would have killed you two years ago."
Daala (to Jag) (Abyss)

"It isn't ours, if that's what you're thinking. Not that I wouldn't love to eavesdrop on you and the Moffs, but, frankly, your sweeps have been too thorough."
"I'll send my security officer your compliments. But this is ours."
Daala & Jag (Abyss)

"What the blazes? They're firing at us!"
"That's what Mandalorians do, dear. Cover me!"
Han & Leia (Abyss)

"Artoo reports that all hatches are sealed and all ship systems are functioning at optimal efficiency."
"Optimal? Did we board the wrong YT? [...] Optimal everything just isn't the Falcon."
"It seems there's a perfect good explanation. Before putting her plan into action, Mistress Jaina spent thirty-two hours fine-tuning the ship's systems."
C-3PO & Han (Abyss)

What's the first thing you do on a job?"
"Find the tracking beacons!"
comes later. It's the first rule of escape."
Han & Allana (Abyss)


"Sith. Your uncle and cousin fought them. But these do not follow the Sith Rule of Two. The apparently follow a Sith rule of However Many They Need."
Cilghal (Backlash)

"And second, she needs to learn independence."
"Independence, Han? At eight?"
"Hey, she's already behind the curve. At eight, I was stealing my first starship."
"Why don't I doubt that?"
Han & Leia (about Allana) (Backlash)

"It's all pretty much according to formula."
"Whose formula?"
"Oh, there's got to be a book or file somewhere. Conspiracy, A Methodology, by Emperor Palpatine, annotaded by Ysanne Isard, with a foreword by the Warlord Zsinj. The bestselling resource for plotters for the last three decades. Don't you think?"
Jag & Jaina (Backlash)

"You won big tonight, though."
"Yes, I'm still alive."
"More than that. One of the nasty little rumors floating around about you is that my Jedi powers are all that have been keeping you alive - that I'm your secret backup bodyguard corps. But tonight I was nowhere around. You took out six armored veterans trying to kill you. That's very, well, Imperial."
"My deputy minister of trade, perishable goods, was in the suite above mine. I shot her in the foot while she was entertaining a guest. Not so very Imperial."
Jaina & Jag (Backlash)

"Xizor, huh? Why is it that dead enemies can't be content to remain dead?"
"I'll ask Exar Kun the next time we're out drinking together."
Jaina & Kyp (Backlash)

"Sorry. I just get tired of hearing the same old phrases, the same old way, year after year. I think that's why Master Yoda mangled his Basic for the archival recordings. After nine hundred years, he was sick of hearing the same old things the same old way. Use the same cliché phrases too long an people stop heraing theier message, you know?"
Ben (Backlash)

"Sometimes to heal, you must first hurt."
"In just a few words, you've summed up my love life."
Cilghal & Jaina (Backlash)

"Just an announcement that former Chief of State, Jedie Leia Solo, and Alliance hero and scoundrel Han Solo are making an effort to resolve the disputes between the government and the Jedi."
"Did he say scoundrel?"
"He did."
"It's gotta be wildly popular scoundrel or it's no deal."
Wynn Dorvan, Han & Leia (Backlash)

"Some of us are public servants, you know."
"Oh, yes. Rescale stakes for the armed services, please."
Senator Treen & General Jaxton (Backlash)

"And you were waiting for early results to your poll before saying yes or no? Whatever happened to doing what feels right?"
"What feels right is banning the Jedi altogether and set up an order of Force-users loyal to the government. Should I proceed with that approach?"
"Well, I meant what feels right and what's also not monumentally stupid."
Han & Daala (Backlash)

"There have been times when being Han and Leia Solo's daughter has been the most exasperating thing in the universe."
"And other times?"
"A source of great pride. Come to think of it, both conditions apply to being Jagged Fel's lover."
"Ah, the backhanded compliment. Something all the Solos have mastered."
Jaina & Jag (Backlash)


"The Chevs are treated better by the Chevins than many so-called 'free people' on other worlds."
"Perhaps it does not quite seem so to the Chevs."
"Perhaps the Chevs might do a little research."
Daala & Wynn Dorvan (Allies)

"And then perhaps you'll be willing to tell me what this is all about."
"Perhaps the fate of the galaxy."
"Don't you think that's a bit - melodramatic?"
"Not at all. If anything, it's an understatement."
Nek Bwua'tu & Kenth Hamner (Allies)


"Very funny. Didn't I just say this is no time for jokes?"
Rowdy & Jaina (Vortex)

"There is no tomorrow, only what we do, or fail to do, today."
Corran Horn (quoting a new precept to be added to the Jedi Code) (Vortex)

"Because chasing off an entire brigade of Mandalorians is a pretty tall order, even for a Jedi Knight."
"You are right, Master Durron. We may have to send two."
Kyp & Saba (Vortex)

"The huge threat I told you about just before we broke up."
"We didn't break up. You left because I wouldn't launch the Imperial fleet on just your say-so-"
"Hey, look, we'd love to leave you kids alone so you can work this out, but aren't we all on a schedule here?"
Jaina, Jag & Han (Vortex)

"Captain Solo, you just risked your life to prevent my untimely destruction. Could you be suffering some manner of cognitive malfunction?"
C-3PO (Vortex)

"Luke wasn't there, Master. No one will ever know what he would have done differently. Perhaps he wouldn't have tried as hard as you did to save Kenth's life."
"He wouldn't have had to, Jedi Solo. That is the difference."
Leia & Saba (Vortex)


"Lieutenant Javon Thewles?"
"You know I am. Can I sit up?"
"You're under arrest."
"Can I sit up anyway?"
"The charge is conspiracy to commit murder."
"The sentence for which is not being able to sit up?"
Naval Captain & Javon Thewles (Conviction)

"At last, honesty in politics."
"A slip of concentration. It won't happen again."
Senators Treen & Bramsin (Conviction)

"Forgive me, General. But I won't help you, and you won't sell me. You're a hero of the Alliance."
"Leia, I swear, I hate having a good reputation. I hate it."
Bothan & Han (Conviction)

"For now, we can't not keep secrets from each other. All we can do..."
"Is not be angry for it. Ever again."
"Preemptive forgiveness. For that and everything else."
"Oh? What else do I have to forgive you for?"
"Can't say."
"I ought to smack you for that."
"No, you have to forgive me. Part of the new engagement contract."
Jag & Jaina (Conviction)

"We want someone who knowz the politicz, yet who would willingly abandon the opportunity to influence this office in order to defend a woman who is now the focus of the greatest political trial in many yearz. He who wishes to abandon power may be the best one suited to direct it."
Saba (to Wynn Dorvan) (Conviction)

"It's not an ideal situation, correct. I can't really think of a point in time in the last forty-five years that could be described as an ideal situation."
Leia (Conviction)

"About my own lack of experience in one area. I mean, I don't know what to do if she starts crying."
"It takes a lot to make her cry. I suggest you empty a blaster rifle clip in the direction of whatever made her cry."
Javon & Leia (about Allana) (Conviction)

"Your crowd is made up of armed belligerents from a dozen worlds, some portions of the crowd are already pulling out anti-Jedi chants, and local security is a joke without a punch line. Recommend you dust off and return to orbit. Over."
"Thanks, Captain. We'll be right down."
Captain Mither & Leia (Conviction)

"Jedi Solo to see you."
"Tell her that I expected her six seconds ago. Then let her in."
"That's not funny."
"I timed it from the moment the press conference was broadcast."
Secretary, Jag & Jaina (Conviction)

"How about playing politics so that you don't get even more people pointing blasters your way?"
"Playing politics. I'm not all that good at it, Jaina. Truth isn't enough, being fair isn't enough, picking and choosing among sensible precedents isn't enough. You also have to play politics, which is like piloting an unarmed shuttle through the worst meteor shower in history, and just as productive. I think sometimes the only reason I'm not as unhinged as Daala is because I'm younger."
"My mother isn't unhinged."
"No, but she left the Chief of State's office and took up a profession where she could cut people in half when she got annoyed."
Jaina & Jag (Conviction)

"First, I must point out the unfairness of the situation. When I decide against the Jedi, you're angry with me. And when I speak out in favor of the Jedi, you're angry at me."
Jag (to Jaina) (Conviction)

"That doesn't speak well for my chances of survival. Honestly, if we can't get a new trial until after I'm executed, don't bother."
Tahiri (to Eramuth Bwua'tu) (Conviction)

"Not going well, huh?"
"On the contrary, I'm delighted to be working with Padnel Ovin. It's good for our marriage. It reminds me, from minute to minute, that you're not the most stubborn man in the galaxy."
Han & Leia (Conviction)


"And until such a time as that can be arranged, Tahiri has offered to begin making reparations by assisting the Empire."
"And these days that's you, honey."
Leia & Jaina (to Jag) (Ascension)

"You know I have a very fine security detail, headed by Ashik."
"Ashik isn't a Jedi."
"And you are? Well, that's the million-credit question, isn't it? Are you a Jedi, Tahiri Veila?"
Jag & Tahiri (Ascension)

"Fel and I are, indeed, going to be going at each other quite soon. The question is - are you with me, or are you dead?"
Admiral Daala (to Moff Lecersen) (Ascension)

"They can't have it both ways. He can't be both too pro-Daala and too pro-Jedi."
Leia (about Wynn Dorvan) (Ascension)

"We'll mount the head on a column in the Great Hall when you're done."
"Yes, we'll do that."
"I never liked the idea of mounting heads as trophies. It always seemed rather crass to me. Maybe we can make a cloak out of its fur instead."
"We don't know that it has fur."
"We don't know that it has a head."
Sith Sjia, Shirru and Mor (Ascension)

"Oh, hey. I can kill with a lightsaber when I'm halfway across the galaxy. I think you should double my pay, Jag."
Tahiri (accused of a murder on Coruscant) (Ascension)

"You're being granted an honor, Admiral. You're the first to behold a secret finally come to light. You're looking at the vanguard of the Empire of the Hand."
Jag (to Daala) (Ascension)

"I'd better see you on the Bloodfin, Tahiri. You've still got a trial to attend. I won't take coming under fire by Daala as an excuse for you to miss your court date."
Jag (Ascension)

"Beneath that neatly pressed exterior, you've got he heart of a rogue and a pirate, Dorvan."
"Please, Captain Solo. There's no call for insults."
Han & Wynn Dorvan (Ascension)

"Bloah. This is my fault."
"That's a first."
Han & Lando (Ascension)


"You need to add some new problem solving strategies to your repertoire, Lady Korelei. Silencing the opposition is not always the best solution."
Wynn Dorvan (Apocalypse)

"Sure, if you call bouncing across the hangar deck a landing."
Allana (to Han) (Apocalypse)

"But I already know the after-reports are good."
"Because you felt it in the Force?"
"That, and I haven't heard any Corellian curse words."
Allana & Tenel Ka (Apocalypse)

"We're sure, Han. We're Jedi Masters. We can count to twelve."
Kam Solusar (Apocalypse)

"To tell the truth, Counselor, I'm not sure why you waited for the Jedi to return. Club Bwua'tu seems to have the war well in hands without us."
"I'm surprised you haven't figured that out by now, Master Skywalker. We needed the cannon fodder."
"Cannon fodder? You couldn't have hired Mandalorians?"
"Of course. But they didn't manage very well the last time they tried to storm the temple."
"I see. It's nice to know you have more faith in the Jedi Order."
"There's that. And you do work for free."
Luke & Eramuth Bwua'tu (Apocalypse)

"You know how to contact Master Sebatyne, if the need arises?"
"Certainly. Just watch for Sith falling out of the sky."
"A comlink will work, too."
Luke & Nek Bwua'tu (Apocalypse)

"I'm not a stock item."
"Of course you are. You came through the freight system."
"Not everything that comes through the freight system is a stock item. Put me down! And that's an override command."
"Stock items are not authorized to issue override commands. You have been marked DEFECTIVE UNIT. Present yourself to the routing station on the far side of the delivery portal for return to your supplier."
"Sure, whatever you want."
"Good. And relay my displeasure to your manufacturer. This is the Jedi Temple. We have acceptance specifications."
Ben & stock-keeping droid (Apocalypse)

"Blasted Sith. Don't they recognize a desperate escape when they see it?"
Ben (Apocalypse)

"Sorry, milady. I wasn't informed that Head of State Fel had reactivated the Hands."
Security commander (to Tahiri) (Apocalypse)

"Pagorski is in charge of Daala's election campaign, if you call staring riots a campaign."
"It's how they do things in the Empire. Who are we to judge?"
Tahiri & Sligh (Apocalypse)

"Let's do it together."
"Good thinking. The med-evac team will be faster if we all collapse in one place."
Jaina & Luke (Apocalypse)

"The Hagamoor Three spaceport has more security cams than your palace on Bastion. Any decent reporter with an hour and a thousand credits should have been able to score a vid of me."
"And give you a reason to come back? No one wants to meet an Imperial Hand twice."
Tahiri & Jag (Apocalypse)

"I didn't expect them to drag Reige into the picture. That part was completely uncalled for."
"Expect? You knew this was coming?"
"Of course. They asked me for a response. I'm sure they wanted to include a denial in the same clip."
"And you didn't issue it? Or even better, just kill the story? This is the Empire, you know. The Head of State has the power to do that."
"I'm aware of that, Tahiri. But I'm trying to teach the Empire to live by new rules. How would it look to the citizens if I killed a story just because it was inaccurate, biased, incomplete, and misleading?"
"It wouldn't look like anything - because no one would know. That's the whole point of shutting down a story."
Jag & Tahiri (Apocalypse)

"Because I have nothing to gain by lying about it."
"You call being the Imperial Head of State nothing?"
"Of course not. But my name is no longer on the ballot. I have already issued instructions to remove my name from the electronic ballots that our citizens will be using this afternoon."
"What? You can't be serious!"
"I am - very serious. [...] Therefore, for the good of the Empire, I have decided to withdraw from the election and endorse the only worthy candidate in the race, Admiral Vitor Reige."
"What? You can't be serious."
"I'm entirely serious."
Jag, Daala & Reige (Apocalypse)

"And Jaina is alwayz saying that you fly as well as her father."
"Really? Jaina says that?"
Saba & Jag (Apocalypse)

"Don't I have a choice in the matter? I'm not even a Jedi."
"Welcome back."
Tahiri & Saba (Apocalypse)

"You going to be okay without me here?"
"Go ... be a Jedi. You weren't cutthroat enough to be an Imperial Hand anyway."
"Only because you were too uncorruptible to make much of an Emperor."
Tahiri & Jag (Apocalypse)

"I've never been readier for anything in my life. And I've kept him waiting long enough, don't you think?"
Leia & Jaina (before Jaina's marriage ceremony) (Apocalypse)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, Troy Denning, and Christie Golden, the authors of the books]

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