Iron Fist

"Pirates to you, too. Is that a new greeting? Something Gammorean? ‘Scabrous pirates to you this morning.’ "
" ‘And bleeding pirates to you.’ "
Piggy, Phanan & Face (IF)

"Welcome aboard Mon Remonda. Let’s get the rest of your pilots in... so I can get out of this torture suit."
"But, sir, I was just going to say how smart you looked in your uniform. I think we ought to stay here, in uniform, a couple of hours so the holographers can capture the image. You know, for the historians."
"Wedge, I think I’m going to have you killed."
"Yes, sir. I trust you’ll wear your dress uniform for an event like that."
Han & Wedge (IF)

"There’s no mechanical replacement for a future, Face."
Ton Phanan (IF)

"We will have hurt feelings. And this is a compulsory dance, so we will shoot you."
Runt (IF)

"I love an understanding commander. Know where I can get one?"
Ton Phanan (IF)

"Just feeling my years. Speaking of which, I think I’ll get in some simulator practice and beat up on the youngsters."
"That’ll make you feel better. It always does me."
Wedge & Wes (IF)

"Sometimes I miss my sanity."
Wedge (after finding Lt. Kettch) (IF)

"If this is a reward, I need to stop earning them."
Face (IF)

"Rogue Squadron doesn’t run. Unless we really, really have to."
"No, this will be Wraith Squadron’s mission."
"We don’t mind running. Even when we don’t have to."
Corran, Wedge & Face (IF)

"You’re angling to get in some laser targeting practice, aren’t you? As the target."
Face to Ton Phanan (IF)

"Because I’m special and you’re not."
Myn to Kell (IF)

"I was just imagining what a sad galaxy this would be without my superior intellect and general state of wonderfulness."
Ton Phanan (IF)

"You can’t reduce sapient lives to numbers and exchange them like credits. You can’t measure what a boy did in innocence against what a man has to do for the rest of his life."
Ton Phanan to Face (IF)

"Nobody is allowed to have any fun on Coruscant. If I find out that anyone has had any fun, he gets kitchen duty for a month."
Wes Janson (when excluded from leave) (IF)

"It’s every general’s right to be uproariously drunk on diplomatic missions."
Face (IF)

"No get killed. I’ll try to remember."
Kell (IF)

"I’m leading children and I’m getting them killed."
Wedge (about Wraith Squadron) (IF)

"Take it out when we have our answer and it will make my reputation as a military wizard."
"You already have that reputation."
"Well, then, I’ll have two."
Wedge & Wes (IF)

"The commander’s late. Is anything wrong?"
"Oh, no. Since he doesn’t have any additional responsibilities, no last-minute details to track, no need to do one last check of the plan, he’s just late so you’ll be that much crankier."
"That’s what I thought."
Face & Wes (IF)

"For those of you who believe in the Force, may it be with you, and guide you. For those who don’t, trust in your intent, your weapons and your wingman."
Wedge (IF)

"You know, pretending to be an Ewok is a felony on some worlds."
Wes to Wedge (IF)

"Not one of them was happy, but none of them shot me, which I took to be a good sign."
General Melvar (IF)

"I want to thank everyone who retrieved pieces of me, everyone who retrieved pieces of my X-wing, and especially those who sorted them out correctly."
Face (IF)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, the author of "Iron Fist"]

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