I, Jedi

"Flying against Tycho had probably been the most difficult thing I’d ever done, and I had an edge in the Force. What he did, what Wedge did, made them far more special than any Jedi. They flew with heart and brains and their entire being."
Corran Horn (I,J)

"If you can't recognize the man in the mirror, it is time to step back and see when you stopped being yourself."
Hal Horn (I,J)

If one guy calls you a Hutt, ignore him.
If a second guy calls you a Hutt, begin to wonder.
If a third guy calls you a Hutt, buy a drool bucket and start stockpiling spice.
Corran Horn (I,J)

"Corellians... no wonder the other Jedi didn't want you leaving your system."
"The rest of you were just afraid we wouldn't leave anything for you to do after we were done."
Luke & Corran (I,J)

"Corran, you're supposed to read the instructions on the box."
"I did."
"And then you're supposed to follow them."
Iella & Corran (I,J)

"You're destroying this image I had of you as a dumb fighter jock."
"Serves you right. You've been listening to things Booster Terrik has to say about me."
Mara & Corran (I,J)

"Notice any resemblance between her and Mara?"
"Now that you mention it... let's make sure they never get together, okay?"
Luke & Corran (about Mirax) (I,J)

"There are attempts and there are accomplishments. Histories only praise one."
Ylenic Itkla (I,J)

"I was a cop and a fighter pilot. Being wrong just doesn’t come with the package."
Corran Horn (I,J)

"For a farm boy growing up on dust and dreams, you’ve not done half bad."
Corran Horn to Luke Skywalker (I,J)

"Corellians never know when to stop talking, do they?"
"Other Corellians do."
Elegos and Ooryl (about Corran) (I,J)

"Do you want help?"
"Do you need help?"
Luke Skywalker & Corran Horn (I,J)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "I, Jedi"]

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