Isards Revenge

"Warfare is an occupation from which one can never retire too young, Commander."
Admiral Ackbar (IR)

"You want me to be a General, and I guess I figure that if I have rank, it’s because I’m going to need to pull it."
Wedge (to Ackbar) (IR)

"Political analysis, Wedge? Had I known you’d take to being a General so easily, I’d have demanded the promotion sooner."
"Being aware of politics, Admiral, is light-years away from liking it or being good at it."
Amiral Ackbar & Wedge (IR)

"Calling Rogue Squadron down upon yourself would be ruled ‘suicide’ by most coroners."
"Right, which means whoever did this thinks they can handle us, is crazy enough to think they can handle us, or just has one colossal hate on for us."
Iella & Wedge (IR)

"He never thought he’d live long enough to count to three pips."
Hobbie (about Wes) (IR)

"You’ll see how truly Bothan I am, Councilor Fey’lya. As power flows are warped and twisted, just remember it is you who made me remember, and made me live up to my heritage."
Asyr (IR)

"How come we never have these superweapons that could eliminate a problem like that?"
"Because, Hobbie, we rely on pluck, courage, and skill instead of capital expenditure."
"I guess, then, that the rumors of a raise are not true?"
Hobbie & Wedge (IR)

"In the old Rogue Squadron we’d often discuss these runs over a mug of lum. Is that behavior still suitable?"
"Drinking? Rogues?"
Nrin & Corran (IR)

"Um, for us pilots, the acceptable level of blood being shed is zero, right? Especially if it’s our blood."
Tycho (IR)

"You know who I am. It is interesting that we have not met before, you and I, having been foes for so long. I expected you to be taller."
"I expected you to be dead."
Isard & Wedge (IR)

"When I smack someone into a bulkhead and toss him on the deck, that’s me saying he should get his carcass off my ship. The other things, the head butt and the stomach punch, that was just because I don’t like you."
Booster Terrik (to Borsk Feylya) (IR)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Isard's Revenge"]

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