In The Empires Service

"Ah, but they are phantoms who have more than once taken the bait we offered them."
"Of course, the Death Star at Endor. That worked out well for us, wouldn't you say?"
"Indeed, for you ended up with the throne, didn't you?"
Ysanne Isard & Sate Pestage (ItES)

"You lead well, but Alliance throws Rogues at impossible problems. Were you bad leader, all would have long since died."
"They only ask us to do what needs to be done."
"And some day they will ask too much."
Xarcce Huwla & Wedge Antilles (ItES)

"Squints are good, Wedge, real good."
"We're paid to be better."
"When was the last time you got paid, Plourr?"
Hobbie & Plourr (ItES)

"Fel is the best Imperial pilot alive."
"We can change that."
Tycho & Plourr (ItES)

"At our level, it is simple, but don't ever think it is easy. Only easy thing we get to do is die."
Wedge (ItES)

"No disrespect intended, but my wife would not appreciate my indulging in Brentaal's hospitality."
"Neither would mine, which is why she is on Coruscant. No one needs to know, my dear Fel."
"But I would know, sir."
Soontir Fel & Isoto (ItES)

"Just as inhuman as Isard engineering this fiasco to weaken her foes and destroy those who could oppose her. She will murder you, my friends, for her gain."
Soontir Fel (ItES)

"Isoto could yet win the day."
"Not with two Death Stars and a legion of dark Jedi."
Ysanne Isard & Soontir Fel (ItES)

"Better start flying like you earned your rep, Wedge, or you'll be just another dead hero."
Wedge Antilles (ItES)

"Knowing she is safe is enough for me."
"If you don't speak to her, I'm putting the repairs to your fighter last."
"My fighter is undamaged."
"For the moment... "
Nrin Vakil & Koyi Komad (ItES)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "In the Empire's Service"]

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