The Krytos Trap

"You figured out a plan to take Coruscant away from the Empire. Springing a friend from prison shouldn't be that hard."
Tycho to Wedge (KT)

"Yeah. I gave that maturity you were talking about a workout. Felt pretty good, too."
Asyr Sei'lar & Gavin (KT)

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"If I had Rogue Squadron on my tail, I'd be running too, even in a Super Star Destroyer."
Corran & Tycho (KT)

"A Corellian smuggler without an attitude?"
"She's smarter than most."
Luke Skywalker & Wedge (regarding Mirax) (KT)

"Okay, I quit."
"You cannot. Antilles, talk some sense into him."
"I've heard sense, and it's coming from him. I joined this Rebellion to fight the Empire's tyranny. Just because we have Coruscant doesn't mean it's ended. The new Republic might not be able to strike at Thyferra, but there are rebels around who can. I quit, too."
"It would appear, Captain Celchu, that Rogue Squadron is now your command."
"I don't think so. It's been a long time since I've been a civilian. I'm out as well."
"Ooryl resigns."
"Nawara and I are out."
"We're out."
"I resign."
"You're a Bothan. You cannot."
"I'm a Rogue. It is done."
Corran, Borsk Feylya, Wedge, Tycho, Ooryl, Rhysati, Aril, Inyri, Riv & Asyr (KT)

"And, Commander, concerning Gavin, there is no hidden agenda. His wide-eyed way of looking at everything is refreshing, and, perhaps, even energizing. I’ve lived a long time in the shadows, so moving into the light feels very good. I’ll do nothing to hurt him."
Asyr (KT)

"I’ve seen more death in my time with Rogue Squadron than I have ever seen before, but nothing so hideous as this. A year ago I would have run screaming. Now I just clean my boots and wait for guys with sterilizer units to show up. I’m changing and I’m not sure I like it."
Gavin (KT)

"You [Councilor Beruss] refer to us as ‘alien,’ and the Princess calls us ‘non-human.’ Why are we defined by you and in comparison to you?"
Feylya (KT)

"I’m with Rogue Squadron. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver."
Corran (KT)

"How did you meet him?"
"I was part of an operation in Invisec before the liberation. We met then."
"She was trying to get me executed as an example to the Imps."
"You always did play a little rough, Asyr."
Liska, Asyr & Gavin (KT)

"Call me a coward if you wish, I don’t care. You are not my enemy. My enemy is the Empire and its remnants. Maybe you can’t see that. Your grandfather could. Strikes me that you honor his memory more by continuing his crusade than in trying to hide mistakes he may have made."
Gavin (KT)

"Part of me thinks that we see them because we don’t truly believe they’re dead. Maybe the barrier that separates the living from the dead is permeable as long as there is someone who doesn’t accept death. Sithspawn, listen to me. I’m talking like a glitbiter."
Mirax (KT)

"So you’re telling me we need a miracle."
"I’d take one if you had one to offer, but then again, I wouldn’t worry too much. Winning this trial is merely impossible, and we’re Rogues. We’ll get it done."
Tycho & Nawara (KT)

"Those who ask me to betray friends, well, they’ve shown they don’t want me to be trustworthy, so they clearly aren’t."
Asyr (KT)

"This is Corran Horn calling. I’m not dead--I only feel like it--and I could use some help returning to the land of the living."
Corran (KT)

"I owe you an apology, a huge apology, and a debt I can never repay. All this is my fault, and I’m sorry I caused you to go through it."
"You’re wrong, Corran. You were manipulated by the Empire. So was I, so was everyone here. I’ll accept your apology, but I won’t acknowledge your debt."
Corran & Tycho (KT)

"It is an honor to meet you, Councilor. The efforts of your people in eliminating the second Death Star and in liberating Coruscant speak to the nobility in the Bothan Spirit."
"You are most kind, Jedi Skywalker."
"That’s just because you’re not a womp rat scurrying down some canyon, Councilor."
Luke, Feylya & Wedge (KT)

"As my master told me, there is no try; one can only do or do not. It seems, Wedge, those are your choices."
"No choice at all, Luke. We’re, ah, we were Rogue Squadron. We do."
Luke & Wedge (KT)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "The Krytos Trap"]

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