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"He's trying to hide it, but that guy is a soldier - and I have the crazy feeling we do know him."
"We should. I think he almost married our daughter."
Han & Leia (Tempest)

"Kid, if this is about Jaina-"
"It isn't. Jaina has caused the Fel family enough problems for one lifetime."
Han & Jag (Tempest)

"After you find Alema, I'm sure the Ascendancy will reconsider-"
"Then you don't know the Ascendancy. Finding Alema will redeem my family's honor and give it the means to rebuild its fortune. But my situation will remain the same; if I ever return to the Ascendancy, my entire family will be dishonored."
Leia & Jag (Tempest)


"From the time it's activated until it's deactivated, it sends electric shocks through your nervous system at one-standard-minute intervals."
"That's helpful. Did you also bring me a brooch that will pinch my skin from time to time?"
Jag & Luke (Exile)

"In the military, they give you a mission and whatever resources they can offer, sometimes too few, sometimes too many ... repeat until you retire or die. Outside the military, everything is so complicated."
Jag (Exile)

"That's a man with not enough to live for."
"He'll bounce back. He's young."
Mara & Luke (Exile)

"Please tell me that all that stuff will wash out of your hair."
"It will. But the tattoos are permanent."
Wedge & Myri Antilles (Exile)

"That's not a good idea. I don't think I can operate as this man's subordinate."
"Back in the Yuuzhan Vong War, though he outranked you, he didn't offer you any grief about being your subordinate."
"Things are different now."
"Yes. You're both older and wiser."
Jaina & Luke (about Jag) (Exile)

"Yes, the Jedi way preaches forgiveness, but that isn't the Chiss approach. To the Chiss and my family, I am an unperson, and that's forever. Don't bother thinking about ways to correct the situation - it would be roughly as useful as worrying about painting out the laser damage your uncle left on the hull of the Death Star."
Jag (to Jaina) (Exile)

"He's leaving Corellia."
"How do you figure that? His home is here."
"His home is the military. For him, Corellia's just a good place to retire. He didn't even grow up onplanet. He grew up on a refueling station that doesn't exist anymore."
Han & Lando (about Wedge) (Exile)

"This is why men should only be put in command of single-pilot fighters. On bigger craft, they have too much time on their hands, so they talk too much."
Iella (Exile)

"Establish communications."
"I really think you're letting this whole 'captain' thing go to your head."
"You're right. Dearest Leia, freind of decades, noble Jedi Knight, please do one more favor for this old, old man before his vital spirit leaves his faltering body-"
Lando & Leia (Exile)

"What's a flag hangar?"
"The Venture's an old Imperial Star Destroyer, commisioned as the Virulence."
"I know that. Well, except I forgot its original name."
"Whenever an ISD served as the falgship for a task force or fleet, the commanding admiral would be onboard, with its own quarters and its own private hangar. Which was called the flag hangar."
"Ah. So, Han, old buddy, how long has it been since your Academy education has come in useful?"
Lando & Han (Exile)

"So now all I have to do is get your application approved."
"Because you and Captain Bloodstripes there are so well loved by the government now."
"No. Because Jacen Solo swings a big lightsaber with the blockade forces. And if Luke Skywalker tells him that letting the Errant Venture set up there is a terrible, terrible idea, Jacen will probably accelerate its approval so fast you'd think he slapped a hyperspace engine on it."
Leia & Booster Terrik (Exile)

"Let's go back to the Errant Venture."
"You're not asking my opinion?"
"Lando, should we go back to the galaxy's largest mobile gambling and shopping enterprise?"
"What kind of stupid question is that?"
Han & Lando (Exile)

"You know, if you could apply that smuggler's brain to real politics, you'd be my equal."
Leia (to Han) (Exile)



"Watch it! Don't you know better than to point a live blaster at your commanding officer?
"I know better than a lot of things. What are you doing, sneaking up on me, anyway?"
"You're a Jedi. How can anyone sneak up on you?"
Jag & Jaina (Inferno)


"Colonel Clean Living accepts a brandy when he might have to fly later in the day?"
Zekk (about Jag) (Fury)

"I expected you to be jubilant. Not jumpy. And morose."
"I'm not morose."
"And I'm a Sullustan."
"Yes, the ears tipped me off."
Zekk & Jag (Fury)

"Jag, I'm going to let you in on a secret. You're an irritant, like itching powder in an enviro-suit. On top of it, you've got no sense of humor, you're more Force-blind than a rock, and you're short. But after today, I'm exceedingly proud to have you as a comrade-in-arms."
Zekk (Fury)

"Yeah, sweetie?"
"How do you teach a man not to be a noble, long-suffering, self-sacrificing idiot?"
"I don't know, sweetie. Mostly I shoot them."
"I'll consider that."
Leia & Han (Fury)

"Lando, there are two types of people in this universe: those who think they're not ready to be parents, and those who are kidding themselves."
Leia (Fury)

"Wedge, it's good to have you here."
"Speaking of which-"
"No, you're not being paid."
Luke & Wedge (Fury)

"And Colonel Solo?"
"Everyone's afraid of him. Everyone. Nobody talks about him. Have you ever heard of that? Someone whose own people never talk about him?"
"Once or twice. A long time ago."
"You're talking to a man who used to fly for Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine, whose subordinates never talked about him."
Tycho & Syal Antilles (Fury)

"I don't say this often, Koyan, but I'll say it now. You're an idiot."
Turr Phennir to Sadras Koyan (Fury)

"Quite a retinue for a little walk in the woods. How many do you have to take with you when you just want to go to the refresher?"
"In my own palace, none. In foreign palaces, a minimum of four."
"And if you're visiting Dathomir, where the only thing available is a bush?"
"It's the best-defended bush within a dozen parsecs."
Luke & Tenal Ka (Fury)

"Will do, sir."
"And don't call me sir. I hate that."
"Understood, sir."
Jag (badly injured) & Han (Fury)

"A complete mystery. And you know how I feel about complete mysteries."
"You don't care, as long as they don't interfere with you getting paid."
Han & Luke (Fury)

"Mom wouldn't want you to be this way. So why are you?"
"I can't help it."
"You've got to!"
"I don't know. You're the Jedi Master, you figure it out."
Ben & Luke (Fury)

"At least you have the courtesy to identify your spies when you try to place them with us."
"Galactic Alliance Intelligence. We're the courteous alternative."
Luke & Tycho (Fury)

"I was years older than you when I became an ambassador for the first time. Remember that, Tycho? How did we get through that assignment, anyway?"
"Pretty much, we opened fire on everyone who disagreed with us."
"When all else fails, just do that."
Wedge & Tycho (talking to Syal) (Fury)

"I haven't done a very good job of making friends. I would rate my success at nearly zero."
"Zekk looks on you as a friend."
"Yes. Well, without him, my rate of success would be exactly zero."
Jag & Jaina (Fury)

"So, what is next for you?
"A mission. Simple stuff. Rescue a princess - a Solo family tradition. Blow up a big space station."
"Also a Solo family tradition."
"You can get in on it, if you can get yourself back in shape in time."
"I will. And if you ever need someone to dress up in a black costume and beat you up-"
"Just shut up."
Jag & Jaina (Fury)

"You know, there have never been many people I'd let fly this baby. Chewbacca. Leia. Lando. Now you."
"She's Corellian by design. I'm full-blooded Corellian by ancestry. We'll get along just fine."
"Make sure you do."
Han & Jag (Fury)

"What's our motto?"
"Let the enemy do the work!"
"That's the spirit."
Kyp & Jedi team (Fury)

"Don't get shot. I don't want Winter hunting me down."
"No, you don't."
Wedge & Tycho (Fury)

"Radius of the explosion?"
"A few thousand kilometers? I'm guessing here."
"Facts, exact numbers, reassurance ... a Jedi seeks not these things."
Kyp & Dr. Seyah (Fury)

"That boy can fly."
"Yes, he can. He should have kept his mother's family name. It'd be good to have another Jagged Antilles in the galaxy."
"Stop being smug, Leader."
"Yes, Four."
Syal & Wedge (Fury)

"I have to go."
"No, but soon. A few hours, a few days."
"I don't know."
"I recommend you figure that out before you leave."
"That's what I'm trying to do. Alema's dead. Jacen's next."
"Just about everyone I know plans to confront Jacen Solo. Grand Master Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, half the Jedi Knights, all the Jedi Masters ... every pilot I know plans to be there in a starfighter the next time he's in one. So I suggest you get in line."
Jaina & Jag (Fury)


"My son didn't die to put a sadistic despot in power. I look to you to ensure his life wasn't wasted."
Captain Kral Nevil (to Admiral Niathal) (Revelation)

"We ask those we command to be ready to die for us, not because of us, and the moment we lose their confidence, we start to lose the war."
Admiral Niathal (to Jacen Solo) (Revelation)

"He [Ben] alredy tried that, after Jacen tortured him."
"Just when I thought the man couldn't get any worse..."
Luke & Admiral Niathal (Revelation)

"Doesn't that depress you, sir?"
"Only if I'm taking part."
Vitor Reige & Admiral Pellaeon (watching a rehearsal of the state funeral) (Revelation)

"Yes, Jacen Solo, unhindered by Admiral Niathal. Going for the galactic record for the fasted plunge into bloody anarchy and most stylish black outfit."
Admiral Daala (Revelation)

And it was an illusion - yes, that was much, much more likely than the laws of the universe having a bad day.
Darth Caedus (Revelation)

"Oh, I know, we were tough then. We'd go two weeks without breathing, and half a dead pygmy borrat was enough to feed a whole clan for a week. If any of our babies couldn't lift a beskad by the time they were weaned, we'd harden 'em up by catching them a full-grown Trandoshan, making 'em kill it with their pacifier and eat it raw. Ah, those were the days."
Carid (about Mandalorians) (Revelation)

"But arrogant stupidity doesn't always come bundled with midi-chlorians. It's everywhere."
Boba Fett (Revelation)

It was the most she'd heard him say in one conversation; he'd need to shut up for a couple of years now to even out his average word count.
Jaina (about Boba Fett) (Revelation)

"But nobody's persecuting Jedi these days. It's not like the Purge."
"That would explain why the Jedi Council has fled from Coruscant. Because it's totally okay to be a Jedi now."
Jaina & Venku (Revelation)

"And you could have stopped him, any of you, if you'd united against him. One Sith can't stand against hundreds of Jedi. Your problem is that he's your own flesh and blood, and none of you have had the courage to do the job. You've been hoping that he'll see the light and stop so that you don't have to do the dirty work. How many ordinary beings have died while you made excuses for him because he's family?"
Gotab (to Jaina) (Revelation)


"That's not Jacen. Jacen dies in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, just like Anakin did."
"Jacen was a hero. He killed Onimi and won the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, and then he died of his wounds. Caedus is just the monster who stepped into the hollow shell that was left behind ... and if anyone here is capable of taking him out, I'll gladly arm the detonator."
Han Solo (Invincible)

"Eventually, we all betray something, Tahiri. It's what you stay true to that counts."
Ben Skywalker (Invincible)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, Troy Denning, and Karen Traviss, the authors of the books]

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