Mandatory Retirement

"Anything interesting in your messages?"
"Aside from the marriage proposals, you mean?"
"I keep telling you, it's that Imperial wanted poster. You look handsome."
"You're just angry they used your academy holo on yours."
"It's not a good image of me, but the women, they just love you for the reward."
Tycho & Wedge (MR)

"I did have a message from some folks who want me to run for president of the New Republic.
[...] I gather they think I'm a good leader."
"Well, they're clearly not rational."
"They suggested you as my running mate."
"Rationality is so overrated in a constituency, after all."
Wedge & Tycho (MR)

"C'mon, Wedge, this war has helped us develop the skills we'd need to lead a nation."
"Tycho, the skills we have developed run strongly toward breaking things."
Tycho & Wedge (MR)

"Wedge, huh? It's the wanted poster, right? All the women like that wanted poster."
Wes (MR)

"Excellency, there is an Imperial warrant out for your arrest."
"And this means, Brothic?"
"I've the best cell available set aside for you, Excellency."
Governor Brothic & Sate Pestage (MR)

"The Rogues are perfect since they seldom survive missions."
Borsk Feylya (MR)

"I like the fact there are no ground-based anti-air defenses."
"Or none noted in the Intel on Ciutric."
"That, I don't like."
Wedge & Tycho (MR)

"Does that mean we abort if we arrive and things look wrong?"
"Define wrong."
"They've send a Death Star to pick Pestage up."
"We'll leave the Death Star to Wedge and Tycho while we do our job, then."
"Only one Death Star?"
Tycho, Winter, Kapp & Salm (MR)

"Thanks for the save, Rogue."
"He made a training run approach. I knew where he'd be."
"How so?"
"I invented that tactic to use on Y-wings."
Soontir Fel & Y-wing pilot (MR)

"Surviving is new for the Rogues, but we'll do our best."
Wedge (MR)

"If they succeed, you'd better die trying to stop them. If you don't, I'll make you wish you had."
Krennel (MR)

"At least we have obtained the packet we came for. We got it half right."
"It's the wrong half I'm having trouble with."
Kapp & Tycho (MR)

"That's what you Imps always missed, the rebellion wasn't about planets, it was about people ... it wasn't about power, but about freedom. People will do a lot to win freedom for themselves and for those they hold dear."
Kapp Dendo (MR)

"Such confidence in the face of overwhelming odds ... if the Emperor had any idea of his foe's dedication ..."
Sate Pestage (MR)

"This isn't a rebellion, it's a matchmakers cotillion."
Winter (MR)

"He's a living, breathing piece of Alderaan that I have no intention of letting the Empire take away from me."
Winter (about Tycho) (MR)

"The only humiliation for either of us was that we failed to see the Empire to which we gave our loyalty was undeserving of it."
Soontir Fel (MR)

"The Empire elevated you from being a farm boy and made you a galactic hero."
"The Empire did that to Luke Skywalker, too, and many other men."
Sate Pestage & Soontir Fel (MR)

"Only a fool thinks he can escape his past."
"I agree, so I atone for mine."
Sate Pestage & Soontir Fel (MR)

"Former warriors bringing a message of peace?"
"People who have seen the folly of hatred and understand the strength of love."
Ibtisam & Nrin (MR)

"She wanted peace, an end to tyranny, from your kind all she got was pain, and I will repay you for all of it."
Nrin to Pestage (about Ibtisam) (MR)

"It's all about power and how it changes people, your leaders will see to that, they will fall prey to it."
Sate Pestage (MR)

"Carvin leads, and will lead for life."
"You say that as if life is a synonym for long."
Krennel & Isard (MR)

"I've newfound respect for the Y-wing."
"X-jocks sound so pained when they say that."
unknown (MR)

"There is still a problem, Wedge."
"And that is?"
"Where did you get off thinking you'll be driving the Skate ?"
"But Mirax, it's going to be dangerous."
"Not as bad as you trying to take my ship away."
Mirax & Wedge (MR)

"And she is carrying ego-piercing weapons, too."
"Then all you flyboys are in trouble."
Tycho & Winter (about Mirax) (MR)

"I won't have you risk your life, Mirax."
"Just my ship, which is my life."
"Maybe you need to get more of a life."
Wedge, Mirax & Tycho (MR)

"Ibtisam was a pilot and a friend and she died to save your sorry hide. But don't worry, I'll change your assignment. She deserves better than you for a cabinmate."
Wedge to Pestage (MR)

"Go, Kapp, leave me. Don't die for me."
"Die for you? No way. I'm going to date a princess, so I'm not dying here."
Trooper & Kapp (MR)

"I wish our monument to the fallen of Rogue Squadron was more permanent. Perhaps, when we win, it will be. Permanent and no longer subject to expansion."
Wedge Antilles (MR)

"She gave her future to us. It is an investment on who we are and what we value. What we do with it, what we make of it, will determine the ultimate value of what her life will mean."
Wedge (about Ibtisam) (MR)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Mandatory Retirement"]

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