"I have a TIE wing on me and can’t shake him."
"Hobbie, if you can’t shake a T-wing, you deserve to be vaped."
Hobbie & Wes (Mas)

"What do you mean he wouldn’t let you paint Death Star kill markers on the Falcon?"
Tycho to Chewie (Mas)

"You would deny there is a natural order to things, Colonel Fel?"
"You would deny that nature is ever changing? Remember, that which does not adapt can only die."
Count Laaban & Soontir Fel (Mas)

"Rial, get me a datapad and Captain Solo a blaster."
"I’d prefer a vibroblade."
"Fine. And we’ll need plastic to protect the carpet."
Plourr & Han (Mas)

"Don’t recall you being that persuasive at the academy, Fel."
"I don’t seem to recall you ever listening at the academy, Solo."
Han & Fel (Mas)

"He’s rather insufferable when so smug, isn’t he?"
Fel to Chewie about Han (Mas)

"Was it the uniform that chafed, or the responsibility that came with it?"
Fel to Han (Mas)

"So the plan has some flaws…"
"I just have to fall for a flyboy."
Tycho & Winter (Mas)

"You X-wing pilots, so excitable when rescued."
"Maybe they want more rescue, less gloat, Han."
Han & Fel (Mas)

"Bad habit of not wanting to see friends die, Wedge."
"Tough habit to break. Don’t try."
Han & Wedge (Mas)

"You know, working for the Empire was never this confusing."
Soontir Fel (Mas)

"Ten snubfighters against sixty TIEs and an Impstar? That would be suicide."
"Yeah, well, leave that part off the monument you build for us."
Leia & Wedge (Mas)

"That’s Rogue Squadron. Going that extra lightyear to save the galaxy."
Unknown Rogue (Mas)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Masquerade"]

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