New Jedi Order Books 11 to 19

Rebel Dream +++++ Rebel Stand +++++ Traitor +++++ Destiny's Way

Remnant +++++ Refugee +++++ Reunion +++++ The Final Prophecy ++++ The Unifying Force

Enemy Lines: Rebel Dream

"So all he just negotiated for was enough military strength to let us hold out longer."
"That's right."
"But everyone who stays here is still dead. Pointlessly dead. Just dead a little later."
"That's right."
"I'm sorry I asked."

Luke & Mara (RD)

"Sir, how you can be so deceptive without actually lying is beyond me."
Gavin to Wedge (RD)

"That's treason. I like it."
Booster (RD)

"Well, I can be them probably as well as I can be you. And, of course, you can be you better than I can be you. But if you're them and I'm you, everyone is thinking outside the box."
Tycho (RD)

"Tycho, we're about to achieve a tremendous victory we don't want."
"We'll put that in your biography. General Antilles was so good he couldn't fail when he tried to."
Wedge & Tycho (RD)

"Sounds expensive."
Leia (when Falcon machinery becomes loose during battle and slams into bulkheads) (RD)

"Sounds like we're being spied on by someone who hasn't seen enough holodramas."
"So you suspect Tycho of wanting to listen to fourteen hours of crying baby?"
Wedge (RD)

"My husband never really told me how annoying you were."
Iella to Kell Tainer (RD)

"No countersign, indeed. What sort of holodrama is this, anyway?"
Kell Tainer (RD)

"Where did you learn that smile? Have you been practicing in front of a holo of Han Solo?"
Mara to Luke (RD)

"Sort of like what Joruus C'baoth did for Thrawn."
"I'm not talking about ancient history, I'm talking about now."
Luke & Jaina (RD)

"Obviously a fake Kyp. You distract him. I'll shoot him under the table."
Han (to Leia) (RD)

"There you go. An instant squadron for you to reconfigure as the honor guard of the manifestation of a Yuuzhan Vong goddess. This means that the very first thing you get is bureaucratic personnel matters to deal with. I'll see if I can round up an Ewok pilot candidate to throw your way just to make things more difficult. You'll be my age in no time."
Wedge to Jaina (RD)

"Behold the favorite weapon of Jedi before the invention of the lightsaber."
Luke to Tahiri, handing her a hammer (RD)

"I have an idea on that. About your Force coordination."
"Jag, you don't know anything about the Force. You're as Force-blind as your uncle."
"Yes, and my uncle would figure this out, too."
Jag & Jaina (RD)

"Jag, you guessed wrong."
"Rather, I've taught you to be a little more unpredictable."
Jaina & Jag (RD)

"At which time the repulsor puts out its final effort and slows you down so you crash quite slowly into the surface."
"Quite slowly."
Face & Luke (RD)

"And these have been successfully tested."
"Well, tested, sure. They've been tested. Each time they're tested, we assemble what data we can, and the next generation of pods comes back just a bit more intact."
Face & Luke (RD)

"I have to say, this sounds like the worst idea in a thousand generations of bad ideas."
"You haven't heard all our ideas."
Luke & Bhindi Drayson (RD)

"If we are crazy enough to do this, we need to be sane enough to do it well."
Luke (RD)

"If they don't want to work with equipment that old, tell them it's a history lesson."
Leia (about the Falcon) (RD)

"Jaina, this is Colonel Celchu. [...] General Antilles is issuing a direct order. Do not reenter the combat zone. Return to base. Do you understand?"
"Don't tell me the odds."
"I didn't tell you the odds."
Tycho & Jaina (RD)

"I'm twenty years older than I was this morning. Twenty years, Leia."
"You're starting to sound like Threepio."
"Am I really?"
Han & Leia (RD)

"I've known Jaina Solo since she was tiny. You're not her."
Wedge to Jag (RD)

"How old were you before you first disagreed with a commanding officer -- and later found out that you were right?"
"Twenty. Which is when I first had a commanding officer."
Jag & Wedge (RD)

"Thank you, sir -- uh, Wedge."
"Still difficult to address me informally, isn't it?"
"Yes. Yes, it is."
"Good. That gives me one more way to make a know-it-all nephew uncomfortable."
Jag & Wedge (RD)

"That was interesting."
"He deliberately countermanded one of my orders."
"He was furtive."
"Sneaky, even."
"We'll make a Rebellion-style pilot of him yet."
Tycho & Wedge (about Jag) (RD)

"What I would have given to be that tall [as Tendra Risant Calrissian]."
"I've got a thousand credits that say she's always wished she was petite. And another thousand that if you two got together to talk about how much you envied each other's height, the conversation would devolve into what pains your husbands are."
"No bet. Our husbands are pains."
"Well, they were Imperial credits anyway."
Leia & Han (RD)

"I'm not a brat."
"No, your dad's the brat in the Horn family."
Valin Horn & Han (RD)

"All kids argue like senior politicians. Except that not all senior politicians can cry on cue."
Leia (RD)

"I just don't know, Han."
"But you know everything."
"Only by comparison with my husband."
Leia & Han (RD)

"We're going to face them with an enemy they've never had the displeasure of fighting. We're going to hid them with the Empire."
"They're not going to like the Empire."
Wedge & Tycho (RD)

Have to remember: he may have been raised among the Chiss, but he's still full-blooded Corellian.
Jaina (thinking about Jag) (RD)

"No, come on back now. Do you trust me?"
"No fair using my own arguments against me."
Jaina & Jag (RD)

Enemy Lines: Rebel Stand

"How long will you be insystem?"
"Oh, until I get killed, I guess."
Wedge & Wes (RS)

"Tell me about a female pilot, Twin Suns Leader. She has a nice voice. Does she have looks to match?"
"Well, yes. She's nice looking."
"Married? Attached?"
"Attached, I think. Recently attached."
"So, who is she?"
"Jay something. Isn't that right?"
"I think so."
"Jay, Jay ... That's it. Jaina Solo."
"Jaina Solo."
"I'm sure that's the name."
"Sith spawn, I was flirting with a nine-year-old."
Wes, Wedge & Tycho (RS)

"You're still a nasty commanding officer."
Wes (to Wedge) (RS)

"It's always these little worlds that get you in trouble. Like Tatooine. I'm still living that one down."
Han (RS)

"When are they going to stop calling me General?"
"When are they going to stop calling me Princess?"
Han & Leia (RS)

"Luke, I don't want to discourage your curiosity, but I have to remind you, if something goes wrong, this is an exceptionally embarassing way to die."
Mara (RS)

"You repair droids?"
"We do. We have cleverly concealed that information on the sign outside, the blinking apparatus that reads NINGAL'S DROID REPAIR."
Han & shop owner (RS)

"Tam, blast it, don't do what I say, do what I mean."
Wolam Tser (RS)

"Now, you should admit it: you are here engaged in some military action directed against the Yuuzhan Vong, knowing full well that any action you take could embroil the people of this peaceful world in your destructive war."
"Isn't destructive war kind of redundant? Until I see a constructive war, or even a giggly war, I have to think so."
Mudlath & Han (RS)

"Well, that makes this my favorite prison ever."
Leia (RS)

"I don't like this notion of dovin basal mines that pursue you."
"Me, either. I'm going to draft a strongly worded letter to the Yuuzhan Vong high commander and insist he stop using them."
Wedge & Han (RS)

"Paint thinner?"
"We're not that lucky. While we've been waiting, I've been determining its effects on local insects. One hundred percent deadly."
Kyp & Jag (about the alcohol Jaina pours them)

"I also don't want to be in the way. In your way. Between you and, you know."
"Colonel Jagged Fel. Glad to meet you."
Kyp (talking to Jaina) & Jag

"With politics, nothing runs right ... but without politics, nothing runs."
Diss Ti'wyn (RS)

"Now you will be able to return to the worldship."
"I am delighted."
"After we find and kill the giant Jeedai."
"Shall I hold him down while you kill him?"
Denua Ku & Viqi Shesh (RS)

"And make sure my shuttle is standing by. I don't want to come trotting out of this building to find only a note of apology waiting for me."
"May the Force be with you, Wedge."
"If it was, how would I ever know?"
Wedge & Tycho (RS)

"Five Millenium Falcons."
"And even one is enough to cause us grief."
Czulkang Lah & Kasdakh Bhul (RS)

"Blackmoon Eleven, what did you think you were doing going after an entire squadron?"
"My job."
"That's 'My job, sir.'"
"My job, sir."
Gavin & Wedge (RS)


"You were a Jedi. Haven't you been paying attention? What part about beeing dead do you not understand?"
Vergere (to Jacen) (Tr)

"Oh, sure. What's this supposed to teach me?"
"Is it what the teacher teaches? Or what the students learns?"
"What's the difference?"
"That is, itself, a question worth considering, yes?"
Jacen & Vergere (Tr)

There's the trouble with fanatics. They're easy to manipulate, but somehow they take everything five steps too far.
Nom Anor (Traitor)

"Time? What time? This -- this disaster... We are dead, don't you understand? Tsavong Lah will slaughter us."
"Ever the optimist. You assume we'll live out the hour."
Nom Anor & Vergere (Tr)

"Great. We've stumbled into their airborne infantry training camp. Could have been worse, huh? Could have been an artillery range--"
Jacen (Tr)

"If you don't stop, I'll have to hurt us."
Jacen (Tr)

"Don't you get it? You're exactly what I want to be when I grow up."
"What, dead?"
Jacen & 'Anakin' (Tr)

"When you always know what is right, where is freedom? No one chooses the wrong, Jacen Solo. Uncertainty sets you free."
Vergere (Tr)

"Some home. Have you seen this place? Jaina's room is full of some kind of plant that tried to eat me. The kitchen looks like a coral reef. My collection--. This isn't home."
Jacen (Tr)

"He does not give his life for you. He gives your life to you. Will you refuse the gift of a dying man?"
Vergere (to Jacen) (Tr)

"Does the warmaster truly wish a disquisition upon the New Republic's perverse system of government? It has to do with a bizarre concept called democracy, in which ruling power is given to whoever is most skillful at directing the herd instincts of the largest masses of their most ignorant citizens--"
Nom Anor (Tr)

"They [the Yuuzhan Vong] look on Fey'lya as a kind of minor hero."
"Huh. They didn't know him like we did."
"And maybe we didn't know him as well as we should have."
Jacen & Ganner (Tr)

Destiny's Way

Leia slid into her accustomed role as Han's interpreter to the world.

"I can't help but wonder how the old Empire would have handled the crisis. I hope you will forgive my partisan attitude, but it seems to me that the Emperor would have mobilized his entire armament at the first threat, and dealt with the Yuuzhan Vong in an efficient and expeditious manner, through the use of overwhelming force. Certainly better than Borsk Fey'lya's policy -- if I understood it correctly as a policy -- of negotiating with the invaders at the same time as he was fighting them, sending signals of weakness to a ruthless enemy who used negotiation only as a cover for further conquests."
"That's not what the Empire would have done, Commander. What the Empire would have done was build a super-colossal Yuuzhan Vong-killing battle machine. They would have called it the Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose. They would have spent billions of credits, employed thousands of contractors and subcontractors, and equipped it with the latest in death-dealing technology. And you know what would have happened? It wouldn't have worked. They'd forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would have dropped a bomb down there and blow the whole thing up. Now that's what the Empire would have done."
Dorja & Han (DW)

Though Leia appreciated Jaina's having a friend who could take her out of her troubles, she rather hoped that Jaina would not resolve this skirmishing in the same way that Leia had resolved her feelings about Han: having an Imperial baron in the family would create far too many complications. Having Darth Vader for a father was bad enough.

"Will you join us for dinner?"
"Perhaps I'll take a bite or two. But I don't want to have a meal when my pilots are hungry."
Leia & Jag (DW)

"I thought Pwoe was Chief of State."
"Pwoe seems to be a minority of one at the moment."
Jag & Leia (DW)

"May I ask what role you envision for the Jedi in this war?"
"Two words, Skywalker. None whatsoever."
Luke & Rodan (DW)

"I have your record here, Skywalker. You joined the Rebel Alliance forces as a starfighter pilot. Though you fought with distinction at Yavin Four and at Hoth, you shortly afterward left your unit, taking with you the starfighter that didn't belong to you, in order to conduct 'spiritual exercises' on some jungle planet. And you did all this without even asking permission of your commander. You afterward returned to the military, served bravely and with distinction, and rose to the rank of general. But you resigned your commission, during wartime, again to devote yourself to spiritual matters.
"Perhaps during the Rebellion such irregular practices were necessary, or at any rate tolerated. But now that we have a government, I fail to see why we should continue turning over state resources to a group of amateurs who are all too likely to follow their Master's example and abandon their posts whenever the mood -- or the Force -- takes them."
Fyor Rodan (DW)

"What exactly are you, Skywalker? You aren't military -- we have a military. You aren't a diplomat -- we have diplomats. You aren't a peace officer or a judge -- we have those. So why exactly do we need you?"
Fyor Rodan (about the Jedi) (DJ)

"Until you actually join this government you say that you defend, and join it on the same basis as any other citizen, then I have every intention of regarding you as I would any other lobbyist for any other interest group demanding special privileges for its members."
Fyor Rodan (DW)

"Sounds like a depressing interview. Maybe I should cheer you up. Would you like me to call you 'Master' again?"
Mara (to Luke) (DW)

"I put this operation together in the absence of instructions from my superiors and at the urging of one of my officers. Who -- even if she is a goddess -- is still rather junior."
"You can call me 'Great One.' Most people do."
Farlander, Tenel Ka & Jaina (DW)

If we had a battle cry, it would probably be Have you triple-checked this order with your superiors?
Nom Anor (about the YV intendant class) (DW)

"When all else fails, fall back on the truth."
"No! I'm a politician! I can't tell the truth!"
Mara & Cal Omas (DW)

"What happens if you need a diplomat who can also practice philosophy, fight with a lightsaber, and levitate small objects? Who else are you going to call but us?"
Mara (DW)

"Have you any specific recommendations concerning this crisis? Kill the heretics is final, but lacks detail."
Supreme Overlord Shimrra (DW)

"Shimrra prays daily for a solution to this problem. May I say the gods will provide an answer soon?"
"The gods should first provide a repulsorlift."
Onimi & Nen Yim (DW)

"If the Force is life and the Yuuzhan Vong are alive, and you cannot see them in the Force -- then is the problem with the Yuuzhan Vong, or is it with your perceptions?"
Vergere (to Luke) (DW)

"But any unreasoning passion would do. When anger becomes rage, fear becomes terror, love becomes obsession, self-esteem becomes vainglory, then a natural and useful emotion becomes an unreasoning compulsion and the darkness is."
Vergere (DW)

"Great One, please exercise your godly powers and summon real food. We're orbiting six hundred kilometers above the greenest planet in the New Republic, and the mess can't seem to find any fresh vegetables. What's wrong, Sticks?"
"Jacen's alive. He's on Mon Calamari with Uncle Luke and Mara."
"Wonderful! Get yourself a plate of rehydrated salthia bean paste, and we'll have a feast and celebrate!"
Kyp & Jaina (DW)

"No offense, Kyp, but I wish it was Uncle Luke making this argument, not the greatest living expert on the dark side of the Force."
"So do I, Jaina. So do I."
Jaina & Kyp (DW)

"I have a Jedi Council to put together. I thought you might help me."
"We get to spend the day gossiping about our colleagues and calling it work? I'm willing."
Luke & Mara (DW)

"[...] if a person of authority talks only to those who agree with him, he soon finds himself out of authority."
Luke (DW)

"Kyp has changed."
"He hasn't blown up any planets in a few years, that's true."
"That wasn't precisely Kyp who did that. He was possessed by the spirit of a long-dead Sith Lord named Exar Kun."
"That's exactly the sort of thing I hope never to have to explain to a Senatorial committee."
Luke & Cal Omas (DW)

"It's life, Jaina. The Force is life."
"Life isn't what I do anymore. What I do is death. I kill, and I try not to get killed myself. Anything else is a luxury."
Jacen & Jaina (DW)

"I'm willing to give my blessing to those Jedi who wish to act offensively against the Yuuzhan Vong, provided that they confine their objectives to military ones."
"You could have save us both a lot of grief if you'd told us that a couple of years ago! For years you've been warning me about aggression leading to the dark side! I didn't listen, and over and over and over again reality whacked me on the side of the head! Finally I decided you were right! I watched someone else going to the dark and it was worse than I could have imagined! You finally convinced me! I've been a good little Jedi for -- for months now! I've been telling everyone who would listen that Master Skywalker's been right all along! And now you tell me that you've changed your mind?"
Luke & Kyp (DW)

"It's been enlightening. Somehow I expected the Jedi would have more certainty and less discussion."
"I always hope for that. I hardly ever get it."
Cal Omas & Luke (DW)

"What are all these people doing here?"
"I was the son of the Chief of State. For me, this is an ordinary night at home."
Zekk & Jacen (during a reception) (DW)

"I can count the enemy, and I can count the number of friends who have been killed, and I can count the number of battles before we can hope to end the war and the number of shots that are going to be fired in my direction in those battles. I don't have to do anything wrong to be killed. I don't have to make a mistake. All that I need to do is be there long enough, and it'll happen."
Jaina (DW)

It wasn't the first time he had made a mistake. And dying was nothing new, either.
Jacen (DW)

"My abilities in this state are necessarily limited."
Vergere (when dead) (DW)

"You know what? Being the Sword of the Jedi really stinks."
Jaina (DW)

Force Heretic: Remnant

The end result would be a lifeless, sterile galaxy. He didn't want that to be what his administration was remembered for - even if there was no one left to remember it.
Cal Omas (Rem)

"We all have doubts about ourselves, sometimes. It's part of what makes us sentient beings, Tahiri. Doubt makes us examine ourselves and all that we do. And without the ability to do that, we become nothing short of monsters."
Leia (Rem)

"Forgive me, Mistress Tahiri. This sort of fuss is all a bit overwhelming for the likes of a protocol droid like myself."
"That's okay, Threepio. I never thought I'd meet someone who talked as much as you, either."
C-3PO & Tahiri (Rem)

"You wouldn't think these people would have a need for listening devices. They're so busy talking all the time."
Han (about the Fia) (Rem)

"The diffeence between a fake death and a real one is slim."
Mara (Rem)

"We have a lot to catch up on. Maybe we should dock and debrief in person."
"Why, that must be one of the most romantic things anyone has said to me in years."
Jag & Jaina (Rem)

"Falling afoul of an ambush while simply trying to help someone. It seems like such an inglorious way to die."
"I don't think there are necessarily any good ways to die, Jaina."
Jaina & Jag (Rem)

"We need someone like him to lead us to the right kind of victory: only someone who has faced losing everything can sympathize with a defeated enemy."
Luke (about Sien Sovv) (Rem)

Force Heretic: Refugee

"But if you were to meet Commander Irolia looking like this, it would probably be taken as a declaration of war ... illegal use of biological weapons or something ... cruel and unusual punishment ..."
Danni (to Jacen) (Ref, p. 38/39)

"Throwing off an oppressor is only the beginning of a long and difficult journey."
Leia (Ref, p.57)

"The Chiss have always stored sensitive data in this fashion. It is safe, secure, and permanent. We have lost too much data in ice storms to trust other, more complicated forms of storage."
Tris (about books) (Ref, p.148)

"It never ceases to amaze me what happens to the males of most species when you give them a gun and put them in a uniform."
Goure (Ref, p. 224/225)

"If they're not pirates, could they be enemies of yours?"
"Sure, but which ones?"
Stalgis & Soontir Fel (Ref, p. 273)

"Han, we had the first kiss in the belly of a space slug. Believe me when I say that my expectations of doing anything remotely romantic with you have never been particularly high."
Leia (Ref, p. 388)

Force Heretic: Reunion

"Fire a warning shot. That'll fix him."
"That might not be such a good idea, Han. It could be taken as a sign of aggression."
"It's intended to be a sign of aggression, Leia."
Han & Leia (Reunion, p. 39)

"Are you sure?"
"I'd bet my life on it."
"And mine. That's the problem."
Droma & Han (Reunion, p. 101)

"Why don't you just surprise me, Colonel?"
Pellaeon (to Jagged Fel) (Reunion, p. 116)

"Leia knows what she's doing."
"She married you, didn't she?"
Han & Droma (Reunion, p. 150)

"This one hopez you know what you are doing."
"Not really. But it's uncertainty that makes life so interesting, don't you think?"
Saba & Jacen (Reunion, p. 179)

"What was it with fanatics? Why were they ever willing to throw their lives away on doomed quests?"
Nom Anor (Reunion, p. 282)

"That's what Darth Vader looked like?"
Hegerty (about a young Anakin Skywalker) (Reunion, p. 305)

"It's all right, Danni. You're safe now."
"This would be the Solo definition of 'safe', I'm taking it?"
Jacen & Danni (surrounded by armed people) (Reunion, p. 312)

"I believe that there should be a way of archieving peace other than fighting."
Jacen (Reunion, p. 314)

"We'll meet you back at the base -- either on this speeder or the crest of a shock wave."
"Fly well."
"I always do."
Jag & Han (Reunion, p. 325)

"I cannot countenance destruction as a solution to the threat of destruction. In the long run, such a victory would only bring about our own downfall."
Jacen (Reunion, p. 350)

"I'll bet Grand Admiral Pellaeon doesn't take this long to get himself together."
"I'll bet the Grand Admiral sleeps in his uniform."
Leia & Cal Omas (Reunion, p. 361)

"We have contact with Mon Calamari again."
[holoprojection of Kenth Hamner without sound]
"I didn't say it was perfect."
Mara (Reunion, p. 378/379)

The Final Prophecy

Good. If his own people were confused, hopefully the Vong were more so.
Wedge (TFP, p. 21)

"Tell me -- what sort of memory do you think our glorious ancestors are more likey to have purged from the Qang qahsa? A glorious victory or an ignominious defeat?"
Nen Yim (TFP, p. 47)

"Are you telling me cowards took the system you were entrusted with from you? You were beaten by cowards?"
Nas Choka (TFP, p. 48)

"If I could name the times I've heard that right thing to do line..."
Han (TFP, p. 67)

"It's not some hidden Yuuzhan Vong part of me that should worry you, Corran. It's the Jedi part."
Tahiri (TFP, p. 94/95)

"Prepare for a darkspace jump."
"Bloody -- No! Not this close to the planet. We're still in the atmosphere!"
"That's bad?"
"Yes, that's bad. Have you even laid in a jump?"
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"You've never flown before?"
Nen Yim & Corran (TFP, p. 114)

"Another of our merry band of pilgrims."
Corran (TFP, p. 119)

"Religion, I think, is metaphor, a way of relating to the universe that does not require reason."
Nen Yim (TFP, p. 139)

"Wonder is my people attributing the creation of the universe to an act of dismemberment. It is avoiding true mystery through fantasy. And if the universe refuses to conform to your fantasy, does it cease to be wonderful? That is conceit of the highest order."
Nen Yim (TFP, p. 139)

"What do you suppose Thrawn would make of the Yuuzhan Vong, sir?"
"Ground Vong, probably -- if he had a few examples of their art."
Lt. Cel & Wedge (TFP, p. 142)

"Let's just hope we don't get surprised at Bilbringi."
"Lieutenant, I can promise you that if we are, I'm absolutely never coming to this system again."
"Yes, Lieutenant, I think I've just about had it with Bilbringi."
So long, Bilbringi. If I never see you again, that'll still be two times too many.
Lt. Cel & Wedge (TFP, p. 143 + p. 145 + p. 297)

"You're bored. Two weeks without someone trying to kill us, and you're bored out of your mind."
Leia (to Han) (TFP, p. 147)

"I've been following you career since I was five years old, sir."
Imperial Captain Devis to Han (TFP, p. 166)

"I have had little opportunity to speak with infidels when they weren't being sacrificed or tortured."
Harrar (TFP, p. 176)

"That is my only wish, Dread Lord. To serve you as I once did."
"I should hope you'll serve me better."
Nom Anor & Shimmra (TFP, p. 213)

"Remember our deal. Especially the part where you have to do what I say."
Corran (to Tahiri) (TFP, p. 248)

"Anger always makes you feel good at the time. Makes you feel bigger than yourself, makes you feel that everything you do is justified. But it's a trap."
Corran (TFP, p. 248)

The Unifying Force

"This is why you lose the war, and why coexistence with you is impossible. You believe we inflict pain for sport, when we do so only to demonstrate reference for the gods."
Subaltern S'yito (TUF, p. 6)

"Cakhmaim's getting to be a pretty good shot. Remind me to up his pay - or at least promote him."
"From bodyguard to what - butler?"
Han & Leia (TUF, p. 31)

"We seem to be the popular target. Just the way you like it."
Leia (to Han) (TUF, p. 32)

"You're a danger to yourself and everyone around you. But I do love you, Han."
Leia (TUF, p. 40)

"Answer me honestly, Prefect, do you believe in the gods? [...]"
"August Lord, I ... remain open to belief."
"If there was some benefit to believing, you mean."
"I follow the example set by the priests, Lord."
Shimmra & Nom Anor (TUF, p. 69)

"When faith is under assault and the social order is cracking apart, the weak do not want explanations; they want reassurance and someone to blame."
Shimmra (TUF, p. 72)

"Translate? But, Captain Solo, I'm far from fluent in Yuuzhan Vong. In fact, I'm still trying to comprehend the conditional subjunctive sense!"
C-3PO (TUF, p. 96)

"Maybe it's time that we reviewed our roles aboard this ship. I do the piloting. You reassure the passengers that the pilot always knows what he is doing."
Han (to Leia) (TUF, p. 118)

"Of course, Princess Leia. I know when I'm not wanted."
"That'll be the day."
C-3PO & Han (TUF, p. 130)

"That's the tenth person who's recognized you. What is this, a gathering of your fan club?"
Leia (to Han) (TUF, p. 131)

"He promised us noble deaths and everlasting life."
"Tough offer to turn down."
Garray & Han (TUF, p. 133)

He recognized Garray's type: done in by years of command; of sending soldiers to their deaths. A man who no longer needed to prove to himself that he was a hero. He was just doing his job, and hating himself for it.
Han (TUF, p. 134)

"Combat always did bring out the romantic in you."
Leia (to Han) (TUF, p. 143)

"The Yuuzhan Vong are very excited. They have sent runners to other parts of Caluula Station to report that the have found warriors who are exceptionally worthy of captivity."
"I'd say that's pretty optimistic of them."
C-3PO & Leia (about Boba Fett and fellow Mandalorians) (TUF, p. 148)

"You disappear for a couple of days, and the kids turn the house into party central."
Han (upon seeing the massive gathering of warships at Mon Calamari) (TUF, p. 179)

"Is there news from Coruscant?"
"Good and bad - but you can hear for yourself. Admiral Kre'fey wants to bring you up to speed personally."
"Give us a hint."
"The Yuuzhan Vong have amassed an armada. We're expecting them to strike us here."
"That explains all the ships."
"Let's just hope that wasn't the good news."
Han, Jaina & Leia (TUF, p. 179/180)

"There is no more dangerous species than one that views killing as cleansing."
Admiral Kre'fey (TUF, p. 182)

"Evil can't simply be stamped out. It's as much part of life as good is."
Luke (TUF, p. 204)

"A Bothan and a Jedi. We might as well be wearing Galactic Alliance insignia."
Han (on an undercover mission) (TUF, p. 212)

"I'm through with travel if it means carrying a lumpen instead of an identichip."
"We're here to make sure you don't have to. We've got enough unhappy Bothans without adding you to the list."
Wraw & Han (TUF, p. 213)

"The Yuuzhan Vong have done the impossible. They've united the galaxy."
Luke (TUF, p. 305)

"Maybe he's had a change of heart since Zonama Sekot."
"Only if someone implanted a new one in his chest."
Luke & Mara (about Nom Anor leading the heretics again) (TUF, p. 384)

"And I promised I'd never set foot in the Senate again."
Leia (when entering the well of the World Brain on Yuuzhan'tar) (TUF, p. 391)

"This part of the galaxy has made a romantic of you, Fel."
Shawnkyr (TUF, p. 399)

"I thought you had your fill of this on Caluula."
"Ah, that was only a yammosk. Now we are going to be sacrificed to a World Brain."
"We really are coming up in the world."
Leia & Han (TUF, p. 418)

"Jag doesn't worship me."
"Now that he's gotten to know you, you mean."
Jaina & Jacen (TUF, p. 515)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, Matthew Woodring Stover, Walter Jon Williams, Sean Williams & Shane Dix, Greg Keyes, and James Luceno, the authors of the books]

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