The Rebel Opposition


Rogue Squadron is assigned to accompany a convoy from Cilpar to Mrlsst. But on Cilpar, there is no trace of the convoy or their local contact, a woman named Targeter, instead they are attacked by Imperial troops. Wes Janson is shot down, and Wedge orders Tycho to take care of the injured pilot while the rest of the Rogues returns to their hideout.

There a local resistance group, lead by a woman named Elscol Loro, takes them captive. Elscol and her people like neither Empire nor Rebel Alliance, as they believe that their Rebel contact has betrayed them. Wedge tries to gain their trust.

In the meantime Wes and Tycho meet Targeter, who turns out to be Winter, Princess Leia's aide. She tells them that the local Moff had already been willing to switch sides, but then suddenly changed his mind. Since Winter doesn't know why, she sends Tycho in Imperial uniform to the local garrison to find out what is going on on Cilpar.

The rest of the Rogues, together with the local resistance group, fight off an Imperial attack, and finally manage to come to a better co-operation with Elscol. Eventually she shows them the depot which was the target of their mission, and expects that the Rogues help her to overthrow the local Moff in return.

In the meantime Tycho is ordered to take part as a TIE pilot in a search mission to find Rogue Squadron. To warn his comrades, he secretly sends signals to his R2 unit, that starts his X-wing and attacks the approaching TIEs. To his surprise his R2 is an excellent pilot that shoots down all TIEs and eventually even Tycho himself. It turns out that it was in fact Winter who flew the X-wing, though.

While Elscol and Wedge are planning the attack on the Moff's headquarter, Wes and Winter are arrested, betrayed by a member of Elscol's team. Elscol finally finds the traitor, and her Wookie friend Groznik fights against him. He is victorious, but doesn't kill the traitor, just injures him severely.

Tycho has switched sides again and takes part in an aerial attack of Rogue Squadron against the Moff's headquarter. Elscol's ground troops capture the Moff. His back-up, a star destroyer, leaves the system without intervening.

While Tycho and Winter leave Cilpar with the Moff's shuttle, Wedge asks Elscol, who has turned out to be a very good pilot, to accompany the Rogues in Tycho's X-wing, and she agrees.

My review:

The basic story I like, but unfortunately the realization is very poor. There are many inconsistencies, not only regarding the XW books and the rest of the EU, but even within the comic itself. The art I didn't like at all, but that is a matter of taste, of course.

In general, I would recommend RO only as a completion of your XW comics collection. If you just want to try a single comic, it is better to start with the second one, "The Phantom Affair". In RO there are two events which are important for later comics/books, the first meeting of Tycho and Winter, and Elscol Loro joining Rogue Squadron.

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