Rogue Squadron

"If you're too old for this, the New Republic might as well give up now. Barring a squadron of Jedi Knights winging their way in here, you're the best we've got. That may not impress you, but there are plenty of Imp pilots out there who don't sleep the whole night through because of dreams about you being on their tails."
Tycho Celchu to Wedge Antilles (RS)

"I'm as good as dead. I'm so far gone I smell Corellian whiskey."
"You do smell Corellian whiskey, Corran. You're lying in a puddle of it."
Corran & Wedge (RS)

"Nine, don't feel you have to be a hero."
"Have to be? I'm a Rogue. I thought hero came with the territory."
Wedge & Corran (RS)

"Horn, if you aren't dead, you will be."
"I'm happy to see you too, Commander. Welcome home."
Wedge & Corran (RS)

"I'd like to offer a toast, my friends, if I may. To Rogue Squadron, to the friends we've lost, the battles we've fought, and the utter fear our return will bring to our enemies."
Wedge (RS)

"I have a vague idea how many ships are in a squadron, you know."
Wedge (RS)

"Are you finished?"
"Well, you should be, or you can be. Do you understand me?"
Wedge & Corran (RS)

"Either Commander Antilles is losing his touch dressing down recruits, or you’re made of sterner stuff than I might have otherwise imagined."
Tycho (to Corran) (RS)

"Please, gentleman, if I want petty bickering I can go to more Council meetings."
Admiral Ackbar (RS)

"If I’d known I could look forward to a dressing down by him, I’d have let the stormtroopers shoot me."
"Yes, he can have that effect, can’t he?"
Wedge & Admiral Ackbar (about General Salm) (RS)

"Run up this rift valley and hit something a third the size of an X-Wing, without the benefit of a targeting computer? That’s impossible."
"That’s nothing. Back home in Beggar’s Canyon..."
"I don’t think any pilot from Tatooine ever found a mission tough, especially when it involves racing through a canyon."
Nawara, Gavin & Wedge (RS)

"You’re afraid you’re getting too old for what we’ve always told ourselves is a young man’s game."
Tycho (to Wedge) (RS)

"Are you sure you’ll be warm enough?"
"Quite sure."
"Good. Then you wouldn’t mind tossing me your spare blanket, would you?"
Mirax & Corran (RS)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Rogue Squadron"]

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