Requiem For A Rogue

"This world makes a music all its own. Lovely...lovely...."
"In other words, you're experiencing an emotional response to a subliminal vibratory stimulus."
"Let me guess, Herian - you don't read much poetry."
Dllr Nep & Herian I'ngre (RfaR)

"What's the matter, Nrin? Is your Quarren self-control slipping? If you aren't careful, you might have some fun!"
Ibtisam (RfaR)

"This is it, Rogues! Operation Temple Smash!"
"You have a poet's way with words, Captain!"
Wedge & ? (RfaR)

"Mission accomplished, Rogues."
"But at what cost, Captain?"
"One that is all too common, Feylis, ... and harder to bear each time it must be paid."
Wedge & Feylis (RfaR)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole Jan Strnad, and Mike W. Barr, the authors of "Requiem for a Rogue"]

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