Starfighters of Adumar

"My pilots have heard a lot of grown-up words. Even Janson."
Wedge (SoA)

"Sithspit! What's that?"
"That's the sun, Wedge. It's after dawn."
"Well, it offends me. Turn it off."
"It's one-thirty, one-forty million klicks away from here."
"Go up in your X-wing and shoot it down."
"Boss, you're acting very strangely."
"Wedge, stop acting like a little kid. You're embarrassing me."
Wedge & Wes (SoA)

"I've been reviewing engineering and performance statistics."
"What, while we've been maneuvering?"
"Yes, restraining myself so that you could keep up with me has left me plenty of time for intellectual pursuits. I also composed a symphony and drafted a plan to bring peace to the galaxy."
Tycho & Wes (SoA)

"Boss, please tell me you're not putting us in women's clothing."
"Very well. I'm not putting us in women's clothing."
"You lied to me."
"I did. With my brilliant achievements in the diplomatic profession has come the realization that lies can be powerful motivators."
"My faith is shattered."
Hobbie & Wedge (SoA)

"If I'm lying in a ball in the corridor, I'm doing a tremendous job of hallucinating that I'm not."
Wedge (SoA)

"If you continue to map the Unknown Regions, you'll have to call them something else."
Wedge (SoA)

"I'm usually pretty good about taking orders."
"If occasionally reinterpreting them rather thoroughly."
Wedge & Iella (SoA)

"I punch. You suffer. Got it?"
Wes to Thanaer ke Sekae (SoA)

"You know, whenever the name of Derek "Hobbie" Klivian comes up, the words 'It's worse than that' ring in my ears."
Wes (SoA)

"There are three types of dress clothing. The kind that offends the wearer, the kind that offends the viewers, and the kind that offends everybody."
Hobbie (SoA)

"No, just listen, Rogriss. We're in kind of the same position here. Play by the rules, do as we're told, keep our careers - and lose everything. Or risk, and probably lose, everything - except our word. The thing is, our word is the one thing no one can take from us unless we leave it vulnerable."
Wedge Antilles (SoA)

"Tomer, I direct your attention to the word 'let'. You've misused it. You don't 'let' me, or 'not let' me, anything. Understand?"
Wedge Antilles (SoA)

"We have the right tools to subvert our Imperial admiral."
"What tools?"
"Oh, Wes's maturity, your optimism, and my diplomatic skills."
"We're doomed."
Wedge & Hobbie (SoA)

"Am I going to get any sleep tonight?"
"Sleep when you usually do. During pilot briefings. During missions."
"Oh, that's right."
Wes & Wedge (SoA)

"Stay loose, Red Flight. Diplomacy first."
"Leader, Three. Diplomacy means saying something soothing as you squeeze the trigger, right?"
Wedge & Wes (SoA)

"I should have known. Wes Janson. Now my life can take on the aspect of a personal hell."
Tomer Darpen (SoA)

"Leader, this is Three. Are you crazy? Acknowledge."
"Three, Leader. That's affirmative."
Wes & Wedge (SoA)

"Great. Who brought the old Wedge out of retirement?"
Hobbie (SoA)

"That old lack of oxygen thing will get you every time. How much brain damage did you suffer?"
"And, more importantly, was it to any of the parts of your brain that you use, or was it in the majority portion?"
Wedge & Wes (SoA)

Wedge held up a hand. "Never mind what I just said. Let's just shoot Wes."
"I'm for that," Hobbie said.
"What's our strategy?" Tycho asked.
Hobbie gave him a curious look. "I thought we'd just all draw and fire. But I could count down to zero and then we could draw and fire."

"We'll just overpower you. Two majors plus one colonel equals one general at least."
Wes (to Wedge) (SoA)

"She's just growing up. She's come along two, maybe three years since the other night."
"That's good."
"Maybe we can figure out how to build a weapon out of the process and shoot Wes a few times."
"I heard that."
Wedge, Iella & Wes (SoA)

"How stupid do you think I am?"
Wedge (SoA)

"You're coming dangerously close to insubordination, General."
"No, General. I'm not your subordinate. And what I'm coming dangerously close to is violence."
Cracken & Wedge (SoA)

"Because I'm sick of it. I'm sick to death of 'Hello, I'm so-and-so and I've killed this many enemies, and I challenge you, and we bow and go by the rules and say cute things to one another, and isn't it nice that we're all dead now?'"
Hobbie (SoA)

"Red Two, this is Red Three. Am I crazy, or is the general doing what he tells us never to do?"
"Three, Two. Yes you are, and yes he is. Pay no attention."
Wes & Tycho (SoA)

Tomer: “What's this?”
Cabinet: “Wt's ths?”
Wedge: “Cabinet.”
Tomer: “I know it's a cabinet, but it's talking.”
Cabinet: “...ts tlkng”
Janson: “Oh that. It's the Catann Minister of Crawling Into Very Small Spaces.”
Tycho: “He bet Wedge he could fold himself in the that cabinet, around the shelves and all.”
Hobbie: “Never bet against Wedge. The Minister gets to stay in there until he admits that it was a stupid bet and that Wedge doesn't owe him anything.”

"I thought maybe you’d be able to do what I never could. Get Wes up to an emotional age of fourteen, maybe fifteen."
Wedge (to Tycho) (SoA)

"If he keeps this up, Hobbie gets to choose his clothes for the next three days."
Wedge (about Wes) (SoA)

"Any of you understand that? Her mood swing?"
"I think I’d shoot myself before getting involved in this conversation."
"Not one of my languages, Wedge."
"I understood her, boss. But you don’t want to know. Trust me on this."
Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie & Wes (SoA)

"Endorsements. I could do that instead of flying. I’ve had offers from bacta makers. Bacta’s a sort of medicine."
"You are not a well man?"
"I’m well enough. But the ground and I get along so well we sometimes get together a little too vigorously."
Hobbie & Cheriss (SoA)

"You can leave through the door or go flying over the rail, Tomer."
Wedge (SoA)

"Lavender. I have bad memories of lavender clothing."
Wedge (SoA)

"A noble of Cartaan comes to you and says ‘I know we have no diplomatic relations yet, but I’m here to request asylum in the New Republic.’ What do you say?"
"Is she good-looking?"
"Thank you for making my point."
Wedge & Wes (SoA)

"Good screaming, Hobbie."
"I practice a lot. Anytime Wes makes plans for the squadron, for example. Anytime a Corellian cooks for us."
Wedge & Hobbie (SoA)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, the author of "Starfighters of Adumar"]

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