The Phantom Affair

"That's what I like about our captain - he's all fun and games."
Plourr Ilo (TPA)

"He's more specialized in combining Thermo- and Aerodynamics."
"Uh, you lost me there?"
"He produces a lot of hot air."
Gade Yedan & Wedge (about Gyr Keela) (TPA)

"No pack of emptyheads will ruin my night off. I'll save the world tomorrow."
Plourr (about the AEA) (TPA)

"Only stupidity is forever"
Tycho (TPA)

"Do you have some ice?"
"Twelve different brands."
Mirax (ordering ice for the beaten up Tycho) & Koyi Komad (TPA)

"I bet you provoked them! That's typical of you, Celchu! Rivers don't wind in your book - they've got to flow straight."
Plourr (TPA)

"When will you learn, Celchu!? If you lie - do it right!"
Plourr (TPA)

"I have no doubt that Captain Hask will know when to use a weapon - but the New Republic will know if it's better not to use the weapon at all."
Wedge Antilles (TPA)

"Please don't resist, sir - I'm only working as a security officer to help me through school."
Mrlsst security officer to Wedge (TPA)

"Still alive, Janson? What a disappointment!"
"Nobody dies from a broken leg, Plourr - especially not someone who lived through your jokes."
Plourr & Wes (TPA)

"The tape showed Tycho leading the theft [of the phantom ship datacards]."
"Me? But that's absurd!"
"Definitely! You'd never had such a good idea."
Koyi, Tycho & Plourr (TPA)

"Wes, Hobbie, Plourr and I will try to free Wedge."
"We'd better succeed - otherwise you'll keep on commanding."
Tycho & Plourr (TPA)

"The prisoner's escaped!"
"Don't kill us, sir! We have enough problems already."
Mrlsst security officers to Wedge (TPA)

"You can't stay out of politics. You can only choose the path that feels right."
Gyr Keela (TPA)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole and Darko Markan, the authors of "The Phantom Affair"]

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