Wraith Squadron

"You looked as though you'd been practicing that formation for weeks."
"We were. Liberating Thyferra didn't take up much of our time."
"You're such a liar. Go talk to these people so we can all go home."
Leia & Wedge (WS)

"Who did that?"
"You owe a drink to Rogue Two, son."
"Drink, hell, I'll buy you a distillery!"
Face & Rogue Two (WS)

"That’s ‘Yes, Wedge’ until we’re all formally returned to duty. Or perhaps, ‘Yes, Exalted One.’ Or ‘Yes, O envy of all Corellia.’ Or--"

"Smart, egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, insufferable--you know, a typical Corellian."
"As a fair, broad-minded officer, I should ignore that. But as a Corellian, of course, I’ll manage some sort of revenge."
Wes & Wedge (WS)

"You’re going to form a new squadron? Just like that? Wave your hand and it appears?"
"Well, I thought I’d tell High Command so they’ll know what they need to give me."
Hobbie & Wedge (WS)

"Who’s first?"
"His name is Kettch, and he’s an Ewok."
"Oh, yes. Determined to fight. You should hear him say ‘Yub, yub.’ He makes it a battle cry."
"Please tell me you’re kidding."
"Of course I’m kidding."
"I’m going to get you, Janson."
"Yub, yub, Commander."
Wedge & Wes (WS)

"Wedge, I’m not criticizing... but that was the coldest maneuver I’ve seen in a long time."
"You fly through a vacuum, you sometimes need cold space lubricants instead of blood."
Wes & Wedge (WS)

"You have now annoyed me twice. This means you will order last of all, but I will still take your order correctly. If you annoy me three times, you would do well not to drink what I bring you."
Squeaky (WS)

"Can they be ready for training exercises tomorrow?"
"Well, two of them, sure."
"If we get a perfect run-through, first time, on the inertial compensator tests, maybe three."
"And if a miracle occurs on the extruder valve tests, we could theoretically have all four ready. Maybe."
"Well, do what you can."
[Wedge leaves]
"What do you think? One hour, two?"
"One. Unless we do the stripes tonight. Which we won’t."
Wedge, Cubber & Kell (WS)

"There are no women asigned to Folor Base. Because of the General’s philosophical beliefs, there’s no alchohol, no gambling, and we can’t watch broadcasts from Commenor. This has led to a high suicide rate, but there’s no getting around that. We do have some holorecordings of Coruscant diplomatic functions, if you’d like to see them."
Wedge (WS)

"I think we should get him a toy bantha to cuddle at night."
Phanan (about Myn Donos) (WS)

"Commander, you’re what? Forty?"
Falynn (to Wedge) (WS)

"That’s my guess, Demolition Boy."
"I’m leader here, call me Demolition Boy Sir. Jesmin, how long have you been recording?"
"Since we came on station, Demolition Boy Sir."
Grinder, Kell & Jesmin (WS)

"I’m Dod. This is my brother Fod. Also from Agamar. This is my brother Lod."
"Also from Agamar."
"Oyah. That’s right. You’re pretty sharp for a city man."
Face & Customs Official (WS)

"The sooner we’re offworld, the sooner we can get out of these mustaches."
"Not to mention the lavender short pants."
"Not to mention them, Flight Officer Sarkin. Or else."
Wedge & Tyria (WS)

"You’re still fully dressed, Commander. Shouldn’t you be wearing a scrap and enjoying the weather and water as they are?"
Amiral Ackbar (to Wedge) (WS)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Aaron Allston, the author of "Wraith Squadron"]