Other Rogue Squadron Pilots (comics)

Name: Dllr Nep
Race: Sullustan
Homeplanet: Sullust
Height: ca. 4'0'' (1.20 m)

Dllr joined Rogue Squadron after the Battle of Endor (ca. 4 ABY). He loved music and used every opportunity to listen to live music. He became a good friend of Herian I'ngre, a fellow Rogue. Both died on Malrev while destroying a Sith temple (ca. 4.4 ABY).

Name: Avan Beruss
Race: human
Homeplanet: Illodia
Family: his father, Doman Beruss, was an Imperial senator and a good friend of Bail Organa; his great aunt, also named Doman Beruss, is the Corellian representative in the NR Council
Relationships: he is in love with Feylis Ardele, a fellow Rogue

Through his father, Avan knew the Organa family and wanted to join the Rebellion with Leia, but his father, fearing for Illodia's safety, didn't allow it. He joined the Rogues just before the Battle of Brentaal (ca. 4.4 ABY) and stayed with them until the temporary disbandment of the squadron around 5 ABY (as far as we know). When he became a Rogue he was still a rather unexperienced pilot with just two combat missions. He is a good marksman and was supposed to shoot for Illodia in the Imperial Games on Alderaan 0 ABY (which were cancelled).

Name: Dar Keyis
Race: human
Homeplanet: Churba

Not much is known about Dar Keyis. He joined Rogue Squadron shortly before the Battle of Brentaal (ca. 4.4 ABY). At that time he already had eight combat missions. He is killed in action on Brentaal not much later while fighting against Fel and the 181st.

Name: Standro Jcir
Race: Rodian
Homeplanet: Rodia

Standro joined Rogue Squadron at the same time as Dar Keyis (ca. 4.4 ABY), and he was killed in action on Brentaal just minutes before Dar. Before he joined the Rogues, he had thirteen combat missions.

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