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"Nothing will go wrong, Mara."
"I love it that even after all these years, Luke Skywalker, you can still be so naive."
Luke & Mara (Union)

"Still, he'll be living with Mara. Good thing he's a hero...."
Corran Horn (about Luke) (Union)

"But Neo-Imperial designs are new and retro at the same time. It's the next big thing..."
"Yes, but the bride doesn't want to dress like the father of the groom...."
fashion designer & Leia (Union)

"Problem is, that planning a wedding isn't as easy as saving a galaxy."
Mara Jade (Union)

"I know there is some question as to whether or not the Jedi Council allowed Jedi to marry."
"My grandfather wa married to my grandmother."
"Yes, but Corellian Jedi are, well... Corellian..."
Luke & Corran (Union)

"Well, isn't that what husbands are for? Training you to be able to deal with children?"
Iella Wessiri Antilles (Union)

"Mara, I didn't intend for him to hit me. Things like that just tend to happen."
"They don't just happen, Luke."
"You don't go out much with Han, do you?"
"Let me rephrase: they don't just happen right before my wedding, Luke."
Luke & Mara (Union)

"Well, I do think the sling-ball game is almost over. We could claim next."
"We couldn't tell our husbands..."
"Why not?"
"Then they'd have to come here and win by a margin bigger than ours."
"And they'd moan about their aches and pains for weeks. Deal, Ladies, let's go."
Leia, Mirax, Mara, Winter & Iella (I think) (Union)

"There is right and wrong... Get used to being wrong."
Kam Solusar (to Luke about marriage) (Union)

"You have to be a partner, confidant, lover, healer, and worst of all, you can't always fix things."
Wedge Antilles (about being married) (Union)

"Well, Master Yoda said there was no try, only do or do not."
"Yoda wasn't married."
Luke & ??? (Union)

"I thought Alderaanians were supposed to be peaceful."
Ithorian after the sling-ball match (Union)

"Not fair, Mommy. Myri has my dress. Why did I have to get a new one?"
"That question will come back to haunt you when you're old enough, Syal."
Syal & Iella Antilles (Union)

[all credits for these great quotes belong to Mike Stackpole, the author of "Union"]

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