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Unfortunately I'm not a talented writer (I wish I were, there are so many interesting stories still untold), but nevertheless I try to write some fanfiction, it's just so much fun. Here is a list of the stories I've completed so far (in order of their completion date). Maybe I should warn you in advance: I can't write action; usually my stories include a lot of talking *g*. If you want dogfights, you probably won't like these stories.

When I'd finished my first two stories, I asked on if someone was willing to proof-read them for me, and the response was enormous :-). I would like to thank everyone who helped me; I know how much work it is to edit someone else's stories, and I really, really appreciate your help. That was great! My thanks go to Iris, Majick, Becki, and Firebird who spent a lot of time editing some of my stories. Very special thanks to Becky and Cris who were so kind to proofread almost all of the stories I've written so far and spent so much time to help me with them. Thank you very much! I would also like to thank Jörg for his suggestions, Anna and Magdalena for enduring to get to read so many of my unfinished stories, and the people on the WAAS mailing list for their encouragement. :-)

I'm always eager to learn how people like my stories, so any comments are very welcome. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you don't like. I know that most people (including me) are very reluctant to critize someone else's work (especially if they don't know the other in person), but without people who tell me what I'm doing wrong I won't be able to improve my writing. Please email me at The latest stories (starting with "Past and Present") have never been reviewed at all (not even for grammar), so comments, corrections and suggestions are especially welcome.

I've added a page with some remarks about my stories, mainly about the official sources that my fanfics are based on. If you are interested in such things, please click here. Of course you can always email me if you have a question.

These are works of fan fiction. No monetary profit has been gained from their production and no copyright infringement is intended. The Star Wars characters and events used in these fan fictions are the property of George Lucas. Mike Stackpole and Aaron Allston invented or shaped most of the characters with whom I'm playing, so my special thanks go to them for writing such great novels and comics. If you would like to republish any of these fanfics, please ask me.

Title: The Decision (part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4)

Timeperiod: parts 1 to 3: ca. 3.5-2.5 BBY, part 4: ca. 7.6 ABY

Main characters: Tycho

Rating: PG

Type: canon

Spoilers: part 4 contains a few spoilers for the X-wing books 1-6

Summary: Why does someone who grew up on a pacifistic planet want to become a soldier, and how do his family and friends react?

Completed: July 2001

Modified: July 2002 (a few additions/corrections)

Remarks: see here

Length: 12070 words

Title: Cadets and Rebels

Timeperiod: ca. 1 BBY

Main characters: Tycho, Biggs, Hobbie, Fel

Rating: PG

Type: canon

Spoilers: none

Summary: Several cadets at the Imperial Military Academy on Prefsbelt IV are arrested for being Rebels. Their friends are shocked and confused. But will these events change their lives, too?

Completed: July 2001 (a few minor modifications were made in July 2002)

Remarks: see here

Length: 6735 words

Title: Last Farewell

Timeperiod: ca. 4.1-2.5 BBY

Main characters: Hobbie

Rating: PG

Type: canon (well, there isn't much official material anyway)

Spoilers: none

Summary: Nothing is known about Hobbie's past. I tried my hand on giving him a background story, and answering the question why he went to the academy, and why he became a Rebel.

Completed: August 2001 (a few minor modifications were made in July 2002)

Remarks: see here

Length: 5525 words

Title: Changes (prologue - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - epilogue)

Timeperiod: ca. 1.4 ABY (prologue: ca. 2.5 BBY)

Main characters: Hobbie, Tycho, Wes, Wedge

Rating: PG

Type: canon

Spoilers: none

Summary: After four years, Hobbie returns to his hometown on an undercover mission for the Rebel Alliance.

Completed: July 2002

Remarks: This story more or less is a sequel to 'Last Farewell'. It is based on Hobbie's background story described in LF, but I hope it can be read as a stand-alone, too; for further remarks, click here.

Length: 30693 words

Title: Past and Present

Timeperiod: ca. 25.5 ABY (during "NJO:Ruin")

Main characters: Wedge, Jagged

Rating: G

Type: canon

Spoilers: one big spoiler for "Ruin"

Summary: Shortly before the Battle of Ithor, Wedge meets a member of his family he didn't even know existed.

Completed: May 2004 (a few minor modifications were made in May 2009)

Remarks: In "Ruin" there was a scene missing that I'd loved to have seen written. For months I waited for a fanfic to be written about it, and when it didn't happen (or rather, when I didn't find one), I reluctantly began to write about it myself. It never turned out quite the way I wanted it, so I left it lying around at my computer literally for years. Only after reading "Survivor's Quest" and realizing that I needed to change my fanfic slightly to keep it canon, I began working on it again, and eventually decided to put it up on my website. So, more than ever, I need your feedback for this fanfic (especially since no one proof-read it yet). For additional remarks please click here.

Length: 5387 words

Title: Prisoner

Timeperiod: ca. 6 ABY (a few months before "XW: Rogue Squadron")

Main characters: Tycho, Wedge

Rating: G

Type: canon

Spoilers: none

Summary: Tycho and Wedge meet again for the first time since Tycho's escape from Akrit'tar.

Completed: April 2009

Remarks: This is a fanfic a wrote years before I eventually put it online. Apparently, right after writing it, I didn't think it fit for "publication". But when I decided to update my website again after five years, I reread all my all fanfics, and found that this one is a) finished and b) okay enough to put it online. So I did :-). So, again, I need your feedback for this fanfic, which no one has proof-read yet. For additional remarks please click here.

Length: 2351 words

Title: Questionnaire Jagged Fel

Timeperiod: ca. 27.5 ABY (during NJO:"Rebel Stand")

Main characters: Jag

Rating: G

Type: questionnaire, not really a fanfic, but as the answers are pure speculation on my part, of course, it best fits into this category

Spoilers: a few for the NJO (up to "Rebel Stand")

Summary: Questionnaire filled in by Jag Fel

Completed: April 2004

Length: 1122 words

Title: A Challenge

Timeperiod: ca. 22.5 ABY (after "Survivor's Quest")

Main characters: Jag Fel, Chak Fel

Rating: G

Type: canon

Spoilers: none

Summary: Just a meeting of brothers.

Completed: December 2012

Remarks: see here.

Length: 3331 words

Title: Family Ties

Timeperiod: ca. 24 ABY

Main characters: Jag Fel, Syal Fel

Rating: G

Type: canon

Spoilers: none

Summary: Syal Fel reflects on some decisions she made in her life.

Completed: January 2013

Remarks: see here.

Length: 3282 words

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