FanFiction Terms

Explanation of the terms I use for characterizing fanfiction:


Commonly the American rating system is used : G (ab 0), PG (ab 6), PG-13 (ab 12), R (ab 16) and NC-17 (ab 18); it isn't really possible to translate it into the German system because the criteria are somewhat different. Sometimes X is used instead or as a cumulation of NC-17.

If no rating is given by the author, I will state 'none given' instead of rating the story myself; such stories are either G, PG, or PG-13.

Stories usually are rated NC-17 because of detailed and graphic description of sex (and not because of excessive violence); if you don't like this, better stay away from NC-17 at all.


Here I list certain characteristics of the story some readers might like to know about beforehand.

canon: the events described in the story are consistent to the official SW universe (which consists of the movies and the licensed books and comics; some may include the computer games and RPG, too, but I don't); I only mark fanfiction as non-canon if the author intentionally deviated from the canon, not if some minor canon mistakes are in it

slash: contains sexual relationships between two men or two women

earth: the story involves earth and/or earth characters; it is therefore non-canon

crossover: fanfiction which combines characters/settings etc. from two or more different fandoms, e.g. Star Wars and Star Trek


meaning: mentioning of certain events in a book which may spoil the fun for those who haven't read the particular book yet; example: a fanfiction mentions the death of a certain character; readers who haven't read the book in which he dies now know about it beforehand and probably won't enjoy the book as much as they had otherwise

I only list the spoilers which were obvious to me when I read the story, and therefore I might have forgotten some. Almost all stories about the Rogues will contain spoilers for several of the XW books, so I won't mentioned them (with the exception of "Starfighters of Adumar", which hasn't been published in Germany yet). Usually I'll try to list the newer books, and all comics, since I guess that many people haven't read them (yet).


I use the summary of the author if he/she provides one; otherwise I'll give a short summary myself, indicated by [ ].


just an approximate indication if a story is very short or has novel length

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