Name: Garik Loran

Nickname: Face

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: black

Eye color: green (note: according to the NEGtC)

Height: 1.78 m (5'10'') (note: according to the NEGtC)

Homeplanet: Lorrd

Hometown: unknown

Birthyear: 16.5 BBY

picture taken from the japanese cover of "NJO: Rebel Stand
(note: the haircut *cough* is from the NJO, but at that time period the scar was already removed)

Birthplace: Pantalomin

Family: we know of his mother and a younger sister; he has more family living on Lorrd

Relationships: from ca. 7.6 ABY on he is dating Dia Passik

Children: none that we know of

Curriculum Vitae

16.5 BBY born on Pantolomin

10 BBY is a child actor on Pontalomin; he stares in "Win or Die"

10 to 3 BBY become a famous actor and is the Emperor's "golden child", used for propoganda movies.

ca. 9.5 BBY meets Ysanne Isard and sits in her lap

ca. 5-4 BBY makes "Black Bantha"

3.5 BBY costares with Wynessa Starflare in "Jungle Flutes"

ca. 1/0 BBY is kidnapped by ex-Alliance extremists. was held at gunpoint and shown the horrors of the Empire; he's about to be killed when Imperials come to save him; he receives a facial scar, hides from his rescuers, and escapes to Lorrd (note: in the NEGtC it is stated that this happened shortly before Yavin)

ca. 4 ABY joins the New Republic's Comet Squadron, but soon receives a demotion for insubordination (note: after the Battle of Endor)

7.3 ABY becomes a member of the newly established "Wraith Squadron"

ca. 7.5 ABY promotion to lieutenant

ca. 7.7 ABY promotion to brevet captain and put in charge of "Wraith Squadron"

ca. 7.8 ABY promotion to captain; the Wraiths become an Intelligence unit

27 ABY is still the commanding officer of the Wraiths; he and his team are on Coruscant when it is conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong; they escape to Borleias

ca. 27.5 ABY leads an Intelligence mission to Coruscant

The picture above is the only official picture of Face that is of at least acceptable quality (imho), but some real good fanart pictures of Face can be found at Aaron Allston's homepage.

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