Name: Gavin Darklighter

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Height: 1.80 m (5'11'')

Homeplanet: Tatooine

Hometown: Anchorhead

Birthyear: 10 BBY

Birthplace: Tatooine

Gavin Darklighter
picture taken from "Union"

Father: Jula Darklighter

Mother: Silya Darklighter

Siblings: several

other relatives: Biggs Darklighter is his cousin


  • he falls in love with Asyr Sei'lar after the conquest of Coruscant (ca. 7 ABY); he thinks believes (and is made to believe by her) that she was killed in the battle of Distna 9.5 ABY
  • when he adopts two orphans (about 10 ABY) he meets the social worker Sela Faleur; they fall in love and marry two years later (12 ABY)

Children: five; two adopted sons, a daughter, a son, and another daughter

Curriculum Vitae

10 BBY born on Tatooine (note: he was 16 when he joined RS 6.5 ABY)

6.5 ABY becomes a member of Rogue Squadron (note: in the NEGtC it is said that he didn't attend the academy, so I suppose he started his career in the New Republic military when he joined Rogue Squadron (especially considering his young age))

ca. 7 ABY is a member of the team that plays a crucial part in the conquest of Coruscant; he meets Asyr Sei'lar (who is determined to execute him)

bt. 7 and 7.2 ABY takes part in RS's private war against Ysanne Isard

ca. 7.3 ABY promotion to lieutenant

bt. 7.3 and 7.8 ABY campaign against Zsinj

ca. 9 to 9.5 ABY several missions with the Rogues during the Thrawn crisis

ca. 9.5 ABY Gavin and Asyr plan to marry and to adopt children; unknown to Gavin, their plans are foiled by Borsk Fey'lya; Asyr is severly injured in the battle of Distna (Corvis Minor); Gavin believes she is dead; she survives, but decides to leave without telling him that she's alive because she knows that the future they dreamed of can't come true

ca. 10 ABY adopts two orphaned boys who live near the RS HQs on Coruscant; he meets the social worker Sera Faleur (note: a sister or relative of Reina Faleur who dates Wedge in "Mandatory Retirement", I guess) and falls in love with her

ca. 12 ABY marries Sela Faleur (note: about two years after adopting the boys ("Onslaught"))

ca. 16/17 ABY when his brother-in-law is killed during the Black Fleet crisis, Gavin welcomes his wife's sister and her children into his home

ca. 20/21 ABY becomes Rogue Squadron's commanding officer after Wedge's retirement; he is promoted to colonel

from 25 ABY on leads Rogue Squadron in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong

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