Pictures: Hobbie Klivian

The following pictures are taken from various X-wing comics. The title of the comic is given with each picture, please look up the corresponding artists at the comics page.

Koyi, Wedge, Plourr & Hobbie ("The Phantom Affair")
Dllr & Hobbie
("The Warrior Princess")

Wes & Hobbie ("Mandatory Retirement")
Wes & Hobbie ("Union")

Hobbie & Wes ("Mandatory Retirement") Hobbie & Feylis ("The Warrior Princess")

Hobbie & Wes ("Union")

Hobbie ("RS Handbook" & "The Phantom Affair")

Derek "Hobbie" Klivian during the pilot briefing on Hoth (TESB)
(from the Decipher Star Wars CCG)
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