Empire: Various Characters

The following pictures are taken from various comics; most of them are from the comic version of Timothy Zahn's "The Last Command". The title of the comic is given with each picture, please look up the corresponding artists at the comics page.

Pelleaon & Grand Admiral Thrawn ("The Last Command")

Thrawn (with Ysalamiri) ("The Last Command")
Thrawn & Rukh ("The Last Command")
C'Baoth, Thrawn & Ysalamiri ("The Last Command") Joruus C'Baoth ("The Last Command")

Pellaeon ("The Last Command")
Thrawn ("The Last Command") Vader & Thrawn ("The Making of Baron Fel")

("The Last Command")
Turr Phennir
("The Making of Baron Fel")
Ysanne Isard
("Mandatory Retirement")
Ysanne Isard
("Blood and Honor")
Kirtan Loor
("Blood and Honor")

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