Name: Mirax Terrik

Nickname: Myra (only used when she was a child)

Sex: female

Race: human

Hair color: black

Eye color: brown (note: they are blue in the XW comics, but described as brown in the books)

Height: ca. 1.67 m (5'6'') (note: in the XW comics she seems to be a little be smaller than Wedge; and as I recall any other information about her height, I use this one for the moment)

Homeplanet: Corellia

Mirax Terrik
picture taken from "The Phantom Affair"

Hometown: none (note: she seems to have spend her childhood mostly on the Pulsar Skate or on the Gus Treta Space Station)

Birthyear: ca. 18 BBY (note: I didn't find information about her birthyear, but I suppose she is about the same age as Wedge (born 20 BBY) and Corran (born 18 BBY))

Birthplace: Corellia

Father: Booster Terrik, smuggler

Mother: name unknown, died when Mirax was very young (note: I think)

Siblings: none

Relationships: she falls in love with Corran Horn around 6.5 ABY, they marry approximately 7.3 ABY

Children: one son, Valin, born ca. 15 ABY, and one daughter, Jysella, born ca. 24 ABY

Curriculum Vitae (still under construction)

ca. 18 BBY born (probably) on Corellia (see note above)

ca. 1 BBY her father is arrested for smuggling and send to the spice mines of Kessel for five years

ca. 3 ABY her father is released from prison; as he decides to retire from smuggling business, he gives his ship, the Pulsar Skate, to Mirax

ca. 4.2 ABY meets Wedge and Rogue Squadron on Mrllst

ca. 6.5 ABY while transporting supplies for the Alliance, she is ambushed in the Chorax system by the Imperial Interdictor Cruiser Black Asp; Rogue Squadron saves her; she meets Corran Horn for the first time

ca. 6.7 ABY finds out that Rogue Squadron's mission to Borleias is compromised; together with Tycho Celchu she saves Corran

ca. 7.0 ABY supports the Alliance and Rogue Squadron during the conquest of Coruscant

ca. 7.1 to 7.3 ABY helps Rogue Squadron during their private war against Ysanne Isard

ca. 7.3 ABY Mirax and Corran are married by Wedge on the Lusankya; later they have a second ceremony on Coruscant; they spend a brief honeymoon on Alakatha

ca. 11 ABY is taken captive by Leonia Tavira

ca. 15 ABY gives birth to her son Valin

ca. 24 ABY her daughter Jysella is born

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