Name: Ton Phanan

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: ice blue

Height: 5'11'' (ca. 1.80 m)

Homeplanet: Rudrig

Hometown: unknown

Birthyear: 23 BBY

Birthplace: probably Rudrig

Family: his parents die before 7.5 ABY; no siblings or other relatives

Relationships: none

Children: none

special: allergic to bacta

Curriculum Vitae

23 BBY born on (probably) Rudrig; his parents are already rather old when they get him

ca. 11 BY starts to study medicine at a young age; he's considered a genius

4 ABY during the Battle of Endor he serves on a medical frigate and is badly injured as the frigate is hit

7.3 ABY becomes a member of the newly established "Wraith Squadron"

ca. 7.6 ABY dies on Halmad from the injuries he got when his fighter was shot down; he leaves a large amount of money for Face on the condition that he uses it to remove his scar

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