Name: Tycho Celchu

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: light brown (note: the color changes from book to book and from comic to comic -- brown, light brown, dark blond, blond; my guess is that it's probably basically light brown and getting lighter when exposed to a lot of sunlight and possibly a bit darker when not for quite some time (e.g. during his imprisonment) )

Eye color: blue

Height: 1.73 m (5'8'') (note: from the NEGtC)

Homeplanet: Alderaan

Tycho Celchu
picture taken from "The Phantom Affair"

Hometown: unknown (note: I guess Aldera due to the fact that his father is the CEO of Alderaan's largest holonet provider; but it doesn't have to be located in the capital necessarily, of course; Tycho only mentions his hometown once in 'The Bacta War' - "that was the color scheme the Alderaanian Guard unit near my home used to sport"; that he specifically says "near my home" makes me suspect that it wasn't the capital, but on the other hand we later learn that the cruiser which accompanied the 'Another Chance' is painted in the same color scheme, so it doesn't seem to be the color of some remote area)

Birthday: 03/08/21 BBY (see note below)

Birthplace: probably Alderaan (note: there is no indication that he was born elsewhere)

Father: name unknown, CEO of NovaCom, Alderaan's largest HoloNet provider, dies 03/08/00 on Alderaan

Mother: name and occupation unknown, dies 03/08/00

Siblings: at least two sisters (note: in 'Rebel Opposition' it is said that he had two sisters, but since there are several mistakes in this comic, I wouldn't take it for granted), one of them named Mia, and one brother, Skoloc, all die 03/08/00


  • engaged with Nyiestra (born probably around 21 BBY, dies 03/08/00 on Alderaan), who he had known all his life
  • a few months after the Battle of Endor (4 ABY) he starts a relationship with Winter; they marry 17 ABY (note: according to the NEGtC)

Children: none mentioned so far (note: Mike Stackpole said in a chat that he imagines Tycho to have kids, but he never mentions them in his works; there are rumors that one or two of the kids seen in "Union" are Tycho's, but afaik it's not confirmed; in "Destiny's Way" (p.132) Luke asks Winter if she's heard from Tycho, but doesn't mention children; the scene makes me think that Tycho and Winter don't have children, but it doesn't rule out the possibility completely)

Curriculum Vitae

03/08/21 BBY born on Alderaan (note: exactly 21 years before Alderaan's destruction; the exact date of it is given as the 8th day of the 3rd month (Imperial Calendar) by some sources)

ca. 2.5 BBY leaves Alderaan and begins his training at the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV

ca. 0.5 BBY graduates from the academy and is assigned as a TIE pilot to the ISD Accuser

0 defects during a leave on Commenor after learning of his homeplanet's destruction by the first Death Star (note: in the NEGtC it is said that he was a lieutenant when he defected, but I don't know where this information is taken from)

bt. 0 and 1 ABY joins Rogue Squadron (note: shortly after his defection (mentioned in RS))

3 ABY fights in the Battle of Hoth as a pilot in Rogue Squadron

4 ABY flies an A-wing in the Battle of Endor; he enters the Death Star and draws pursuit from the Millenium Falcon and Wedge's group

4 to 4.1 ABY fights with Rogue Squadron at Bakura against the Ssi-Ruuk

ca. 4.2 ABY meets Winter on Cilpar and falls in love with her

ca. 4.3 ABY starts a relationship with Winter

4 to 4.6 ABY takes part in several mission with the Rogues; he is a lieutenant and apparently the squadron's second-in-command

bt. 4.6 and 5.5 ABY is promoted to captain; Rogue Squadron is disbanded (note: Tycho was very probably promoted before he went on the mission to Coruscant (in the NEGtC it is stated that he became a captain before Hoth, but that contradicts the comics); Rogue Squadron was disbanded approximately 5.5 ABY (according to the NEGtC))

ca. 5.2 ABY volunteers to fly a captured TIE fighter into Coruscant; spends two weeks on Coruscant; is taken captive by the Empire on his way out and brought to Lusankya where he is interrogated and tortured for three months

ca. 5.5 ABY is relocated to a prison on Akrit'tar

ca. 5.8 ABY escapes from Akrit'tar and returns to the New Republic; he is debriefed for two months and henceforward regarded as a potential security hazard because of his time at Lusankya

6.5 ABY Rogues Squadron is reestablished with new pilots; despite being distrusted by the NR military Tycho is allowed to serve as the squadron's XO on severe conditions

7 ABY takes part in the conquest of Coruscant after being secretly brought along on the mission by Wedge; shortly afterwards he is arrested under the charges of treason and murder of Corran Horn

ca. 7.1 ABY after the real traitor in RS has been discovered and Corran Horn has escaped from Lusankya the charges against Tycho are dropped and he is allowed to return to RS on no conditions

ca. 7.1 to 7.3 ABY fights together with the rest of RS a private war against Ysanne Isard; with the help of Corran Horn he shoots down Isard's shuttle when she tries to escape from Thyferra, apparently killing her (which later turns out to be false, Isard survived)

ca. 7.3 to 7.8 ABY commands Rogue Squadron while Wedge establishes Wraith Squadron; RS takes part in the campaign against Zsinj

ca. 7.8 to 9.5 ABY serves as Rogue Squadron's second-in-command

ca. 9 to 9.5 ABY several missions with the Rogues during the Thrawn crisis

ca. 9.5 ABY Rogue Squadron finally locates the remaining Lusankya prisoners and frees them

bt. 9.5 and 11 ABY becomes the commander of Rogues Squadron after Wedge's promotion to general (note: at the end of Isard's Revenge Wedge still is the CO of RS; at the time of I,Jedi and JAT Tycho commands the squadron); he is promoted to colonel

12/13 ABY accompanies Wedge on a diplomatic mission to Adumar

ca. 17 ABY marries Winter (note: the date is given in the NEGtC which states that he married Winter just after the Almanian crisis)

19 ABY Wedge has returned to Rogue Squadron as the commanding officer; Tycho still flies with the Rogues (note: probably again as second-in-command)

ca. 20 ABY retires from active duty (note: after the peace treaty, but in 'Union' (20 ABY) he apparently still is with RS)

25 ABY returns to Rogue Squadron as an adviser in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong

27 ABY serves as a communications officer(?) in the NR fleet; he's Gavin Darklighter's superior officer (and Gavin is the CO of Rogue Squadron); later he becomes General Wedge Antilles' second-in-command again

27 ABY is among the founding members of a new resistance movement

27 to 28 ABY continues to serve as Wedge's second-in-command; first on Borleias, later they organize the defense of Kuat and the establishment of resistance cells

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