The following pictures are taken from various comics. The title of the comic is given with each picture, please look up the corresponding artists at the comics page.

New Republic Day Uniforms ("The Last Command") The Day Uniform as seen in
"Return of the Jedi"

New Republic Dress Uniforms ("Blood and Honor")

"The New Republic officer's dress uniform -- designed in committee long ago, implemented months or years before Wedge was even aware of its existence -- was not the fashion disaster its wearers made it out to be. It started with a black sleeveless turtleneck body stocking and boots. Over it went a white jacket, a V-necked garment that fastened at about navel level and below. A broad red band ran along the left hem of the garment, up over the shoulder and at an angle down the back, with a rang designation in gold on the red band above the wearer's left breast. A gray belt over the jacket completed the outfit. There were variations to the uniform, with Starfighter Command utilizing black body stockings and Fleet Command preferring gray, for instance. Higher ranking officers often preferred instead, and were allowed, to wear somewhat costlier and better-kept versions of their day uniforms in formal circumstances."
("Starfighters of Adumar", page 145)

Flightsuit of the 181st ("In the Empire's Service") Dress Uniform of the 181st ("In the Empire's Service")