03/21/13 added some remarks to my fanfiction stories and did some editorial changes (spelling etc.); updated the "about me" section; updated the profiles of Lara and Myn with the latest info from "Mercy Kill"

01/13/13 added two more of my own fanfic stories and a questionnaire (all about Jag Fel); updated the Fel children section in Soontir Fel's profile; added quotes from "The Unifying Force" and "Dark Journey".

12/22/12 an update in celebration of the tenth X-wing book "Mercy Kill" (okay, it was already released in August, I was slow :-)), after a hiatus of more than eight years (in which, among other things, I married and got two children :-)); when I was looking around, I noticed that most Star Wars und especially pilot related sites I knew are either closed or haven't been updated for years (like my own), so please, if you actually read this, send me an e-mail (cailyn@xwpilots.de), I would love to know if anyone is still - or newly - around; if you did send me an e-mail during the previous years and I never replied - I sincerely apologize; I stopped using the e-mail that was still given on this site years ago, and never got around to update at least that information on my website;
the updates: I mostly added quotes from "Mercy Kill", "Legacy of the Force" and "Fate of the Jedi" (no book reviews yet, but I plan to write a few words soon); I updated the profiles section in 2009 (but never uploaded it), so there are some new things, as well (I plan to get them up-to-date); I also added one of my own fanfiction stories (two more to come soon) (as these have not been reviewed by anyone yet - if you actually read them, please give me some feedback!)

10/03/04 only one update: Euphoria (thanks again!) kindly provided me with pictures of the Rogues taken from the "The Empire Strikes Back" DVD. I added these pictures to my movie pictures page (or replaced the poor quality images I had).

06/18/04 again, no update for a long time, and still I didn't manage to put as much up as I'd planned to, not by far :-(; but at least a few things are new or updated: added a new fanfic of my own to the fanfiction section (if you check it out, please give me feedback!); added quotes for "NJO 17: Reunion" and "NJO 18: The Final Prophecy"; separated the "Fighters and Capital Ships" picture page into two pages; added a picture of Chiss Clawcraft and one of Hapan Battle Dragons (taken from the Japanese NJO covers)

04/12/04 finally an update :-) (even though my Ph.D. thesis still isn't finished *sigh*); well, I mainly played with the Japanese covers of the NJO books and extracted some character pictures from there; thus I added a new picture page for NJO characters; added a few fighter pictures to the X-wing/fighter picture pages; added new (better) pictures of Jag Fel and Face in the profile section; added pictures of Wedge and Corran to their picture pages; updated the profiles of Jag and Soontir Fel with information taken from "Survivor's Quest"; added a link to the foreign cover section of TheForce.Net in the link section; updated a few links

07/14/03 no updates for several months, sorry for that (I'm currently finishing my Ph.D. thesis which unfortunately isn't really co-operating); added short summaries of three more short stories from the SW Insider; added an entry for and quotes from "NJO: Refugee" (again no review, sorry); updated the profiles of both Jag and Soontir Fel; replaced the large fact file galaxy map with a more compressed jpg-version; added adultfanfction.net to my link list of fanfiction sites; added a second link to the fanfic "Moving Target" as the WEB website isn't online in the moment

02/23/03 added an entry and a few quotes for "NJO: Remnant" in the books section (no review yet, though); added some info about the short stories published in SW Insider #62 - #65 and the Adventure Journal; updated Jag and Soontir Fel's profiles with information given in 'Remnant'

01/31/03 added a page with pilot pictures from the original movie trilogy (to be improved and expanded soon, I hope) in the pictures section

12/10/02 not much of an update today (I'm quite busy at the moment); corrected some errors I noticed throughout the site and in my fanfics; updated the entry for Antigone's fanfic "Much Abides" (all 23 parts are now available on the WAAS website)

11/04/02 added a second "Lanvarok picture"; added some more NJO quotes

10/13/02 added entries for "Recovery", "Ylesia", and "Destiny's Way" to the book section, added "Destiny's Way" quotes and X-wings pictures taken from the cover of DW; added a review for "Destiny's Way" (I'm still working on the "Traitor" review; sorry for that); updated several profiles and the timeline; added title and brief summary of the SW Gamer #9 short story

08/13/02 added a new picture page 'Family and Friends' and pictures of Syal, Zena, and Jagged Antilles

08/08/02 added a new story, "Changes", to my own fanfics; modified my fanfic "The Decision" a bit (I rearranged the parts and expanded a few scenes, but no major changes were made); added a page with remarks/explanations about my fanfics; added links to 'Stay on Target' and 'TheForce.Net's Fanfiction Archive' in the fanfic section; added an entry for "NJO: Traitor" in the books section (no review yet, though) and some "Traitor" quotes in the quotes section

07/31/02 added some information to Mirax's and Soontir Fel's profile; corrected the links to WAAS

07/27/02 quite a lot today: updated most profiles and the timeline in the pilots section with information from "The New Essential Guide to Characters" ; added pictures from Face, Gavin, and Jagged taken from "The New Essential Guide to Characters" in the pilots/pictures section (just a few, as I think that most pictures in the NEGtC are quite ugly); added links to two casting couches in the pictures section; added a link to a website with star destroyer info in the links section;  added information about the SW Gamer #10 short stories; added a bit more information about the German editions of the XW books; rearranged the comics section and added an entry and a summary for "Mara Jade"; corrected my ft/m conversions; made some editorial changes throughout the site

06/17/02 added a fanart page to the pictures section

06/12/02 completed (well, more or less) Lara's CV in the pilots section; added some more information to Myn's CV

06/10/02 updated Wes' profile in the pilots section; added a CCG picture to Hobbie's page; added three X-wing, a B-wing, and a TIE Defender picture to the pictures section; completed Myn's profile (not much added though, as it was almost finished already)

06/08/02 added a review for "Rebel Stand" and made a few additions to Jagged's and Face's profiles and to the timeline

06/05/02 O added pictures of slingball and zoneball to the pictures section

06/04/02 added quotes from "Rebel Stand" and a few additional ones from "Rebel Dream"; added "Rebel Stand" to the book list (no review yet, though); added Wraiths and Rogue Squadron rosters from RD/RS; added short profiles for the new Wraith team members introduced in RD

05/28/02 added a CV and a picture page for Iella Wessiri; completed (more or less) Corran's CV and added some information to Gavin's

05/22/02 added the galaxy map from "Star by Star" (with the Yuuzhan Vong invasion route) and the Wedge picture from the "Rebel Dream" cover to the pictures section; added a link to an Austrian Rogue Squadron site; made a few general adjustments

05/12/02 added a bit more information to Jagged and Soontir Fel's profiles

04/21/02 added quotes and a review for the new NJO book "Rebel Dream"; updated Corran's, Fel's, Face's, Wedge's, and Tycho's profile and the timeline in the pilots section; added a profile for Jagged Fel; updated the WAAS links in the fanfiction section; added a scan of the galaxy map from the (German) SW Fact File

02/23/02 finally modified and translated my "Dark Journey" review; added direct links from the comics page to the quotes section; added graphic rating symbols to the German comics page; added quotes from the comic "Union"

02/22/02 added a picture of the Errant Venture to the capital ships picture page; added a few differently colored banners to the banners' page

02/20/02 added pictures of the Rand Ecliptic; created a separate page for the NJO quotes, updated the short stories page; changed a few colors

02/02/02 added quotes from various NJO books, added "Dark Journey" to the books section, added a first (German) version of my DJ review (to be improved and translated soon), added direct links from the books section to the quotes, updated Fel's profile with the newest information about his family, added a spoiler warning to the pilots main page, added the first four pilots to the 'various pilots' page in the pilots section

01/28/02 added a link to the Shatterstar Cantina, added a general timeline to the pilots' section

01/04/02 added a summary (only in German so far), a review (in German and English), and two excerpts for "Union" to the comic pages, added a second excerpt from "Masquerade"

01/03/02 finally managed to translate the reviews for the comics and two of the comic summaries (RO and TPA), added a picture of bacta tanks in the picture section

12/22/01 added three X-wings pictures, removed the links to rebelpilots.com (as the website seems to be gone for good)

12/17/01 added new information taken from a SW gamer short story by Elaine Cunningham to Fel's profile, added a picture of a Chiss clawcraft in the pictures section, added a short stories section, added excerpts from all comics to the comics page, added pictures of my "Bacta War" X-wings models

12/10/01 some minor corrections and additions to the pilots' profiles (I really need to find some time to work on them properly *sigh*); added a banner page

12/04/01 added a picture to Tycho's page, translated the reviews for "Bacta War", "Wraith Squadron", "Solo Command", and "Starfighters of Adumar", added short summaries for some more books, added a link to JMM's SW Chronology

11/14/01 fixed a link on Winter's page, added a various pictures page with two new scans

11/10/01 added a rating and a review (in English and German) for "Star by Star", added some summaries to the books section, added a third page with X-wing pictures and three new scans from the cover of "Star by Star" (2x X-wing, 1x ships), added a picture of Hobbie, moved the Booster/Wedge pictures to Wedge's page, added a link to the unofficial NJO homepage

11/01/01 made corrections and additons to Wes' CV; added a CV for Face and Ton (Thanks, Alison, for your help!); made some minor adjustments to Wedge's, Tycho's, and Hobbie's CV; added the Battle of Gall to the RS roster; added two stories to my favorite fanfic list

10/23/01 added a "text only" main page for shorter download times, divided the X-wing pictures page into two and added three pictures to the second one, added a picture to the uniforms page, added a "currently unavailable" to the rebelpilots.com links

10/17/01 added links to Fred's and Marion's Comic Company, added a (German) review for "Wraith Squadron", added three pictures to Corran's page, added an "about me" page

10/10/01 added icons for the ratings in the comics section

10/09/01 added pictures to the uniforms page, made some additions to Lara's CV, fixed (again, sorry for that) some links/things in the fanfic list

10/07/01 fixed a few things in the fanfic list, added a disclaimer to each of my own fanfics

10/01/01 added credits to the quotes pages, changed some links in the fanfiction section

09/27/01 fixed a few links, added the link to AFW Central in the links section, added the updates page

09/25/01 site uploaded

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