Pictures: Wedge Antilles

The following pictures are taken from various X-wing comics. The title of the comic is given with each picture, please look up the corresponding artists at the comics page.
The picture taken from the "Star Wars Essential Chronology" is drawn by Bill Hughes, and the cover of "Rebel Dream" is by Dave Seeley.

Hobbie, Wedge & Wes ("The Last Command") Elscol & Wedge ("Battleground: Tatooine")

Wedge ("The Phantom Affair")
Wedge & Tycho ("The Phantom Affair")
Wedge ("SW Essential Chronology")
Wedge ("Union")

Wedge ("The Last Command")

Syal, Iella, Wedge & Myri ("Union")

Wedge (cover of "Rebel Opposition") Wedge ("The Phantom Affair") Wedge ("The Last Command")
Wedge (Japanese cover of "Rebel Dream") Wedge (Japanese cover of "Rebel Stand") Wedge (Japanese cover of "The Final Prophecy")

Booster Terrik & young Wedge Antilles ("The Phantom Affair")

Young Wedge Antilles & Booster Terrik ("The Phantom Affair")
Wedge Antilles (cover of "Rebel Dream")