Name: Wes Janson

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: deep blue

Height: ca. 1.70 m (5'7'') (note: like Wedge, a few centimeters below average)

Homeplanet: Tanaab

Hometown: unknown

Birthyear: about 19 BBY (note: see below)

Birthplace: Tanaab

Family: there is no information available about his family

Relationships: none that we know of

Children: none

Wes Janson
picture taken from "The Phantom Affair"

Curriculum Vitae

ca. 19 BBY born on Tanaab (note: afaik Wes' birthyear is never mentioned; but Alison told me (Thanks!) that Aaron said that Wes is a year younger than Wedge (who was born 20 BBY) and therefore is the youngest of the four "old Rogues")

ca. 3/2 BBY rookie in the Tierfon Yellow Aces (a rebel unit) with Jek Porkins; his first kill is a fellow pilot (Kissek Doran, the father of Kell Tainer from Wraith Squadron) who had panicked and would have doomed the squadron if Wes hadn't shot him down (note: there is no precise date known for this incident; 3/2 BBY is just my guess, and it might possibly happened later, around 1 BBY; I don't think that Wes was much younger than 16 when he joined the Rebellion and the Tierfon Yellow Aces; Wedge says in "Wraith Squadron" (7.5 ABY) that Kell was still playing with toys at that time; if Kell was 22 during WS, he would have been 11 or 12 in case his father died 3 or 2 BBY, which makes sense)

0 BBY is transferred to Yavin; he doesn't fight in the Battle of Yavin because of Hesken fever; Jek Porkins flies in his place and is killed in action

bt. 0 and 3 ABY joins Rogue Squadron (note: after the Battle of Yavin, but before the Battle of Hoth; probably at or very soon after the foundation of RS, around 0.5 ABY)

3 ABY fights in the Battle of Hoth as Wedge's gunner; the two manage to bring down an Imperial AT-AT

3.5 ABY during the battle of Gall his X-wing is taken over by his astromech droid who tries to kill Luke Skywalker

4 ABY flies in the Battle of Endor; no specifics known

4 to 4.6 ABY is a lieutenant and leader of two-flight in Rogues Squadron; he is a close friend of Hobbie Klivian

ca. 5.5 ABY Rogue Squadron is disbanded

bt. 4.6 and 5.5 ABY he and Hobbie Klivian are reassigned to train new X-wing squadrons (note: most likely after the disbandment of RS 5.5 ABY; in "Rogue Squadron" (6.5 ABY) Wedge says "I want Wes and Hobbie, but that's a fight I lost long ago.")

until ca. 7.1 ABY he and Hobbie train three squadrons, "Corsair", "Gauntlet", and "Talon Squadron" under the command of Myn Donos

ca. 7.1 to 7.3 ABY is a member of an ersatz Rogue Squadron while the real RS fights its private war against Isard

ca. 7.3 to 7.8 ABY serves as Wraith Squadron's second-in-command under Wedge Antilles ; after the campaign against Zsinj is finished he returns to Rogue Squadron as planned

ca. 7.8 to 20 ABY member of Rogue Squadron

ca. 9.0 to 9.5 ABY several missions with the Rogues during the Thrawn crisis

ca. 9.5 ABY Rogue Squadron finally locates the remaining Lusankya prisoners and frees them; during the Battle of Distna he is seriously wounded

bt. 9.5 and 12 ABY promotion to major

ca. 12/13 ABY accompanies Wedge on a diplomatic mission to Adumar

bt. 20 and 25 ABY retires from active duty (note: in "Union" (20 ABY) he apparently still is with RS, at the beginning of the YV crisis ("Onslaught", 25 ABY) he is retired)

bt. 25 and 27.5 ABY rejoins the military forces (either of the NR or local Taanabian) (note: in "Rebel Stand" (ca. 27.5) he says "When I resigned my commission, I told my superiors I'd be back with a piece of Tsavong Lah in my pocket", so he must have rejoined the military forces at some time, probably after the begin of the YV attack)

ca. 27.5 ABY resigns his commission and joins Wedge's forces on Borleias with the Taanab Yellow Aces, a volunteer unit of Taanab and refugee pilots (note: I suppose he was a member of the Taanab military before he decided to join Wedge's fleet)

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